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Mr. David Parris

Fellow Emeritus (French)


posts held 1967-8 English Language Assistant, École Normale d'Instituteurs de la Sarthe 1969 Tutoring Trinity College (Oxon) and St Catherine's College 1972 - 86 Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin 1986 - Senior Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin secondary I studied French, English Language, English Literature, German, History, Mathematics and Latin to 'O' level GCE (taking French and English Language in 4th year) and French, German and English to 'A' level and French and German to 'S' (for 'Special') level. I remained in the 6th form for a 3rd year to take Oxford entrance. I was Head Boy of my school and obtained an L.C.C. travelling scholarship in French (1963) and German (1965) enabling me to spend 3 months in each of the countries. undergraduate course To the preliminary examination, French and German; thereafter French including Late Latin and Gallo-Roman texts, Old French, Old French Literature, Old French Texts, Renaissance and Classical Texts, Montaigne, Molière, Voltaire, Flaubert, Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Grammatical Theory in France, Translation from and into French, Essay-writing. I obtained an entrance scholarship (in Oxford, an honorary distinction awarded after a competitive examination) to Trinity College Oxford - my first choice on application - and subsequently obtained a Heath Harrison travelling scholarship (also after competitive examination). thesis 'Person, tense, voice and some other grammatical features in some of Ramuz's prose works'. After a very traditional undergraduate course which gave me grounding in the classics I am grateful for, I was anxious to do research in the twentieth century. I also wanted, if possible, to link literature and linguistics in a single study. I was supervised by the late Professor Stephen Ullman whose work on stylistics is well known. My initial interest was to see if it was possible to assess the impact of an author's linguistic background on his writing. This research lead me into a number of areas that have remained important for me. Firstly, I have retained a passionate interest in C. F. Ramuz. I have never ceased to have an equal interest for both language and literary study. I retain an interest in stylistics as a critical tool - though my commitment has wavered over the years. My findings lead me increasingly towards narratology, and this remains an interest. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, this research gave me an interest in 'francophone' literatures (the word was new enough to be unknown to me then) which I have since developed, both in the field of French-speaking Switzerland and also of Quebec. The Oxford B.Litt is an object of curiosity: in those days Oxford's doctorate, the D.Phil - an excessive 400-page work - was largely reserved for people from outside the university, and the B.Litt - at 200 - 250 pages was still the usual research vehicle for Oxford graduates.
  19th and 20th century writing   Canadian and Swiss literature   French Canadian literature   Linguistics   Narrative theory   Translation
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Arabic Basic Basic Basic
Dutch Medium Basic Basic
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Fluent Fluent Fluent
German Fluent Basic Medium
Irish Basic Basic Basic
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Founding member and twice president of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland Member of British Association of Canadian Studies Member of the Association Internationale d'Études Québécoises Member of the Société des Amis de C. F. Ramuz Member of the Société d'Étude de la Littérature Française du XXe siècle (SELF) Member of the Assocation d'Études Françaises et Francophones d'Irlande
David L. Parris, Dédoublements et ambiguïtés identitaires dans Artagal de Christian Ayoub Sinano, Dalhousie French Studies, 102, (Summer 2014), 2014, p33 - 37, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL  URL
David L. Parris, Review of La Nouvelle québécoise, by Gaëtan Brulotte , British Journal of Canadian Studies, 26, (1), 2013, p159 , Review, PUBLISHED
David L. Parris, Review of Memoire des noms de lieu d'origine et d'influences française en Saskatchewan: répertoire toponymique, by Carol Léonard , International Journal of Francophone Studies, 25, (1), 2012, p145/6 , Review, PUBLISHED  URL
David L. Parris, Albert Adès Et Albert Josipovici ; Ecrivains D'Egypte D'Expression Française Au Début Du Xx Siècle, Paris, L'Harmattan, 2010, 9 - 106pp, Notes: [Description and criticism of the works of two Egyptian authors who wrote in French alternately on European and Oriental themes.], Book, PUBLISHED  URL
David L. Parris, Review of Le Monde amérindien au miroir des 'Lettres édifiantes et curieuses', by Adrien Paschoud , International Journal of Francophone Studies, Volume 13, (1), 2010, p158-159 , Review, PUBLISHED  URL  URL
David L. Parris, Review of Le Monde amérindien au miroir des Lettres Edifiantes et Curieuses, by Adrien Paschoud , International Journal of Francophone Studies, 13, (1), 2010, p158-9 , Review, PUBLISHED
David L. Parris, Review of Regards croisés sur le Canada et la France: Voyages et relations du XVIe au XXe siècle, by Pierre Guillaume & Laurier Turgeon (eds) , International Journal of Francophone Studies, 13, (3 & 4), 2010, p665-7 , Review, PUBLISHED
David L. Parris, Albert cossery, montreur d'hommes : l'oeuvre en langue française d'un auteur égyptien, Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, New York, Vienna, Peter Lang, 2009, 1 - 164pp, Notes: [Description and analysis of the eight novels of Albert Cossery,1913-2008], Book, PUBLISHED
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin & David Parris, Translation and Censorship, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2009, 1 - 256pp, Notes: [Contains selected papers from a conference held in TCD. The papers were peer reviewed. I considerable portion of the Introduction was drafted by me.], Book, PUBLISHED
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin, David Parris, Translation and Censorship: Patterns of Communication and Interference, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2009, 5 - 256pp, Book, PUBLISHED

