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Professor Eileen Drew

Fellow Emeritus (Statistics)


Professor Eileen Drew, B.A., M.Sc., Dip. MIS, Ph.D., has taught in the School of Computer Science and Statistics and Centre for Gender and Women's Studies at Trinity College Dublin. She undertook extensive research in the statistical analysis of national and EU data sets, including an international Comparative Leadership Survey of women and men in 27 industrialised countries. Her current fields of interest are: gender and STEM, gender equality, work/life balance, the gender pay gap, family leaves, gender in entrepreneurship and leadership and protection of part-time workers. Professor Drew is the National Senior Expert for European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) and European Gender Equality Institute (EIGE) and has worked as the Gender Mainstreaming expert for the Social Security Reform Co-operation Project in China (EUCSS), supported by the European Commission from 2008 to 2010. In 2008 she was appointed as Gender Equality Expert to the EU Network of Women in Decision-making in Politics and the Economy. She is currently Principal Investigator for an EU supported Framework Programme 7 project called INstitutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research (INTEGER). The objective of this project is to create sustainable change in education and research institutions to improve the career progression of women scientific researchers Recent books/reports: Facing Extinction? Why Men are not Attracted to Primary Teaching (2006); Danger Men at Work: A Study of the Under-representation of Women in Engineering (2004); Gender InJustice (2003); Off the Treadmill: Achieving Work Life Balance (2003); Women in Science and Technology Employment (2001); Gender Equality in the Civil Service (1999); Women, Work and the Family in Europe (1998). During her career Professor Drew has been involved in research, training and consultancy for: the EU New Opportunities for Women (NOW) project 'Putting the 'E' Into Quality' with Excellence Ireland, and two EU Leonardo da Vinci Projects: 'Diffusion' of Family Friendly Working Arrangements and 'Management in the Millennium'. In 2005, Professor Drew completed a study, commissioned by the Council of Europe, on 'Parental Leave' in 45 Member States. She is a member of the International Leave Policy and Related Research Network.
  Demographic and Labour Market Statistics   Demography   Disability   Equality rights   EU developments   Feminist Research Methodolgies   Gender and family, household structures   Gender and leadership   Gender Equality in Employment   Gender related policy issues in Ireland   INFORMATION-SYSTEMS   Labour market statistics and female participation   Leadership in Political and Business Life   Leave Policies and Research   Parental and Other Leave   Social security policy   STATISTICAL ANALYSIS   Surveys & Survey Research   Total Quality Management   Total Quality Management and 'E' Quality   Women and Caring   Women's studies   Work Life Balance   Work-life balance
 INstitutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research (INTEGER
 Men's Under-Representation in Primary School Teaching
 Parental Leave in the Council of Europe Member States
 Career Advancement of Women in Academe
 Factors Militating Against Female Participation in the Study of Engineering at Third Level

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Details Date
Gender Expert for EUCSS Social Security Reform Project in China 2008-2011
Chair of Joint Equality Council for ESB 2007
Rapporteur for launch in Dublin of Babies and Bosses Reconciling Work and Family, OECD, Paris. 2003
Advisor to 'Tipping the Scales' EQUAL Project on Work Life Balance in the Workplace, North Western Health Board, Sligo 2003
Project Manager for Study on Work/Life Balance for Framework Committee, Dublin 2002
Appointed to Panel on the Workplace of the Future, National Centre for Partnership Performance 2001
Member of Equality Auditor's Panel, Equality Authority, Dublin 2001
Chair of Standing Committee One of the National Economic and Social Forum, Dublin. 1995-1998
Irish representative to IRIS Scientific Committee, Brussels. 1990-1996
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
French Medium Medium Medium
Details Date From Date To
Irish representative on the International Network for Leave Policies and Research June 2004 Present
Editorial Advisory Board, Measuring Business Excellence, 2001 2001 Present
Scientific Committee, Multinational Alliance for the Advancement of Organisational Excellence(MAAOE) 2000 Present
Eileen Drew Anne Laure Humbert, Men have careers, women have babies': unequal parental care among Irish entrepreneurs, Community, Work & Family, 15, (1), 2012, p49-67 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Combining Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Strategies, Conflict and Costs in, Louise Kelly , Entrepreneurial Women New Management and Leadership Models, Volume 1,, Santa Barbara, California, Praeger, 2014, pp155 - 182, [Eileen Drew and Anne Laure Humbert], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Who's Minding the Kids? Work and Family Issues among Owners of Small Business Enterprises in Ireland in, editor(s)Cary Cooper and Ron Burke , Human Resource Management in Small Businesses: Achieving Peak Performance, Cheltenham, UK. Northampton, MA, USA, Edward Elgar, 2011, pp236 - 258, [Eileen Drew and Anne Laure Humbert], Notes: [Series: New Horizons in Management], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Eileen Drew and Anne Laure Humbert, Gender, Entrepreneurship and Motivational Factors in an Irish Context, International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, 2, (2), 2010, p173 - 196, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Eileen Drew and Anna Watters, '"We're not much use but good for logistics": An Exploratory Study of Parenting Leaves in Ireland', Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 31, (3), 2014, p245 - 264, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Eileen Drew and Anne Laure Humbert, The Celtic Tigress: Strategies, Conflict and Costs of Combining Motherhood and Entrepreneurship in Ireland , Critical Management Studies, Naples, 11-13 July, 2011, pp1 - 22, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  URL
Gender Identity and ICT Entrepreneurship in an Irish Context in, editor(s)Malach-Pines, A. and Ozbilgin, M. , Handbook of Research on High-Technology Entrepreneurs, Cheltenham UK and Northampton MA, Edward Elgar, 2010, pp195 - 220, [Humbert, A. Drew, E. and Kelan E.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
E. Drew, Facing Extinction? Why Men are not Attracted to Primary Teaching, Dublin, The Liffey Press, 2006, 1 - 142pp, Book, PUBLISHED  URL
Ireland Country Report in, editor(s)Peter Moss , International Review of Leave Policies and Related Research 2011, London, 2011, pp144 - 149, [Eileen Drew], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
Eileen Drew, Engendering Leadership for Business Excellence, Engendering Leadership Through Research and Practice, Perth Australia, 21 - 24 July 2008, edited by Jacquie Hutchinson , Consortium for Diversity at Work, University of Western Australia Business School, 2008, pp159 - 171, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  URL

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Eileen Drew, Rita Bencivenga, Brigitte Ratzer, Barbara Poggio, Gülsün Sağlamer, Gender in Horizon 2020: The Case of Gender Equality Plans, AboutGender International Journal of Gender Studies, 6, (12), 2017, p326 - 355, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Drew, Eileen and Murphy, Candy, Women in science and technology employment, Notes: [Goodbody consultancy report, April 2001], Case Study, PUBLISHED


Award Date
One of 21 Voices for the 21st Century, Quality Progress 2000
Partner in LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme 'Diffusion' 2000-2001
National expert on ZAROF 'Women and Employment' Network, Leipzig 1999-2000
Elected to Fellowship of Trinity College, Dublin. 1999
Associate Professor/ Visiting Fellow, Centre for Management Quality Research, RMIT 1999
Key research interests . Gender equality in the professions . Work/Life Balance . Parental and other forms of leave . Gender and Social Security . Women and leadership in political and business life . Total Quality and 'E'Quality . Women, work and families . IS/IT . Disability