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Dr. Kathy Gately

Clinical Senior Lecturer (Clinical Medicine)


Dr. Kathy Gately graduated with a BSc from University College Dublin and a PhD from the Department of Biochemistry, National University of Ireland Galway in 2000. During her PhD she spent six months at the University of California Los Angeles. She then worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Dept. of Haematology where she carried out research on the novel targeted agent Imatinib in CML patients. In 2004, Dr. Gately was appointed as a Clinical Lecturer with Prof. Ken O'Byrne in the Dept. of Clinical Medicine. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Lung Cancer Biobank which supports research and clinical trials within the Translational Oncology Research Group (TORG).The main focus of Dr. Gately's research group is (i) the identification of novel prognostic/predictive biomarkers and therapeutic targets to improve treatment options for patients with cancer (ii) elucidating mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies, in particular PI3K and EGFR inhibitors (iii) the role of the liquid biopsy in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Gately delivers lectures to undergraduate students in Molecular Medicine as well as the MSc in Molecular Medicine and Translational Oncology. She is editor of a recent book entitled: "Lung Cancer: A Comprehensive Review" Nova Publishers 2013. Dr. Gately is currently leading a research collaboration with Inflection Biosciences Ltd, an Irish company developing targeted small molecule treatments for cancer. The research examines the effectiveness of a panel of the company's targeted PIM kinase inhibitors in the treatment of thoracic malignancy. In particular, solid tumours that have become resistant to other forms of treatment. This research is supported in part by an Innovation Partnership Program award from Enterprise Ireland (EI).
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Irish Thoracic Society (ITS)
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Kathy Gately, Co-targeting PIM and PI3K/mTOR using multikinase inhibitor AUM302 and a combination of AZD-1208 and BEZ235 in prostate cancer, Scientific Reports, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Kathy Gately, Co-targeting PIM and PI3K/mTOR using multikinase inhibitor AUM302 and a combination of AZD-1208 and BEZ235 in prostate cancer, Scientific Reports, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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