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Professor David Coghlan

Fellow Emeritus (Trinity Business School)


David Coghlan is a Professor Emeritus and Fellow Emeritus at the Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He specializes in organization development and action research and is active in both communities internationally. He has published over 150 articles and book chapters. Recent books include: Inside Organizations (Sage, 2016), Organizational Change and Strategy (Routledge, 2016), Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization (4th ed. Sage, 2014), Collaborative Strategic Improvement through Network Action Learning (Edward Elgar, 2011). He is co-editor of the The Sage Encyclopedia of Action Research (2014) and of the 4 volume sets Fundamentals of Organization Development (Sage, 2010) and Action Research in Business & Management (Sage, 2016). He serves on the editorial advisory boards of: Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Action Research, Action Learning: Research and Practice, Systemic Practice and Action Research, The OD Practitioner among others.
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Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 2004-
Action Research 2003-
Organization Development Practitioner 2001-
Systemic Practice & Action Research 2004-
Action Learning: Theory and Research 2007-
Journal of Management Education 2007 -
Revue Sciences de Gestion 2006
Research in Management Education and Development (book series Information Age Publications), 2003-
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2005-
Irish Journal of Management, 2000-2007
Associate Editor - International, Organization Development Journal 1996-2003
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Academy of Management
Organization Development Network
Irish Academy of Management
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Exploring the richness of action learning ` research to exploit network action learning: A journey in shared theorizing. in, editor(s)D.A Noumair, A.B (Rami) Shani & D.P. Zandee , Research in organizational change and development, Vol 30, Bingley, UK, Emerald, 2023, pp183 - 203, [D Coghlan & P. Coughlan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
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D. Coghlan & A.B.(Rami) Shani, Coghlan, D. & Shani, A.B. (Rami). (2021). Abductive reasoning as the integrating mechanism between first- second- and third person practice in action research. , Systemic Practice & Action Research , 34, (4), 2021, p463 - 474, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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The Thoul Plant in, editor(s)R. Rosenfeld & D. Wilson , Managing Organizations: Text, Readings & Cases, London, McGraw-Hill, 1999, pp233-235 , [David Coghlan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED


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FTCD 2005
Organisation development through action research Insider action research Action learning