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Dr. Justin Doherty

Assistant Professor (Russian)

  20th century Russian literature and culture, literary theory and criticism   Cinema/Video   Czech language and literature   Russian Language/Literature   Slavic Language/Literature   Translation   Translation studies   Visual Arts
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Details Date From Date To
British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies 1996 present
Irish Association for Russian, Central and East European Studies (formerly Irish Slavists' Association) 1990 present
Georgiy Ivanov (translated by Justin Doherty), 'The Atom Explodes', Russian Emigre Short Stories from Bunin to Yanovsky, (Penguin Classics), UK, Penguin/Random House , 2017, 189 - 215, Translation, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty (translator), Gaito Gazdanov, Night Roads, Evanston, Illinois, USA, Northwestern University Press, 2009, vii - 244pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, 'The Atom Explodes' by Georgii Ivanov, Slavonica, 8, (1), 2002, p42 - 67, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, 'Proshlo sto let...': The 1937 Pushkin Anniversary in the Work of Vladislav Khodasevich and Georgii Ivanov, Irish Slavonic Studies, 20, 1999, p49 - 70, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, 'The Image of Nikolai Gumilev in the Memoir Writings of Georgii Ivanov', Irish Slavonic Studies, 18, 1997, p85 - 109, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Three Poetic Responses to the Death of Nikolay Gumilev, Slavonica, 3, (2), 1997, p27 - 48, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, The Acmeist Movement in Russian Poetry: Culture and the Word, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1995, Book, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Acmeist Perceptions of Italy, Literary Tradition and Practice in Russian Culture: International Conference on the Occasion of the Seventieth Birthday of Yury Mikhailovich Lotman, University of Keele, July 1992, edited by Valentina Polukhina, Joe Andrew and Robert Reid , Rodopi, 1993, pp106 - 122, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Nikolai Gumilev and the Propagation of Acmeism: 'Letters on Russian Poetry', Irish Slavonic Studies, 13, 1992, p113 - 130, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Fictional Paradigms in Pushkin's 'Pikovaia dama', Essays in Poetics, 17, (1), 1992, p49 - 66, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

Justin Doherty, Josef Jedlička, In the Middle of the Journey of Life, Review of In the Middle of the Journey of Life, by Josef Jedlička, , BASEES Newsletter, NL-18, (3), 2016, pP.2 , Review, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Review of Flint on a Bright Stone: A Revolution of Restraint in American, Russian, and German Modernism, by Kirsten Blythe Painter , Slavic Review, Volume 62, (2), 2007, p365-366 , Broadcast, PUBLISHED
Acmeism, The Literary Encyclopedia, 2006, [Justin Doherty], Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, 5 March 1953: The Death of Stalin as Topos in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Literature, Irish Slavonic Studies, 'Stalin - His Times and Ours', University College Cork, 2003, edited by Geoffrey Roberts , Irish Association for Russian and East European Studies, 2005, pp47 - 65, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
The Pushkin Contexts of Georgii Ivanov's 'Disintegration of the Atom' in, editor(s)Joe Andrew and Robert Reid , Two Hundred Years of Pushkin, Volume 1: Pushkin's Secret: Russian Writers Reread and Rewrite Pushkin, Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2003, pp121 - 134, [Justin Doherty], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Gogol and Russian Futurism, Essays in Poetics, 150 years of Gogol, Mansfield College, Oxford, September 2002, edited by Joe Andrew and Robert Reid , 28, EIP Publications, 2003, pp158 - 180, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Review of The Daring of Derzhavin: The Moral and Aesthetic Independence of the Poet in Russia, by Anna Lisa Crone , Slavic Review, 62, (4), 2003, p877-878 , Review, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Review of The Pillar of Fire, by Nikolai Gumiliov (tr. Richard McKane) , Slavonica, 6, (1), 2000, p126-127 , Review, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Review of Nikolai Gumilev, Polnoe sobranie sochinenii v desiati tomakh. Tom pervyi. Stikhotvoreniia. Poemy (1902-1910), Slavonic and East European Review, 78, (2), 2000, p376-377 , Review, PUBLISHED
Justin Doherty, Review of Lyric Incarnate: The Dramas of Aleksandr Blok, by Timothy C. Westphalen , Irish Slavonic Studies, 21, 2000, p142-143 , Review, PUBLISHED


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My research interests are chiefly focused on twentieth-century Russian literature and culture. Within this broad field of interest, my work has centered on Russian Modernism, particularly on the Acmeist school of poets; and on the literary culture of the Russian emigration. A further interest is in literary translation, especially in practical aspects of translation. I am also interested in Czech literature and culture, though this interest is less active in recent years.