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Dr. Gavin Davey

Associate Professor (Biochemistry)

Associate Professor (Trinity Inst. of Neurosciences (TCIN))

My research interests are in the areas of Neuroscience and Glycobiology, with specific focus on enzymology, metabolic flux, glycosylation, computational & systems biology. My group researches the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie neurodegeneration in the brain, in particular, the role that energy metabolism and bioenergetics play in controlling neuronal function and dysfunction. A major goal is to understand how abnormal mitochondrial dynamics control cell loss in Parkinson's disease and other common brain disorders. My group also has interests in drug development and application of our technologies to the development of next-generation biotherapeutics, including bio- and glyco-engineering of recombinant proteins and therapeutic antibodies and nanoparticle synthesis for delivery of therapeutics into the brain.
  Ageing, stroke, dementia   Alzheimer's disease   Anticancer therapies   Apoptosis, molecular control   Biocomputing   Biomarkers of disease   Bioprocesses   Bioreactors   Brain   CANCER   CANCER CELL-LINE   Catecholamine   Cell reprogramming   Computational Biology   Depression   Enzymology and catalysis   GLYCOBIOLOGY   GLYCOSAMINOGLYCANS   In vitro testing, trial methods   Induced pluripotent stem cells   Mathematical modelling   Metabolism and metabolic diseases   MITOCHONDRIAL COMPLEX I   Mitochondrial fission & fusion mechanisms   MITOCHONDRIAL MONOAMINE-OXIDASE   MITOCHONDRIAL-MEMBRANE POTENTIAL   MITOCHONDRION   Molecular Biology   Multiple Sclerosis   Neurochemistry and neuropharmacology   Neurodegeneration   Neuroimmunology   Neuroinformatics   Neuropharmacology   Neuroscience   Neurotoxicity   Oligosaccharide and polysaccharide biochemistry   OXYGEN FREE-RADICALS   PARKINSONS DISEASE   Stem cells   SYNAPSE   SYNAPTOSOMES
 Advanced Biopharmaceutical Technologies
 Training in neurodegeneration, therapeutics intervention and neurorepair
 Glycoengineering Fc/FcγR interactions
 What is the role for ACAD9 as a neurotherapeutic?
 Japan - Ireland International Strategic Cooperation Award

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Member of University Council, Trinity College Dublin 2012-2014
Editor EBEC 2008 BBA Bioenergetics 2008
Scientific Advisory Board NIBRT 2013
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Italian Basic Basic Basic
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The Biochemical Society, The International Society for Neurochemistry, The Irish Society of Toxicology, The European Society for Neurochemistry, The American Society for Neurochemistry, Neuroscience Ireland, The Irish Network of Neural Stem Cell Investigators (INNSI)
McDonald AG, Mariethoz J, Davey GP, Lisacek F., In silico analysis of the human milk oligosaccharide glycome reveals key enzymes of their biosynthesis., Scientific Reports, 27, (12(1)), 2022, p10846-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Benevenuto SGM, Domenico MD, Yariwake VY, Dias CT, Mendes-da-Silva C, Alves NO, Caumo SEDS, Vasconcellos P, Morais DR, Cardoso MS, Ianicelli J, Waked D, Davey GP, Boylan F, Costa JL, Veras MM., Prenatal exposure to Cannabis smoke induces early and lasting damage to the brain., Neurochemistry International, 160, 2022, Notes: [doi: 10.1016/j.neuint.2022.105406], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Dowling JK, Afzal R, Gearing LJ, Cervantes-Silva MP, Annett S, Davis GM, De Santi C, Assmann N, Dettmer K, Gough DJ, Bantug GR, Hamid FI, Nally FK, Duffy CP, Gorman AL, Liddicoat AM, Lavelle EC, Hess C, Oefner PJ, Finlay DK, Davey GP, Robson T, Curtis AM, Hertzog PJ, Williams BRG, McCoy CE , Mitochondrial arginase-2 is essential for IL-10 metabolic reprogramming of inflammatory macrophages, Nature Communications, 12, (1), 2021, p1460-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
McDonald AG and Davey GP , Simulating the enzymes of ganglioside biosynthesis with Glycologue, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry , 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Smith J, Millán-Martín S, Mittermayr S, Hilborne V, Davey G, Polom K, Roviello F, Bones J., 2-Dimensional ultra-high performance liquid chromatography and DMT-MM derivatization paired with tandem mass spectrometry for comprehensive serum N-glycome characterization, Analytica Chimica Acta, 1179, (338840), 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O'Farrell LK, Fraser AD, Davey GP, Monitoring the Sialome on Human Immune Cells , Methods Mol Biol, 2370, 2021, p323 - 329, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Hayes JM, O'Hara DM, Davey GP, Metabolic Labeling of Primary Neurons Using Carbohydrate Click Chemistry, Methods Mol Biol, 2021, p315 - 322, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
McDonald AG, Davey GP, O-Glycologue: A Formal-Language-Based Generator of O-Glycosylation Networks, Methods Mol Biol., 2370, 2021, p223 - 236, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Vare lija D, Tipton KF, Davey GP, McDonald AG, 6-Hydroxydopamine: a far from simple neurotoxin., J Neural Transm, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Kilbride, SM, Telford, JE and Davey, GP, Complex I controls mitochondrial and plasma membrane potentials in nerve terminals, Neurochemical Research, 2020, Notes: [doi: 10.1007/s11064-020-02990-8], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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McDonald AG and Davey GP, 'On/Off Switching During The Synthesis Of Complex Sugars', Science Trends, 2018, -, Digital research resource production, PUBLISHED
Reprogramming human dermal fibroblasts for the generation of pluripotent stem cells. in, editor(s)Freshney, R.I. , Culture of Animal Cells, a Manual of Basic Technique and Specialized Applications, John Wiley & Sons , 2010, [Sullivan S, Davey GP ], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
McDonald AG, Tipton KF and Davey GP, Mathematical modelling of metabolism., The Biochemist, 2009, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


Award Date
International Conference of Radiation Research conference lecture 1999
European Union Marie Curie Return Grant 1997
European Union Human Capital and Mobility Fellowship 1994-1996
. Metabolism, Systems Biology & Enzymology: Flux control analysis; mathematical models of cellular metabolic networks and N- and O-linked glycosylation networks in cancer cells, immune cells and neurons; NMR metabolomics. . Glycosylation and Bioprocessing: Glycosyltransferases; CHO cells & recombinant biotherapeutics; metabolism and CHO cell performance; controlling N- and O-linked glycosylation in CHO cells; glycosylation & Fc- FcγR interactions. . Mitochondrial dysfunction: Mitochondrial dysfunction in ageing brain; supercomplex structures; ETC post-translational modifications; neurodegeneration models. . Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration: Neuronal cell surface glycome; Fc-FcγR interactions in the brain; control of mitochondrial dynamics & Parkinson's disease; stem cell regeneration; drug development; biomarker discovery. . In silico drug design: Computational modelling of cell transporters & and drug design.