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Dr. Carole Holohan

Assistant Professor (History)


I joined Trinity College Dublin in 2015. Prior to my arrival I held an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral fellowship at University College Dublin and a teaching fellowship at St. Patrick's College Drumcondra. I also led a research project at Amnesty International Ireland. I was a founding member of the Irish Association of Professional Historians (IAPH).
 'Reframing '68 and the Sixties'
 Poverty and Welfare in Postwar Ireland.

Details Date From Date To
Irish Association of Professional Historians (Founder Member) 2014 Present
Oral History Network of Ireland 2016 Present
Women's History Association of Ireland 2016 Present
Transnational Ireland Research Network 2015 Present
Carole Holohan, Sean O'Connell, Robert J Savage, Rediscovering poverty: moneylending in the Republic of Ireland in the 1960s, Irish Historical Studies, 2021, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Carole Holohan, The Second Vatican Council, poverty and Irish mentalities, History of European Ideas, 46, (7), 2020, p1009 - 1026, Notes: [DOI: 10.1080/01916599.2020.1747225], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Carole Holohan, Reframing Irish Youth in the Sixties , Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 2018, 1 - 272pp, Notes: [Reappraisals in Irish History], Book, PUBLISHED
Carole Holohan, Review of Sexual Politics in modern Ireland , by Jennefir Redmond, Sonja Tiernan, Mary McAuliffe and Sandra McEvoy , Irish Literary Supplement, A review of Irish Books, vo. 37, (no. 2), 2017, Review, PUBLISHED
Carole Holohan, 'Conceptualising and responding to poverty in the Republic of Ireland in the 1960s: a case study of Dublin' , Social History, 41, (1), 2016, p34 - 53, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  Other
Carole Holohan, Jack McGinley (ed.) Cluskey: the conscience of labour, Saothar: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society, 41, (1916 Special Issue), 2016, Review, PUBLISHED
'A powerful antidote? Catholic youth clubs in the sixties' in, editor(s)Catherine Cox and Susannah Riordan , Adolescence in Modern Irish History , Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, pp176 - 198, [Carole Holohan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Carole Holohan, 'Challenges to social order and Irish identity? Youth culture in the sixties' , Irish Historical Studies, 38, (151), 2013, p389 - 405, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
'John Charles McQuaid and the failure of youth sodalities, 1956-61' in, editor(s)Colm Lennon , Honouring God and community: confraternities and sodalities in modern Ireland , Dublin, Columba Press, 2012, pp126 - 147, [Carole Holohan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Carole Holohan, In Plain Sight: Responding to the Ferns, Ryan, Murphy and Cloyne Reports, Dublin, Amnesty International Ireland, September, 2011, p1 - 436, Notes: [The report/book focused on historic child abuse and also examined contemporary issues. Its findings focused on issues of responsibility and accountability, in particular with a view to the forthcoming children's rights referendum. ], Report, PUBLISHED

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Carole Holohan and Lindsey Earner-Byrne, 'Was 'society' really to blame for what happened in mother and baby homes?', Irish Examiner, 2021, -, Broadcast, PUBLISHED
Carole Holohan, 'Towards 2016', UCD Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive, (UCD Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive Research Report Series; 14), Dublin, UCD Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive, 2010, 1 - 10, Fieldwork collection, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Provost's PhD Project Awards 2018
Research Incentive Scheme, Trinity Long Room Hub 2018
Nominated - Provost's Teaching Award 2016
National University of Ireland - Grants towards scholarly publications 2014
UCD College of Arts and Humanities, Seed Funding 2014
Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Scholarship 2012
Postgraduate Research Scholarship- Higher Education Authority's North South Programme for Collaborative Research. 2004