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Professor David Berman

Fellow Emeritus (Philosophy)


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Consultant editor for the following philosophy volumes in the Everyman Library series : V. Politis (ed.), Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (1993), R. Downie (ed.), Hutcheson's Philosophical Writings (1994); G. Bird (ed.), James's Selected Writings (1995); J. Gaskin (ed.), The Epicurean Philosophers (1995), W. Lyons, Modern Philosophy of Mind (1995), M. Warnock (ed.), Woman Philosophers (1996), M. Bagrahmian, Modern Philosophy of Language (1998), J. P. Wright et al (eds), Hume's Treatise of Human Nature 2003.
Contributor to the Oxford Companion of Irish Literature (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 1996
Contributor to The Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation, gen. ed. John H. Hayes (Abingdon Press), 2 vols. 1999
Contributor to The Blackwell Companion to Modern Irish Culture, W. J. McCormick (ed.), (Oxford, Blackwell) 1999
David Berman, Russell's Moral Quandary, Philosophy Now, (158), 2023, p36 - 39, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
David Berman, The Essential Berkeley and Neo-Berkeley, London, Bloomsbury, 2022, vi - 195pp, Book, PUBLISHED
David Berman, Consciousness from Descartes to Ayer, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2021, v - 84pp, Book, PUBLISHED
David Berman, The Character Option, Free Inquiry, 40, (3), 2020, p59 - 59, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
David Berman, Berkeley's and Hume's Philosophical Memoirs, Philosophy Now: a magazine of ideas, (120 ), 2017, p28 - 29, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Absolute and Final Desire: Plato or Buddha in, editor(s)Timo Airaksinen and Wojciech Gasparski , Desire: The Concept and its Practical Context, London, Tramsaction Publisher, 2016, pp117 - 134, [David Berman], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
David Berman and James Hill, S profesorem Davidem Berrmanem o Berkeleym, ateismu a mentalnich typech, Filosoficky casdopis, 64, 2016, p667 - 674, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Why early atheists loved Berkeley's idealism in, editor(s)Witold K. Pietrazak and Magdalena Kozluk , Le Cabinet du curieux, Paris, Classiques Garnier, 2013, pp397 - 407, [David Berman], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
David Berman, The Birth of Scottish Philosophy from the Golden Age of Irish Philosophy, Eiighteenth-Century Studies, 45, (3), 2012, p379 - 392, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Ian Campbell Ross and David Berman, George Berkeley and the authorship of 'The Memoirs of Signor Gaudentio di Lucca', Irish University Review, 41, (1), 2011, p196 - 201, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Berman, David, A Manual of Experimental Phlosophy, Dublin, Jeremy Pepyat, 2009, 1 - 118pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Berman, David, Enthusiasm in Galton's Inquiries into the Human Faculty, The Galton Institute Newsletter, (65 and 66), 2007, p6 - 8, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
D. Berman, Will Secularism Survive?, Free Inquiry, 2005, p34 - 35, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
'Edmund James Furlong', 'Francis La Touche Godfrey' and 'Thomas McDonnell', T. Duddy, Dictionary of Irish Philosophers, Bristol, Thoemmes Continuum, 2004, pp132-3, 215 , [D. Berman, P. O'Riordan], Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, PUBLISHED
Berman D., O'Riordan P., The Irish Enlightenment and Counter-Enllightenment (6 vols), Bristol, Thoemmes Press, 2002, Book, PUBLISHED
Berman D., George Berkeley: Eighteenth-Century Responses 2 vols., New York, Garland Press, 1989, Book, PUBLISHED
D. Berman, The Lord of Irony, The Freethinker, 108, 1988, p156 - 157, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
D. Berman, R. Houghton and M. Lapan, Images of Berkeley (Cat. of Berkeley Exhibition), Dublin, National Gallery of Ireland/Wolhound Press, 1986, 105pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Berman D., George Berkeley: Essays and Replies, Dublin, Irish Academic Press, 1986, Book, PUBLISHED
D. Berman, Berkeley's Siris and the 'whisky patriots, Eighteenth Century Ireland, 1, 1986, p200 - 203, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


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