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Dr. Frank Bannister

Fellow Emeritus (Computer Science)


Frank Bannister is an Associate Professor in information systems in Trinity College. Dublin. Prior to becoming an academic in 1995, he worked in both the Irish civil service and for PricewatershouseCoopers as a management consultant. His research interests are e-government, e-democracy, on-line privacy and trust and IT value and evaluation, particularly in the public sector. He is chairman of the European Conference on e-Government, a member of the European Group on Public Administration and editor of the Electronic Journal of e-Government. Frank is a Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, a member of the Institute of Management Consultants in Ireland, a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer.
  Decision Making   e-Democracy   e-Government   Electronic Government   Electronic Voting   ICT and Privacy   ICT and Trust   ICT in Government   Information Systems   Information Systems Evaluation   Online Privacy
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Chair of the Technical Review Committee - Department of Social Protection 2014-
Member of the UNPAN Expert Committee on Benchmarking 2009
Member of Independent Review Group on staffing in Dublin City Council 2010-2011.
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
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Fellow of the Irish Computer Society 1993 Date
Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors 1992 Date
Member of Engineers Ireland 2002 Date
López-López, V. ,Iglesias-Antelo. S., Vázquez-Sanmartín, A, Connolly, R. and F. Bannister, e-Government, Transparency & Reputation: An Empirical Study of Spanish Local Government, Information Systems Management, 35, (4), 2018, p276 - 293, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Bannister, F. and R. Connolly, The Fourth Power: ICT and the role of the administrative state in protecting democracy, Information Polity, 23, (3), 2018, p307 - 323, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
In Defence of Bureaucracy: Governance and Public Values in a Digital Ag in, editor(s)Paulin, A., L. Anthopoulis and C. Reddick , Beyond Bureaucracy, USA, Springer, 2017, pp27 - 48, [Frank Bannister], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Bannister, Frank and Ake Gronlund, e-Government Research: A brief history, Hawaii International Conference on the System Sciences, Hawaii, 4-7 January 2017, 2017, pp1 - 10, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Khayyat, M. and F. Bannister, "Towards a Model for Facilitating and Enabling Co-Creation using Open Government Data", Information Polity, 22, (4), 2017, p211 - 231, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Frisk, E. and F. Bannister, Improving the Use of Analytics and Big Data by Changing The Decision-Making Culture, Management Decision , 55, (10), 2017, p2074 - 2088, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Van Cauter, L., F. Bannister, J. Crompvoets and M. Snoek, When Innovation Stumbles: Applying Sauer's Failure Model to the Flemish Road Signs Database Project, International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age, 3, (1), 2016, p1 - 20, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
DeBri, F. and F. Bannister, e-Government Stage Models: A Contextual Critique, Hawaii Internation Conference on the System Sciences, Kauai, HI, January 2015, IEEE, 2015, pp2222 - 2231, Notes: [DOI 10.1109/HICSS.2015.266], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Bannister, F. and R. Connolly, The Great Theory Hunt: Does e-government really have a problem?, Government Information Quarterly, 2015, pdoi:10.1016/j.giq.2014.10.003 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Goodstadt, L. F. Bannister and R. Connolly, The Hong Kong e-Identity Card: Examining the reasons for its success when others continue to struggle, Information Systems Management, 32, (1), 2015, p72 - 80, Notes: [DOI:10.1080/10580530.2015.983025], Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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From Informatisation to e-Government and Beyond in, editor(s)Edoardo Ongaro , Public Administration in Europe: The Contribution of EGPA, UK, Plagrave Macmillan, 2018, pp101 - 112, [Frank Bannister], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Janssen, M., H.J. Scholl, M.A. Wimmer and F. Bannister, Electronic Government 13th IFIP EG8.5 Conference EGOV 2014, Dublin, Proceedings., Springer, Heidelberg, 2014, Book, PUBLISHED
Rememyi, D. and F. Bannister, Writing Up Your Research for a Dissertation or Thesis, 1st, UK, ACI, 2012, 131pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Bannister, Frank (Ed.), Cases in Electronic Government, 1st, Reading, UK, ACI, 2012, Book, PUBLISHED
Bannister, F., e-Government: Today, Tomorrow and the Day After., DIGIT 2011, Brussels, 4th March, 2011, European Commission, Notes: [Keynote address to annual DIGIT conference], Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Bannister, F., Provocation: Business schools and the economic crisis - Why blance the business schools?, International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, 4, (1), 2010, p34 - 40, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Bannister, F. and D. Wilson, O(ver)-Government: e-Government and the Limits of the Desirable, ICEGOV: International Conference on eGovernment and eGoverance, Ankara, Turkey, 12-13 March 2009, edited by Kaplan, A., A. Balci, C.C. Aktan and O. Dalbay , 2009, pp1 - 16, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Bannister, F., ICT Hyperbole and the Red Queen Syndrome: e-Participation Policy and the Challenge of Technology Change, E-Gov. 2.0: pave the way for e-Participation, E-Gov. 2.0: pave the way for e-Participation, Madrid, 5th October 2009, edited by Patrizia Bitonti , 2009, pp115 - 125, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Bannister, F., The Perspective of Janus: Reflecting on EGPA past and future, Information Polity, 12, (4), 2008, p227 - 232, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Remenyi, D., F. Bannister and A. Money, The Effective Measurement and Management if ICT Costs and Benefits, 1, Oxford, UK, Elsevier, 2007, 379pp, Book, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
FTCD 2008
e-government e-democracy ICT Evaluation Project management