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Dr. John Gallagher

Assistant Professor (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

Position: Assistant Professor in Environmental Systems Modelling, School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Experience: Design and assessment of passive air pollution control systems using life cycle assessment to generate low-carbon and resource efficient conclusions without negative consequences i.e. aligning with circular economy goals. Approach: Delivering innovative solutions to current environmental and energy challenges and problem solving using the 3M technique (Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation). Activity: Co-investigator on several National and European projects: two INTERREG projects, and one Horizon2020, Erasmus+, SEAI and EPA project on air pollution, energy efficiency/recovery measurement and circular economy solutions. Teaching: Delivered lectures and workshops on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across Europe. Dissemination & Collaboration: Actively disseminating research through social and public media outlets. International research and industry sector collaborations: air, energy, water and construction.
  Air Pollution   Air pollution monitoring and assessment   Air quality modelling   AIR QUALITY MONITORING   AIR-FLOW   AIR-POLLUTANTS   AIR-QUALITY   Buildings, Commercial Energy Use   Buildings, Residential Energy Use   Built Environment   circular economy   ecodesign   eco-design   ENERGY   ENERGY EFFICIENCY   Energy Environmental Sciences   Environmental Design   Environmental Effects, Hydropower   Environmental engineering   Environmental Engineering, Pollution Control   Environmental pollution in urban environments   Environmental resource management   Hydro Energy   Hydroelectricity, Hydropower   life cycle assessment   Life cycle management, analysis   Lifecycle analysis   Natural Resources   Natural Resources Management   passive constructions   Renewable energy   Renewable Energy Sources   Resources/Availability, Renewable Energy   URBAN AIR QUALITY MODELLING   Urban Forestry   Urban Planning/Policy
 STATION-AIR: Investigating the impacts of urban railway STATION hubs on AIR quality in its environs
 WOW! Wider business Opportunities for raw materials from Wastewater
 GOGREEN ROUTES: Resilient Optimal Urban natural, Technological and Environmental Solutions
 Distributing our Water Resources: Utilising Integrated, Smart and low-Carbon Energy (DWR UISCE)
 Analysis of Packaging Waste Generation and Measurement (Re-Wrapped)

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Details Date
NSAI Committee on Circular Economy (TC048/SC29/WG02) 01/01/20
External Examiner 01/06/18
Details Date From Date To
ESAI (Environmental Science Association of Ireland) Communications Officer 2017
Perillo H., Broderick B.M., Gill L.W., McNabola A., Kumar P., Gallagher J., Spatiotemporal representativeness of air pollution monitoring in Dublin, Ireland, Science of the Total Environment, 827, (154299), 2022, p1-27 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Considine B, Kumar P, Gallagher J, McNabola A., A numerical analysis of particulate matter control technology integrated with HVAC system inlet design and implications on energy consumption, Building & Environment, 211, (108726), 2022, p1 - 16, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
C. Devereux, J. Coscia, K. Adeyeye, J. Gallagher, Energy security to safeguard community water services in rural Ireland: Opportunities and challenges for solar photovoltaics, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 47, 2021, p101377 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Kemi Adeyeye, John Gallagher, Aonghus McNabola, Helena M. Ramos, Paul Coughlan, Socio-Technical Viability Framework for Micro Hydropower in Group Water-Energy Schemes, Energies, 14, (14), 2021, p4222 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Feehan, A., Nagpal, H., Marvuglia, A., Gallagher, J., Adopting an integrated building energy simulation and life cycle assessment framework for the optimisation of facades and fenestration in building envelopes, Journal of Building Engineering, 43, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Zhang, N., Wang, H., Gallagher, J., Song, Q., Tam, V.W.Y. & Duan, H., A dynamic analysis of the global warming potential associated with air conditioning at a city scale: an empirical study in Shenzhen, China, Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 81, 2020, p106354-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Chunshui Lin, Darius Ceburnis, Wei Xu, Eimear Heffernan, Stig Hellebust, John Gallagher, Ru-Jin Huang, Colin O'Dowd, Jurgita Ovadnevaite, Supplementary material to "The impact of traffic on air quality in Ireland: insights from simultaneous kerbside and sub-urban monitoring of submicron aerosols", 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Gallagher, J., Basu, B., Browne, M., Kenna, A., McCormack, S., Pilla, F., Styles, D., Adapting Stand-Alone Renewable Energy Technologies for the Circular Economy through Eco-Design and Recycling, Journal of Industrial Ecology, 13, (1), 2019, p133 - 140, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Kumar, P., Druckman, A., Gallagher, J., Gatersleben, B., Allison, S., Hoang, U., Hama, S., Tiwari, A., Sharma, A., Abhijith, K.V., Adlakha, D., McNabola, A., Astell-Burt, T., Feng, X., Skeldon, A., de Lusignan, S. & Morawska, L., Air Pollution, The nexus between air pollution, green infrastructure and human health, Environmental International, 133(A), 2019, p105181-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
J. Gallagher, C. Lago, How parked cars affect pollutant dispersion at street level in an urban street canyon? A CFD modelling exercise assessing geometrical detailing and pollutant decay rates, Science of The Total Environment, 651, 2019, p2410--2418 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Gallagher, J., Styles, D. & Chadwick, D., Evaluating the efficacy of Glastir Efficiency Grant Schemes from 2014 to 2016: a review of carbon and ammonia emissions across the Welsh livestock sector, Welsh Government, 2016, Report, PRODUCED
Gallagher, J. & McNabola, A. , Mapping Research Excellence and Capacity at EU level for the Horizon 2020 Topic SC5-01-2017: Exploiting the added value of climate services: From climate service concepts to piloting and proof-of-concept. 2015-CCRP-SS-4, Environmental Protection Agency, 2016, Report, PUBLISHED
Gallagher, J. & McNabola, A., Mapping Research Excellence and Capacity at EU level for Horizon 2020 Topic CIRC-02-2016-2017: Water in the Context of the Circular Economy. 2015-W-SS 20 SSS 2.2. The next generation of water systems and services - large scale demonstration projects, Environmental Protection Agency, 2015, Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Second Place - Horizon Prize on Materials for Clean Air (European Commission) 2018
Professional Award in Development for Future Research Leaders in Wales 2014
My research interests and expertise focuses upon the delivery of innovative solutions to current environmental and energy challenges. I aim to ensure that my results/solutions do not have consequential impacts by looking towards the future as well as examining results from the past. This approach is considered in my research of passive air pollution controls, low carbon and resource efficient system design and innovation in the delivery of technological solutions for energy efficient systems. I approach research problems using the 3M Model (Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation), and use my experience in life cycle assessment and the circular economy to generate conclusions without negative consequences.