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Dr. Larisa Florea

Associate Professor (Chemistry)


Larisa studied organic chemistry and chemical engineering at University Politehnica in Timisoara, Romania (B.Sc. Hons). In 2009 she joined the Adaptive Sensors Group at Dublin City University where she earned her Ph.D. in materials chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Dermot Diamond. Larisa began her postdoctoral career at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, and in 2016 she achieved a senior position as Team Leader in Materials Chemistry and Microfluidics. In 2018 Larisa was awarded an Irish Research Council Laureate grant and an ERC-Starting grant that enabled her to establish an independent research career in School of Chemistry and AMBER.
 Artificial micro-vehicles with life-like behaviour (ChemLife)
 Functional & Dynamic 3D Nano- Micro- Devices by Direct Multi-Photon Lithography
 Smart coatings for medical devices
 SFI-AMBER PhD Programme
 The Development of Chemopropulsion-based Fluidic Transport Systems

Details Date
Evaluator, several H2020 calls (e.g. H2020-PHC-2014-Stage 1&2, 2020-PHC-2015-Stage 1, H2020-FET OPEN)
Reviewer for several internationally recognised journals: Science Robotics, Lab on a Chip, Sensors and Actuators B, Advanced Materials, among others.
Review Editor, Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, Elsevier
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Member of European COST Action MP1205 - 'Advances in Optofluidics' 2014 2017
Qian, J. and Kolagatla, S. and Pacalova, A. and Zhang, X. and Florea, L. and Delaney, C. and Bradley, A.L., TPL-fabricated responsive hydrogel-based micro photonic structures for visible vapor sensing, 12663, (1266304), 2023, Notes: [cited By 0], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI
Alexa Ennis, Deanna Nicdao, Srikanth Kolagatla, Luke Dowling, Yekaterina Tskhe, Alex J. Thompson, Daniel Trimble, Colm Delaney, Larisa Florea, Two-Photon Polymerization of Sugar Responsive 4D Microstructures, Advanced Functional Materials, 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
J. Qian, S. Kolagatla, A. Pacalovas, X. Zhang, L. Florea, A. L. Bradley, and C. Delaney, Responsive spiral photonic structures for visible vapor sensing, pattern transformation and encryption, Advanced Functional Materials, 2023, Journal Article, ACCEPTED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Murphy, R.D. and Delaney, C. and Kolagatla, S. and Florea, L. and Hawker, C.J. and Heise, A., Design of Statistical Copolypeptides as Multipurpose Hydrogel Resins in 3D Printing, Advanced Functional Materials, 33, (52), 2023, Notes: [cited By 1], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Florea, L. and Blasco, E. and Mattoli, V., New Frontiers in Materials and Technologies for 3D Two Photon Polymerization, Advanced Functional Materials, 33, (39), 2023, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Geoghegan, N. and O'Loughlin, M. and Delaney, C. and Rochfort, K.D. and Kennedy, M. and Kolagatla, S. and Podhorska, L. and Rodriguez, B.J. and Florea, L. and Kelleher, S.M., Controlled degradation of polycaprolactone-based micropillar arrays, Biomaterials Science, 11, (9), 2023, p3077-3091 , Notes: [cited By 1], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Donato, S. and Nocentini, S. and Martella, D. and Kolagatla, S. and Wiersma, D.S. and Parmeggiani, C. and Delaney, C. and Florea, L., Liquid Crystalline Network Microstructures for Stimuli Responsive Labels with Multi-Level Encryption, Small, 2023, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
J. Qian, C. Delaney, L. Florea and A. L. Bradley, Direct laser writing of submicron photonic arrays for vapor responsive sensing, E-MRS 2022, Strasbourg, 1/6/2022, 2022, Poster, PUBLISHED
Dunne, A. and Francis, W. and Delaney, C. and Florea, L. and Diamond, D. and Ramadan, M., Stimuli-Controlled Fluid Control and Microvehicle Movement in Microfluidic Channels, 2021, 128-157pp, Notes: [cited By 0], Book, PUBLISHED  DOI
Colm Delaney, Jing Qian, Xia Zhang, Radislav Potyrailo, A. Louise Bradley, Larisa Florea, Direct laser writing of vapour-responsive photonic arrays, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9, 2021, p11674 - 11678, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI

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A. L. Bradley, Responsive spiral photonic structures for visible vapor sensing, pattern transformation and encryption, Biophotonics Seminar, IPIC Tyndall, 16/09/2022, 2022, IPIC, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED


Award Date
European Research Council Starting Grant 2018
IRC Laureate STG Award Winner 2018
Invent Commercialisation Award, conferred by Dublin City University for the collaboration with UES & GE Global Research 2016
Irish Research Council PhD scholarship award winner - EMBARK Initiative 2009
SFI UREKA Ireland - Undergraduate Research Experience & Knowledge Award Winner 2008
My research comprises several distinct strands of research in the soft matter realm, including development of new stimuli-responsive polymers, 3D fabrication technologies, micro-fabrication of polymeric actuators & sensors, and development of smart micro-vehicles.