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Professor Davis Coakley

Honorary Fellow (Medical Gerontology)


E Kenny, D Coakley and G Boyle, Non-contact in vivo measurement of ocular microtremor using laser speckle correlation metrology, Physiological Measurement, 35, 2014, p1229-1243 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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Collins N, AlKalbani M, Boyle G, Baily C, Kilmartin DJ, Cassidy L, Coakley D., Ocular microtremor - potential diagnostic benefit in ophthalmology: review of clinical studies and current research directions, RAMI Section of Ophthalmology, Limerick, Ireland, March 30 2007, 2007, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
AlKalbani M, Collins N, Boyle G, Foran T, Sheahan NF, Hegarty F, Coakley D., Ocular microtremor measurement system, Bioengineering in Ireland Conference, Manor House Hotel, Killadeas, Fermanagh, January 25-26, 2007, pp48 - 48, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
AlKalbani M, Collins N, Boyle G, Hegarty F, Foran T, Sheahan N, Coakley D., Wavelets as a tool in ocular microtremor (OMT) signal processing, Association of Physical Scientists in Medicine, Dublin, May 10-11, 2007, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Collins N, AlKalbani M, Boyle G, Harbison J, Coakley D., Ocular microtremor in a case of bilateral thalamic and midbrain infarct, Irish Heart Foundation Stroke Study Day, Croke Park, Dublin, May 11-12, 2007, Poster, PRESENTED