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Professor Ignatius Mcgovern

Fellow Emeritus (Physics)


I have been in the Physics Department at Trinity College since 1979; previously I held research positions in the University of Wisconsin, University of Pennsylvania and the New University of Ulster. I am married to Eileen Patten and we have a son, Eoin. My main extracurricular activity is creative writing; a first collection of poetry 'The King of Suburbia' was published in late 2005 by Dedalus Press
  Condensed matter, electronic, magnetic and superconductive properties   Surface and interface physics   Surface chemistry
 Organic Semiconductor Nanostructures
 Synchrotron X-ray spectroscopic investigations of electronic structure in organic semiconductors
 The fabrication and characterisation of high-k dielectric/InP based devices
 Porphyrin-based nanomeshes as a novel route to molecular electronics

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American Vacuum Society
Institute of Physics
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Science and poetry: not so different? in, editor(s)Philip Coleman , On Literature and Science, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2007, pp211 - 222, [Iggy McGovern], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Fellow of Institute of Physics 2003
Fellow of Trinity College 1990
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow 1986
My general area of research is Surface Physics, specifically the photoelectron spectroscopy of semiconductor surfaces using synchrotron radiation. My principal interest has been in the adsorption of small molecules on clean, ordered semiconductor surfaces; the area has a connection with device processing. More recently, research has focused on organic molecule adsorption. Synchrotron radiation has a unique combination of properties of intensity, tunability, polarisation and time-structure; when applied to traditional spectroscopy such as photoelectron spectroscopy, there is both a quality enhancement and the opportunity to p[erform novel variations on the technique, such as 'near-edge absorption fine structure ' or NEXAFS and 'photoelectron diffraction' or PhD