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Dr. Edurne Garcia Iriarte

Assistant Professor (Social Studies)


Edurne Garcia Iriarte is an Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin (TCD). From 2009 to 2011, she was appointed as a Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Research fellow at the National Institute for Intellectual Disability. Prior to joining TCD, Edurne graduated with a MSc in Disability and Human Development (2005) and a PhD in Disability Studies (2009) from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA), where she also worked as a researcher and expert evaluator at the Centre for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research (2005-2008). Edurne's research interests focus on the social inclusion of people with disabilities, and the development and implementation of participatory research and evaluation approaches with people with disabilities, more specifically inclusive research with people with intellectual disabilities. Edurne has collaborated and led on several research and evaluation studies. Some of her most recent projects have explored the intersection between disability and migration in Ireland; the support provided to people with disabilities moving from residential institutions to the community in Ireland; co-lecturing with people with intellectual disabilities in third level education; and the development of inclusive education in China. Since 2009, Edurne has been a university supporter of the Inclusive Research Network, a group of people with intellectual disabilities and their supporters, who conduct inclusive research in Ireland.
  Disability Studies   ETHNIC MINORITIES   Human rights   Inclusive research   INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY   Participatory evaluation
 A Literature Review to Inform the Development of a National Framework for Person-Centred Planning in Disability Services
 Disability Accessible Research Archive
 Promoting inclusive education through curriculum development and teacher education in China / INCLUTE
 Supporting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities to become Co-lecturers in the School of Social Work and Social Policy: An Experimental Participatory Action Research Project
 Inclusive Research Network

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Award Date
Achievement Award - Disability Studies 2009