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Professor Ian Robertson

Adjunct Professor (Trinity Inst. of Neurosciences (TCIN))

Fellow Emeritus (Psychology)

Ian Robertson is Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin and was the founding Director of Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. He is a member of the Royal Irish Academy. Previously a senior scientist at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, where he was also a fellow at Hughes Hall, Ian Robertson continues to be a Visiting Professor at University College London, University of Wales at Bangor and is a Visiting Scientist at the Rotman Research Institute, University of Toronto. A graduate of Glasgow University, he gained his Masters and Doctoral degrees at the University of London. His research focusses on the neuropsychology of brain rehabilitation and attention: he has more than 200 published books and articles in this field. A former science writer for the London Times, his multiply-translated popular science books are Mind Sculpture and the Mind's Eye.
  Attention   Awareness   Closed Head-Injury   Executive function   Frontal lobes   Hemispatial neglect   Neuropsychology   Plasticity   Rehabilitation
 Relationship between Genotype and Phenotype in Child and Adolescent ADHD: A genetic association study using neuropsychological performance and task-related brain activation as potential endophenotypes
 Neuroenhancement for Inequalities in Elder Lives
 Self Alert Training for Adults with Attentional Deficits
 The short and long range dynamics of attention
 TCIN Research Consortium on Neurodegeneration

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Details Date
Member of the Wellcome Trust Neuroscience Panel 2006-9
Founding Editor Neurocase, Oxford University Press. 1994-1997
Deputy Editor Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. 1990-1997
Member of Editorial Board of Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience. 1997 - Present
Member of Research Grants Committee, UK Stroke Association. 1994-1997
Member of the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences 2000-2004
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Medium Medium
German Fluent Medium Fluent
Italian Fluent Medium Medium
Details Date From Date To
Member of the Royal Irish Academy 2004 2004
Member of the Council of the World Federation for Neurological Rehabilitation. 2002 Present
Member of the Advisory Council, International Association for the Study of Attention and Performance 1999 Present
Academy of Medical Sciences Working Group on the interface between basic and clinical neuroscience 2002 2003
Smith, E. and Ali, D. and Wilkerson, B. and Dawson, W.D. and Sobowale, K. and Reynolds, C. and Berk, M. and Lavretsky, H. and Jeste, D. and Ng, C.H. and Soares, J.C. and Aragam, G. and Wainer, Z. and Manji, H.K. and Licinio, J. and Lo, A.W. and Storch, E. and Fu, E. and Leboyer, M. and Tarnanas, I. and Ibanez, A. and Manes, F. and Caddick, S. and Fillit, H. and Abbott, R. and Robertson, I.H. and Chapman, S.B. and Au, R. and Altimus, C.M. and Hynes, W. and Brannelly, P. and Cummings, J. and Eyre, H.A., A Brain Capital Grand Strategy: toward economic reimagination, Molecular Psychiatry, 26, (1), 2021, p3-22 , Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Rory Boyle, Lee Jollans, Laura M. Rueda-Delgado, Rossella Rizzo, Görsev G. Yener, Jason P. McMorrow, Silvin P. Knight, Daniel Carey, Ian H. Robertson, Derya D. Emek-Savaş, Yaakov Stern, Rose Anne Kenny, Robert Whelan, Brain-predicted age difference score is related to specific cognitive functions: a multi-site replication analysis, Brain Imaging and Behavior, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Leong SL, Tchen S, Robertson IH, Alsalman O, To WT, Vanneste S, The potential interruptive effect of tinnitus-related distress on attention., Scientific reports, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Vanneste S, Mohan A, Yoo HB, Huang Y, Luckey AM, McLeod SL, Tabet MN, Souza RR, McIntyre CK, Chapman S, Robertson IH, To WT., The peripheral effect of direct current stimulation on brain circuits involving memory., Science advances, 6, (45), 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Alison M. Luckey, S. Lauren McLeod, Ian H. Robertson, Wing Ting To, Sven Vanneste, Greater Occipital Nerve Stimulation Boosts Associative Memory in Older Individuals: A Randomized Trial, Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 2020, p154596832094357 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Melnychuk, M.C. and Murphy, P.R. and Robertson, I.H. and Balsters, J.H. and Dockree, P.M., Prediction of attentional focus from respiration with simple feed-forward and time delay neural networks, Neural Computing and Applications, 32, (18), 2020, p14875-14884 , Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Salomone, S. and Fleming, G.R. and Bramham, J. and O†Connell, R.G. and Robertson, I.H., Neuropsychological Deficits in Adult ADHD: Evidence for Differential Attentional Impairments, Deficient Executive Functions, and High Self-Reported Functional Impairments, Journal of Attention Disorders, 24, (10), 2020, p1413-1424 , Notes: [cited By 14], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Kelly, M.E. and Lawlor, B.A. and Coen, R.F. and Robertson, I.H. and Brennan, S., Cognitive rehabilitation for early stage Alzheimer†s disease: a pilot study with an Irish population, Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, 36, (2), 2019, p105-119 , Notes: [ ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Fortune, J.M. and Kelly, Ã .M. and Robertson, I.H. and Hussey, J., An investigation into the relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness, cognition and BDNF in young healthy males, Neuroscience Letters, 704, 2019, p126-132 , Notes: [cited By 6], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Arvaneh, M. and Robertson, I.H. and Ward, T.E., A P300-Based Brain-Computer Interface for Improving Attention, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 12, (524), 2019, Notes: [cited By 7], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI

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Preface in, editor(s)Jager, Sake Kurek, Malgorzata O'Rourke, Breffni , New directions in telecollaborative research and practice: selected papers from the second conference on telecollaboration in higher education, Dublin,, 2016, ppxxv - xxviii, [O'Rourke, Breffni], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Robertson, IH, Keynote Address, Danish Association of Neuropsychology, September , 2007, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Robertson, IH, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, March, 2007, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Robertson, IH, Keynote Address, Association of Medical Neurology, Duesseldorf., May , 2007, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Robertson, IH, American Society for Rehabilitation,, Washington, October, 2007, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Robertson, IH, Keynote Address, Italian Association for Neurorehabilitation, Ferrara, November, 2006, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Robertson, IH, World Congress on Neurological Rehabilitation, Hong Kong, February, 2006, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Robertson, IH, British Neuropsychological Society meeting, Cambridge., March, 2006, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Joanne Cunningham Mary Coffey Tommy Knöös Ola Holmberg , Introduction to ROSIS, 2006, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Robertson, IH, Keynote Address, British Psychological Society's Psychobiology Section,, Windermere, UK., September, 2005, Invited Talk, PRESENTED


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Award Date
Irv Acenberg Scientist Award from the University of Toronto, Rotman Research Institute 2002
Fellow, Hughes Hall College, Cambridge. 1997 - 1999
Medical Research Council Travelling Fellow, University of Rome, Italy 1989-1990
neuropsychology,biomarkers, alzheimer's disease, ageing, cognitive function, eeg