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David L. Parris, Simultaneously seeking the orient, Th Irish Times, (May 8 & 9), 2010, p12-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
David L. PARRIS, Le Marché de Dinard et ses récits, L'Harmattan, 2001, Notes: [Much modern languages teaching is involved with language, and the assessment of creative writing. I wanted to go through the publication process in French, and try to do some of the things I have been teaching "about". ], Book, PUBLISHED
David L. PARRIS, Dem Glauben auf den Zahn gefühlt: Ansichten eines Skeptikers , Angelika Lenz Verlag, 1993, Notes: [Philosophical and religious essays], Book, PUBLISHED
Knud Larsen ; translated by David L. Parris, Joual for domestic use, Series: ASCI monographs ; no. , Dublin, Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland, 1991, 1 - 20pp, Notes: [translation from Danish of Joual til husbehov by Knud Larsen: elementary primer of Spoken Quebec French], Book, PUBLISHED
David L. Parris, Folens revisited, Bulletin de l'association des professeurs de français en Irlande, 1979/1980, (2), 1980, p25 - 26, Notes: [Rather unkind attack on a not very good text book being used in secndary schools at the time, nd which we judged to be harming the teaching of the subject (rightly or wrongly).], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
David L. Parris, Les auteurs de la diaspora, Ecriture française, n°1, 1979, p89-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
David L. Parris, Le Monde vu par un artiste, 24 Heures de Lausanne, 20-SEP-78, 1978, p49 , Notes: [Commemorative issue of Lausanne newspaper to mark the 30th anniversary of C. F. Ramuz's death. Not very scholarly, but flattering that when they wanted a foreign "expert" to provide an article, I was the person they turned to.], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
David L. Parris, Need for Forward planning at supradepartment level, 1975, - 8, Notes: [One page article discussing practical problems of language teaching at university level, and sugghesting some of the possible new courses subsequently implemented.], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
David L. Parris, Avec Naïm Kattan dans le dédale des théories entourant les marginalités contemporaines : une lecture de L'Écrivain migrant (2001). , SPACE AND BOUNDARIES ESPACES ET FRONTIERES , Galway, 9th to 11th May 2014, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
David L. Parris, JCLA conference in Warwick, Bulletin de l'association des professeurs de français en Irlande, 1981/2, (2), p33 - 35, Notes: [At a certain time, I sought to draw secondary and third-level teachers together to give the subject more coherence. This was the right thing to do. If only more had followed, the subject might be in better shape. One outcome of this activity was a redrafting and considerable omprovement of the Leaving Cert syllabus.], Journal Article, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Fellow Trinity College Dublin (FTCD) 2005
Le Prix du Québec in recognition of my work in the field of Québec Studies 1991
member of the Ordre des Francophones d'Amérique, an Order 1999
Officier de l'ordre des Palmes académiques 1994
Chevalier de l'ordre des Palmes académiques 1986