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Dr. David Mc Closkey

Ussher Assistant Professor (Physics)

David McCloskey is currently the Ussher Assistant Professor of the Science of Energy and Energy systems at the University of Dublin, Trinity College. He leads the Nanothermal research group, in the school of Physics at Trinity College Dublin. His current research interests include, waste heat harvesting, time and frequency domain thermal imaging techniques, thermoelectrics, thermal interface materials, heat exchangers, plasmonics, heat transfer in 2D materials, diamond photonics, optical microresonaotors , near field optics, heat transport on nanoscale, and nanofabrication (EBL, UV litho, FIB, Helium ion microscopy and lithography). He is developing a multidisciplinary masters program in the science of energy hosted across the Schools of Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Geology. David earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theoretical Physics at Trinity College Dublin in 2008, and his PhD in Experimental optics from the same institute in 2012, working with Prof. John Donegan. In his thesis work he studied electromagnetic scattering from non-spherical micron scale dielectric particles. He also studied whispering gallery modes and visible light integrated optics in silicon nitride. After completing his PhD, David worked as a postdoctoral researcher on a number of academic and industrial projects related to electromagnetism and thermal transport. In particular he has worked in collaboration with Western Digital Corporation on the optical design of heat assisted magnetic recording heads for the next generation of magnetic hard-drives. Other projects include sub-micron resolution thermal imaging of III-V diode lasers, with Nokia/ Bell Labs. He has worked as a visiting researcher in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Barcelona, Institut Fresnel, Marseille, and NUIG in Galway.
  Photovoltaic systems, cells and modules manufacturing   Photovoltaics   Solar Selective Surfaces   Solar, Thermal Power Systems   Solar, Thermoelectric Conversion   THERMAL DIFFUSIVITY   THERMAL ENERGY   THERMAL MANAGEMENT   Thermal radiation   THERMAL-CONDUCTIVITY   Thermoelectric Generators   Thermoelectricity   THERMOELECTRIC-POWER   Thermoreflectance   ULTRAFAST PROCESSES
 Thermal Properties of Metallic Nanowires: Determining the Ultimate Limit in Miniaturisation of Metallic Electrical Interconnects
 Heating in GaN Electronics
 Visible Light Scattering from micron scale silicon nitride structures
 Quantitative Temperature mapping in metallic nanowires

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Reviewer for journal including Applied Physics Letters, ACS photonics, ACS Nano, ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, Superlattices and Microstructures. 2012
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optical society of America (OSA) 2014
Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) 2020
Energy Institute (EI) 2018
Institute of Physics Ireland (IOPI) 2016
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Mckenna, R. and Corbett, S. and Naimi, S.T. and Mickus, D. and Mccloskey, D. and Donegan, J.F., Thermoreflectance Imaging of Semiconductor lasers with a Numerical Thermal Model, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 2021, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
McKenna, R. and Naimi, S.T. and Corbett, S. and McCloskey, D. and Donegan, J.F., CCD-Thermoreflectance Imaging of Self-Heating in 1.5 ÎŒm Semiconductor Laser Diodes, 2020-May, (9192124), 2020, Notes: [cited By 0], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
David McCloskey, Comparison of Metal Adhesion Layers for Au Films in Thermoplasmonic Applications, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12, (11), 2020, p13503 - 13509, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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Fazeli Jadidi, M. and Ã-zer, H.Ã-. and Goel, S. and Kilpatrick, J.I. and McEvoy, N. and McCloskey, D. and Donegan, J.F. and Cross, G.L.W., Distribution of shallow NV centers in diamond revealed by photoluminescence spectroscopy and nanomachining, Carbon, 167, 2020, p114-121 , Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
David McCloskey, 'A heatsink and uses thereof', European Patent office, EP20168051.9 , 2020, Trinity College Dublin, Patent, SUBMITTED  URL
Abbott, W.M. and Murray, C.P. and Lochlainn, S.N. and Bello, F. and Zhong, C. and Smith, C. and Petford-Long, A.K. and Donegan, J.F. and McCloskey, D., A Comparison of Metal Adhesion Layers for Au Films in Thermo-Plasmonic Applications, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, San Jose, California United States, May, 2019, pp8749722-, Notes: [paper JW2A.66], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL

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Award Date
One to Watch, Trinity Innovation Awards 2019
CRANN and AMBER Innovation Award. 2015
In my research portfolio I like to keep a mix of fundamental and applied research projects. Addressing real world technological and societal issues can stimulate research in directions that would not be obvious otherwise. At the same time improving fundamental understanding of Physics in nanoscale systems can lead to applications which may not yet exist. As such I think it is important to be active in both areas. Broadly speaking, my research interest lies in creating a sustainable society through improvement in renewable energy, and efficient energy use. I have applied projects related to solar Photovoltaics, Solar thermal energy harvesting, waste heat harvesting, and reducing energy use in 5G communications networks. To support this I have some fundamental projects aimed at understanding limits of heat transfer in nanoscale systems and across interfaces, and material diffusion and electromigration which causes failure in electronic devices. Also, I have a keen interest in developing new quantitative tools to measure thermal properties of nanomaterials, which is a challenging and rewarding task. Current active projects include: SolarCool: Improving solar PV performance in Arid enviroments This project brings together a multidisciplinary team from academia, industry and NGO backgrounds to tacking technological and societal issues with Solar PV in arid envirnoments with a specific focus on developing countries in Africa. As part of the project we plan to deploy and test a prototype in the largest solar farm in the southern hemisphere before the end of this year. Transverse-TE: This project is developing a novel type of thermoelectric material which will allow waste heat to be efficiently converted to electricity. We have a number of applications in mind where this technology would outperform anything currently on the market. NanoCool: This project is in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs and aims to prototype technology for integrated two phase cooling of microelectronic devices. This would significantly improve speed and lifetime of electronic devices such as processors. 3DRF: This project is using the relatively new technology of 2D ceramic printing to produe components for energy efficient 5G networks. This is in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs RF division. CCDTR: In this project we have developed a innovative thermal imaging technique with higher resolution than IR imaging. We did this by modifying a standard optical microscope and we are now using this technology to address a number of industry issues with companies such as MEMJET, Analogue devices and Seagate using the system. Pipeline projects: We have a number of proposals in the final stage of review under schemes such as ERC Starter, SFI Frontiers, and URF. This address thin film thermoelectric integrated electronic coolers, deeply subwavelength coatings for active modulation of light, and technologies for controlling thermal radiation from surfaces respectively. An up to date list of projects is maintained on our group website.