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Dr. Enda Bates

Deputy Course Director & Assistant Prof (Electronic & Elect. Engineering)

Enda Bates is a composer, musician, producer and academic based in Dublin, Ireland, and an Assistant Professor and director of the Music and Media Technologies programme in Trinity College Dublin. In 2010 he completed a PhD entitled The Composition & Performance of Spatial Music, while current research interests include spatial music, spatial audio for VR, the aesthetics of electroacoustic music, and the Augmented Electric Guitar. He is an active composer of acoustic and electroacoustic contemporary music and scores and other material are available from his page at the Irish Contemporary Music Centre. His music has been performed by, among others, the Crash Ensemble, the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir Ireland, Anne La Berge, Concorde, Trio Scordatura, Darragh Morgan, the Doelen Quartet, and New Dublin Voices. He has received various commissions and awards including the 37th Florilege Vocal de Tours, the 2008 Irish National Choir of the Year competition, the 2009 Gaudeamus Music Prize shortlist and the 2010 Música Viva Competition. He is a founder member of the Spatial Music Collective and is an active performer, both of his own work and with The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Miriam Ingram, Nina Hynes/Dancing Suns, amongst others. He has also worked as a producer/engineer for a variety of artists and groups such as the Crash Ensemble, Mumbling Deaf Ro, Somadrone, and Conor Walsh.
  Chamber Music   Choral Music   Composition and Algorithmic composition, spectral music   Computer Music   electroacoustic music   interactive audio and sound design   microtonal music   music cognition and perception   Music Composition   music production   Music Technology   New Music   spatial audio   spatial music
 Immersive 360 Video Productions
 Trinity 360

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Details Date From Date To
Audio Engineering Society - full member 01/01/2015
Audio Engineering Society - Chair of the Ireland Regional Section 01/01/2019
Association of Irish Composers 2013
Irish Music Rights Organization (IMRO) 2005
Irish, Sound, Science and Technology Association (ISSTA) 2012
Enda Bates, William David, Daniel Dempsey, Ambisonic Decoder Test Methodologies based on Loudspeaker Reproduction, Audio Engineering Society, 152nd European Convention, Online, May 7-8th, 2022, Audio Engineering Society, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Enda Bates, Ambisonic Decoder Test Methodologies based on Binaural Reproduction, 150th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society , Online, May, 2021, 2021, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Samuel Beckett's Play in Digital Culture: Technologies of Influence in, editor(s)Anita Rákóczy, Mariko Hori Tanaka, and Nicholas E. Johnson, , Influencing Beckett / Beckett Influencing, Budapest and Paris, L'Harmattan / Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, 2020, pp145 - 157, [Nicholas Johnson, Néill O'Dwyer, Enda Bates], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
Sound Spatialization in, editor(s)Michael Filimowicz , Foundations in Sound Design for Interactive Media, New York, Routledge NY & London , 2019, pp141 - 160, [Enda Bates, Brian Bridges, Adam Melvin], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
Bates, Enda; Csadi, Sebastian; O'Dwyer, Hugh; Ferguson, Luke; Boland, Francis M., Recording & Composing Site-Specific Spatial Music for 360 Video, AES 146th Convention, Dublin, Ireland, March 2019, 2019, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  URL
Csadi, Sebastian; Boland, Francis M.; Ferguson, Luke; O'Dwyer, Hugh; & Bates, Enda, Direct to Reverberant Ratio Measurements in Small and Mid-sized Rooms, AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio,, York, UK, March 2019, 2019, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  URL
Néill O'Dwyer, Nicholas Johnson, Enda Bates, Rafael Pagés, Jan Ondøej, Konstantinos Amplianitis, David Monaghan and Aljo a Smolic, Samuel Beckett in Virtual Reality: exploring narrative using free viewpoint video, Leonardo, Just Accepted, (10.1162/leon_a_01721), 2019, Journal Article, ACCEPTED  DOI  URL
Enda Bates, Hugh O'Dwyer, ; Karl-Philipp Flachsbarth, Francis M. Boland, A Recording Technique for 6 Degrees of Freedom VR, AES 144th Convention, Milan, Italy, May 2018, 2018, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  URL
Enda Bates, Sean Dooney, Marcin Gorzel, Hugh O'Dwyer, Luke Ferguson and Francis M. Boland , Comparing Ambisonic Microphones - Part 2, AES 142nd Convention of the AES, Berlin, Germany., 20-23 May, 2017, AES, 2017, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Nicholas Johnson (dir.), Néill O'Dwyer, Enda Bates, V-SENSE, 'Virtual Play, after Samuel Beckett', Various venues, Trinity College Dublin, 2017, -, Notes: [1st prize, New European Media Awards. Created in partnership with V-SENSE.], Theatre Production, EXHIBITED  URL

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Enda Bates, Zeynep Bulut, Mattia Cobianchi, Neasa Ní Chiarain, Sound & Technology, Sonic Spaces |, The Long Room Hub, 02 December, 2020, The Long Room Hub, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Enda Bates, 'Spem in Alium', (Trinity 360), Soundfield Website, Soundfield Microphones, 2019, -, Film production, RELEASED
Enda Bates, 'Broken, Unbroken', Trinity360, Soundfield Website, Soundfield Microphones, 2019, -, Film production, PUBLISHED
Bates, Enda; Eadie, Jimmy; Kang, Ji Youn; Mulvey, Gráinne; Dowling, Fergal; Nealon, Alexis, Workshop on Spatial Audio for Contemporary Music and Theatre, AES 146th Convention, Dublin, Ireland, March 2019, 2019, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Enda Bates, Spatial Music Composition Lecture, ZêzereArts Festival, Tomar, Portugal, 19/07/2019, 2019, ZêzereArts Festival, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Enda Bates, String Pull, 2019, -, Notes: [Art Installation exhibited in Dublin and Stockholm as part of the Sound Check Exhibition.], Miscellaneous, PRESENTED
O'Dwyer, Hugh, Bates, Enda and Boland, Francis M, A Machine Learning Approach to Detecting Sound-Source Elevation in Adverse Environments, Audio Engineering Society Convention 144, Milan, Italy, May 2018, (9968), 2018, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Enda Bates, Spatial Audio and VR, Immersive Stories Conference, Dublin International Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland, Feb 2018, 2018, Dublin International Film Festival, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Enda Bates, Practical Ambisonics, 2018, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Enda Bates, An Introduction to Ambisonics / Comparing Ambisonic Microphones, 2018, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Cork Choral Festival Composer in Residence 2013
Música Viva Competition Prize winner 2010
Gaudeamus Music Prize shortlist 2009
Florilege Vocal de Tours - Special Prize for a New Production 2008