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Dr. Eamon Edward Keenan

CLINICAL SENIOR LECTURER (Public Health & Primary Care)


 Sustaining increased and improved access to opioid substitution treatment (OST) in Ireland: a mixed-methods study to evaluate the impact of national contingency OST guidelines on process and client outcomes, and identify quality indicators for the continued and safe delivery of OST throughout and beyond COVID-19.
 Methadone substitution treatment: mortality and progression pathways
 Peer Led Addiction Recovery (Predictor) Programme

Details Date
National Clinical Lead for HSE Addiction Services. Views sought and asked to comment publicly on a range of issues associated with drug and alcohol use in Ireland. Regular advice to Government and responding to Parliamentary Questions and Representations for the Minister on drug related issues 2016
Management Board, European Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) determining policy and direction for drug services in Europe through advice to European Commission 2019
Irish representative on EU National Drug Coordinators Group to disseminate knowledge and best practice within member EU states 2019
HSE representativbe on the Ministerial Rapid Response Group on Drug Use in Higher Education Institutions 2019
HSE Representative on the National Oversight Committee for National Drug and Alcohol Strategy 2017
Member of Health Committee of Irish Medical Council Provides support to Doctors experiencing Health difficulties 2013
HSE Primary Care representative on Cross Departmental National Steering Group for 'Connecting for Life', Ireland's National strategy to reduce suicide and self harm in society 2016
HSE representative on High Level Task Force on mental health and addiction challenges of persons interacting with the criminal justice sector 2021
Medical Council Stakeholder Group on overprescribing of Benzodiazepines and other Drugs Will inform and influence National Policy 2019
Member of Project Team on Drug Use in Higher Education in Ireland (DUHEI) survey project 2019
Member of HSE Hepatitis C Programme Advisory Group providing roll out of HCV vaccination programme to vulnerable groups in society 2016
Chair of Emerging Drug Trends Working Group convened to progress Specific actions within the National Drug and Alcohol Strategy 2019
Chair of Registration Committee of College of Psychiatrists of Ireland 2014
Member of College of Psychiatrists Council Sub Committee on Policy and Strategy. Rep from Addiction Faculty 2021
Chair of HSE Working Group to advise on establishment of Medically Supervised Injection Facility. Included Service User Representation 2016
Chair of Irish Psychiatric Training Committee (Eastern Region) 2004
Chair of Treatment/Rehabilitation Committee of the National Advisory Committee on Drugs (NACD) Involved commissioning of research including ROSIE study 2004
Member of the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies - College of Psychiatrists Representative 2014
Details Date From Date To
Member of College of Psychiatrists of Ireland 2008
Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists 1991 2008
Durand L, Boland F, O'Driscoll D, Bennett K, Barry J, Keenan E, Fahey T, Cousins G, Factors associated with early or later dropout from methadone maintenance treatment in specialist addiction clinics: a six year cohort study using proportional hazards frailty models for recurrent treatment episodes, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 219, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Hennigan K, Corrigan E, Killeen N, Keenan E, Scully M, Overview of tertiary addiction services response to Opioid Dependence during the Covid 19 pandemic, Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, 2021, p1 - 14, Notes: [Author order needs correction], Journal Article, ACCEPTED  DOI
Eagleton M, Stokes, S, Fenton, F, Keenan E, Does opioid substitution treatment have a protective effect on the clinical manifestations of COVID-19? Comment on Br J Anaesth 2020; 125: e382-3., British Journal of Anaesthesia, 126, (3), 2021, pe114 - e116, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Durand, L., O'Driscoll, D., Boland, F., Keenan, E., Ryan, B.K., Barry, J., Bennett, K., Fahey, T., Cousins, G., Do interruptions to the continuity of methadone maintenance treatment in specialist addiction settings increase the risk of drug-related poisoning deaths? A retrospective cohort study, Addiction, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Des Jarlais, D.C., Sypsa, V., Feelemyer, J., Abagiu, A.O., Arendt, V., Broz, D., Chemtob, D., Seguin-Devaux, C., Duwve, J.M., Fitzgerald, M., Goldberg, D.J., Hatzakis, A., Jipa, R.E., Katchman, E., Keenan, E., Khan, I., Konrad, S., McAuley, A., Skinner, S., Wiessing, L., HIV outbreaks among people who inject drugs in Europe, North America, and Israel, The Lancet HIV, 7, (6), 2020, pe434-e442 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Lisa Moran, Eamon Keenan, Khalifa Elmusharaf, Semi-Structured Interviewing: Researching Clients' Perspectives on the Barriers to Progressing Optimally Through a Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program, SAGE Research Method Cases, 2020, Report, PUBLISHED
