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Professor Daniel Bradley

Professor (Genetics)

Dan Bradley was brought up on a Northern Irish farm and after a degree in Genetics from Cambridge University and PhD in medical genetics from Trinity College Dublin he started to work on the genetics of each species present on that farm, including Irish humans, and has done for over 30 years. With his colleagues he has combined analysis of ancient and modern cattle to inform on the origins of these and other domesticates and pioneered the molecular genetic analysis of Irish populations. He holds a Personal Chair in Population Genetics in Trinity and was awarded the 2020 Royal Irish Academy Gold Medal in the Life Sciences
  ADMIXTURE   Ancient DNA analysis and origins of Irish mammals   ANIMAL DOMESTICATION   Archaeozoological genetics and the origins of cattle pastoralism   BOVINE EVOLUTION   BREED RELATIONSHIPS   CATTLE   CATTLE BOS-TAURUS   CONTROL REGION   Detection of recombination in mammalian mtDNA   DNA-SEQUENCE   DOMESTICATION   EQUUS CABALLUS   EUKARYOTIC GENOMES   EUROPEAN CATTLE   EUROPEAN POPULATIONS   EVOLUTION   FAMILY   FARMED   GENE   GENETIC CONSERVATION   GENETIC DIVERSITY   GENETIC VARIATION   HORSE   HUMAN DNA   INTROGRESSION   LINKAGE ANALYSIS   LINKAGE GROUP   LOCALIZATION   LOCI   MAP   MICROSATELLITE   MITOCHONDRIAL   MITOCHONDRIAL DNA   MTDNA   MUTATION   MYOTONIC-DYSTROPHY GENE   ORIGIN   ORIGINS   PIGS   POLYMORPHISMS   Population genetic signatures of selection in cattle and other domesticates   Population genetics, selection, structure and origins in Irish human populations   PREVALENCE   RELEASE   RYANODINE RECEPTOR GENE   SARCOPLASMIC-RETICULUM   SEQUENCE   SHEEP   Y chromosome diverisity and the genetic architecture of Irish surnames
 AncestralWeave: 1000 ancient genomes: gene-economy innovation in cattle, sheep and goat

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Member of a Wellcome Trust Panel responsible for the disbursement of research funds in Bioarchaeology
Appointed to Editorial Board of the international journal, Animal Genetics
Five times juror in the European Contest for Young Scientists
Member of the Royal Irish Academy Advisory Committee on Genetic Anthropology
Served as an expert consultant on genetic distance and biodiversity to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Member, PHG Funded PI's and Researchers, All Researchers funded under Cycle 3 PRTLI - Programme for Human Genomics
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Member of International Society of Animal Genetics
former President of Irish Society of Human Genetics
Verdugo, M.P. and Mullin, V.E. and Scheu, A. and Mattiangeli, V. and Daly, K.G. and Maisano Delser, P. and Hare, A.J. and Burger, J. and Collins, M.J. and Kehati, R. and Hesse, P. and Fulton, D. and Sauer, E.W. and Mohaseb, F.A. and Davoudi, H. and Khazaeli, R. and Lhuillier, J. and Rapin, C. and Ebrahimi, S. and Khasanov, M. and Vahidi, S.M.F. and MacHugh, D.E. and ErtuÄ rul, O. and Koukouli-Chrysanthaki, C. and Sampson, A. and Kazantzis, G. and Kontopoulos, I. and Bulatovic, J. and StojanoviÄ , I. and Mikdad, A. and Benecke, N. and LinstÀdter, J. and Sablin, M. and Bendrey, R. and Gourichon, L. and Arbuckle, B.S. and Mashkour, M. and Orton, D. and Horwitz, L.K. and Teasdale, M.D. and Bradley, D.G., Ancient cattle genomics, origins, and rapid turnover in the Fertile Crescent, Science (New York, N.Y.), 365, (6449), 2019, p173-176 , Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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Award Date
TCD Fellowship 2000
CGIAR award for outstanding scientific article 2003
Member of the Royal Irish Academy 2009
Royal Irish Academy Gold Medal in the Life Sciences 2020
I have active research in: ancient genomic analysis of western European humans, particularly Irish archaeological remains; ancient genomes of cattle sheep and goat.