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Dr. Elizabeth Heron

Assistant Professor (Psychiatry)

  Bayesian Inference   Bioinformatics   Biostatistical methods   Genetics   MATHEMATICAL MODELLING   Statistics
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Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society 2005 Present
Chapter 6 - Genomics of psychiatric disorders in, editor(s)Gregory M. Pastores , Neurogenetics for the Practitioner, 2024, pp79 - 94, [Ryan NM, Ormond C, Brady P, Heron EA , Corvin, A], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Ormond C, Ryan NM, Byerley W, Heron EA, Corvin A, PECAN: a flexible, pedigree-based consensus copy number variant calling pipeline for whole genome sequencing data, Scientific Reports, 2024, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Ormond C, Ryan NM, Hedman A, Cannon T, Sullivan P, Gill M, Hultman CM, Heron EA, Johansson, V, and Corvin, A, "Whole Genome Sequencing Study of Identical Twins Discordant for Psychosis, Translational Psychiatry, 2024, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Bates M, Mullen D, Lee E, Costigan D, Heron EA, Kernan N, Barry-O"Crowley J, Martin C, Keegan H, Malone, V, Brooks R, Brooks D, Logan, JM, Martini, C, Selemidis S, McFadden J, O"Riain C, Spillane CD, Gallagher MF, McCann A, O"Toole S, O"Leary JJ, P53 and TLR4 expression are prognostic markers informing progression free survival of advanced stage high grade serous ovarian cancer, Pathology - Research and Practice, 2024, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Elaine Burke, Elizabeth Heron, Martina Hennessy, Gender bias in academic medicine: a resume study, BMC Medical Education BMC series - open , 23, 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Bond L, McTiernan D, Connaughton M, Heron EA, Coogan AN, McGrath J, Sleep problems in children and adolescents in an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder service., Irish journal of psychological medicine, 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Murphy G, Naughton A, Durand R, Heron E, McCaughey C, Murphy RT, Pearson I, Long-term Outcomes for Drug-eluting Balloons versus Drug-eluting Stents in the Treatment of Small Vessel Coronary Artery Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis., Interventional cardiology (London, England), 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Ormond C., Ryan N.M., Heron E.A., Gill M., Byerley W., Corvin A., Ultrarare Missense Variants Implicated in Utah Pedigrees Multiply Affected With Schizophrenia, Biological Psychiatry Global Open Science, 3, (4), 2023, p797 - 802, p797-802 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Heron EA, Valle G, Bernasconi A, Editorial: Identification of phenotypically important genomic variants, Frontiers in Bioinformatics, 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Chapter 2 Schizophrenia genomics in, editor(s)Evangelia Eirini Tsermpini, Martin Alda, and George P. Patrinos , Psychiatric Genomics, 2022, [Ryan NM, Ormond C, Brady P, Heron EA, Corvin A], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  DOI

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C Ormond, NM Ryan, W Byerley, A Corvin, EA Heron, A Bayesian framework to model co-segregation in pedigrees using next-generation sequencing data, HUMAN HEREDITY, 50th European Mathematical Genetics Meeting, Cambridge, April 21-22, 2022, 87, Karger, 2022, pp17 - 17, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
C Ormond, N Ryan, W Byerley, A Corvin, E Heron, T16. A Bayesian framework to model pedigree-based causality using next-generation sequencing data, European Neuropsychopharmacology , Abstracts of the World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, September 13-17, 63, 2022, ppe176 - e177, Poster, PUBLISHED
Cathal Ormond Niamh M. Ryan William Byerley Elizabeth A Heron Michael Gill Aiden Corvin , TU74. A CO-SEGREGATION ANALYSIS OF ULTRA-RARE VARIANTS IN FAMILIES MULTIPLY AFFECTED BY SCHIZOPHRENIA USING WHOLE GENOME SEQUENCING, European Neuropsychopharmacology, 2021, Poster, PUBLISHED
Niamh M. Ryan Cathal Ormond Kazima Bulaeva Elizabeth A Heron Michael Gill Aiden Corvin , TH75. SEQUENCING STUDY OF A CONSANGUINEOUS PEDIGREE WITH A HIGH LOAD OF SCHIZOPHRENIA, European Neuropsychopharmacology, 2021, Poster, PUBLISHED
C Ormond, A Corvin, E Heron, A Comparison of Two Software Tools for Disease-Gene Prioritization for Family-Based Sequencing Studies, Human Heredity, 84, Karger, 2020, pp218 - 218, Poster, PUBLISHED
D Smajlagic, S Connolly, H Hakonarson, I Waldman, J Elia, E Heron, J Haavik, S Johansson, T Zayats,, SU4 - GENOME-WIDE EXAMINATION OF PARENT-OF-ORIGIN EFFECTS IN CHILDREN WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER, European Neuropsychopharmacology, 29, 2019, ppS888 - S889, Poster, PUBLISHED
N Ryan, L Gallagher, E Heron, SA22INVESTIGATING PARENT-OF-ORIGIN EFFECTS IN AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER USING NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING DATA, European Neuropsychopharmacology , XXVIth World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics (WCPG) , Glasgow, Scotland, 11 - 15 October 2018, 2019, ppS1199 - S1200, Poster, PUBLISHED
Ryan, Niamh & Ormond, Cathal & Arsalan, Arsalan & Byerley, William & Ayub, Muhammad & Matthews, Carol & Heron, Elizabeth & Gill, Michael & Corvin, Aiden. , S97DETECTION OF RARE INHERITED CNVS ASSOCIATED WITH PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESS FROM FAMILY WHOLE GENOME SEQUENCING DATA., European Neuropsychopharmacology., 2019, Poster, PUBLISHED
Corfield, Elizabeth & Smajlagic, Dinka & Connoly, Siobhan & Havdahl, Alexandra & Tesli, Martin & Waldman, Irwin & Elia, Josephine & Heron, Elizabeth & Reichborn-Kjennerud, Ted & Haavik, Jan & Johansson, Stefan & Zayats, Tetyana. , S1PARENT-OF-ORIGIN AND MATERNAL EFFECTS IN ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER. , European Neuropsychopharmacology, , 2019, Poster, PUBLISHED
Niamh Ryan, Louise Gallagher, Elizabeth Heron, Investigating Parent-of-Origin Effects in Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Next Generation Sequencing Data, European Neuropsychopharmacology, World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, Glasgow, Scotland, 11-15 October 2018, 2018, Poster, PUBLISHED


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