Kiran Santlal, Peter McCarron, Eamon Keenan, Fiona Fenton, Treatment of GHB withdrawal in the G detoxification clinic in the HSE National Drug Treatment Centre: An update on servic eprovision and patient outcomes, College of Psychiatrist of Ireland Spring Conference (1st Prize), Castleknock, Dublin, 3rd -5th April 2019, 2019, Notes: [Winner of Poster Prize at Conference. I had established Clinic in 2016], Poster, PUBLISHED  URL
Moran, L., Keenan, E., Elmusharaf, K., Barriers to progressing through a methadone maintenance treatment programme: Perspectives of the clients in the Mid-West of Ireland's drug and alcohol services, BMC Health Services Research, 18, (1), 2018, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Glynn, R.W., Byrne, N., O'Dea, S., Shanley, A., Codd, M., Keenan, E., Ward, M., Igoe, D., Clarke, S., Chemsex, risk behaviours and sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men in Dublin, Ireland, International Journal of Drug Policy, 52, 2018, p9-15 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Klimas, J., Fairgrieve, C., Tobin, H., Field, C.-A., O'Gorman, C.S., Glynn, L.G., Keenan, E., Saunders, J., Bury, G., Dunne, C., Cullen, W., Psychosocial interventions to reduce alcohol consumption in concurrent problem alcohol and illicit drug users, The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 12, 2018, pCD009269 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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O'Dwyer AM, Campion M, Practical Psychiatry for Students and Trainees, TCD, Oxford University Press, In press, 2021, Report, IN_PRESS
Eamon Keenan, Drug Market and Covid 19, Irish Institute of Pharmacists Webinar Series, Virtual, 3rd June, 2020, Irish Institute of Pharmacists, Notes: [Educational series aimed at Pharmacists Nationally to support them during Covid Pandemic], Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Eamon Keenan, Cocaine Challenges and Trends in Ireland, EMCDDA Management Board Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, 10/12/19, 2019, EMCDDA, Notes: [Four European countries were selected to present including Ireland. I delivered the presentation from Ireland. Important from a policy development perspective], Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Eamon Keenan, Emerging Strategies/Trends for Addiction Services, 46th Annual Coombe Hospital Guinness Symposium, Coombe Hospital, Dublin, 19th October, 2018, Coombe Hospital, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Eamon Keenan, 'Mental health and Substance Misuse - The emergence of a Clinical Programme' Keynote Speaker, European Federation of Therapeutic Communities Conference, Dublin Castle, 21st-22nd September, 2017, Coolmine Therapeutic Community and DoH, Notes: [16th Annual Conference of the EFTC with speakers and presentations from all over Europe. Theme of conference was 'Pathways of Care towards Recovery. ], Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Eamon Keenan, 'Changes - Drug Trends and Drug Laws', International Conference of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland and the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Northern Ireland, Cavan, 10th-11th November, 2016, College of Psychiatrists ireland, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
E Truszkowska, E Keenan, Alcohol Use Disorder: an overview, Modern Medicine, (1), 2014, p19 - 24, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Eamon Keenan, Homeless and Addiction Responses, Homelessness and Mental Health: What can be done?, Clarion Hotel, IFSC, Dublin, 12th Otober, 2012, College of Psychiatrists ireland, Notes: [Presentation on responses including Supervised injecting Facility], Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Carmody D, Geoghegan N, Sheppard R, Scully M, Keenan E O'Connell M, Drug use in Pregnancy: challenges for health care workers, MIDIRS Midwifery Digest, 20, (4), 2010, p447 - 450, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
S Maloney, Keenan E, N Geoghegan, What are the risk factors for soft tissue abscess development among injecting drug users, Nursing Times, 106, (23), 2010, p21 - 24, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Senior Registrar Prize in Psychiatry, RAMI 1994
Poster Prize winner at 2019 College of Psychiatrists Spring Conference 2019
Poster Prize winner 2018 Royal College Psychiatry, Faculty of Addictions Annual Conference 2018