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Professor David Bradley

Clinical Associate Professor (Clinical Medicine)

Professor Bradley is a consultant neurologist appointed to St James's Hospital since 2013, where he co-runs the Acute Stroke Service, provides specialist Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders clinics, and acts as the clinical lead for neurology services. He received his primary medical degree from University College Dublin in 2003. He completed the Higher Specialist Training Scheme in Neurology with the RCPI and received specialist registration in 2013. His training included a clinical research fellowship in Movement Disorders leading to a PhD with Trinity College Dublin in 2012. He was awarded the HSE Richard Steevens scholarship and completed subspecialty fellowships in Stroke and Neuro-Oncology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London. TEACHING: In his current role as Consultant Neurologist and Clinical Associate Professor St James's Hospital, he is engaged in the following teaching activities: Undergraduate: Supervision of TCD medical students (3rd and Final Year) attached to both neurology and stroke services. Setting questions and examining in the TCD Final Medicine Clinical Examinations. Supervision and teaching of elective students. Provision of didactic lectures to 3rd and final year TCD medical students. Provision of a tutorial series every Jan - Mar for final year medical students, focused in preparation for clinical examinations. Professor Bradley is the undergraduate teaching lead for Neurology at the SJH site. He was awarded the TCD Medical Student of the Year award in 2017. Postgraduate: Professor Bradley is appointed as the Joint National Specialty Director for the RCPI Higher Specialist Training Scheme in Neurology and also acts on the specialty training committee for the Rehabilitation Medicine Higher Specialist Training scheme of the RCPI. He am a faculty member of the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI). He engages in SJH MRCPI tutorial programmes 2-3 times per year. He is also involved in the steering committee, lecture delivery, curriculum development and exam design for the RCPI Diploma in Stroke Medicine. He is a regular lecturer SJH Syncope International Teaching Conference. He also provides lectures to patient groups (e.g. through the Parkinson's Association of Ireland) and HCP groups (Nursing and MDT). RESRARCH: Professor Bradley is engaged in several national and international studies - his main areas of interest are acute stroke management, stroke risk factors, movement disorders, cognitive disorders. His early work focused on adult-onset dystonia. Professor Bradley is the PI for the St James's site for the ELAN (Early versus Late initiation of direct oral Anticoagulants in post-ischaemic stroke patients with atrial fibrillatioN) trial (Switzerland). He is the site clinical lead for the AVERT DOSE trial (Australia), a collabotator the CONVINCE trial (HRB Stroke Clinical Trials Network, Ireland), the site lead for the HRB Stroke Clinical Trials Network Ireland and a member of the European DLB Consortium (Dementia with Lewy Bodies) and a member of the Dementia Trials Advisory Group for the recently funded HRB Dementia Clinical Trials Network. QUALIFICATIONS AND MEMBERSHIPS: Primary Medical Degree MB BCh BAO (UCD); PhD in Neural Engineering (TCD); Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI); Higher Diploma in Statistics (TCD); Faculty Member, Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI); Fellow of the European Stroke Organisation (ESO); Diploma in Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases (RCPI); Member of the Movement Disorders Society (MDS); Member of the Irish Neurological Association (INA); Member Irish Consultant Neurologist Association Movement Disorders Group (ICNA); Irish Hospital Consultants Association New-Entrant Committee (IHCA); Member of the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF); Stroke Committee of the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF)
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Fearon C, Lonergan R, Ferguson D, Byrne S, Bradley D, Langan Y, Redmond J., Very-late-onset Friedreich's ataxia: Diagnosis in a kindred with late-onset cerebellar ataxia, Practical Neurology, 1, (20), 2020, p55 - 58, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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Award Date
Kirwan Medal in Ophthalmology (UCD) 2003
Goeffrey J Bourke Medal in Public Health (UCD) 2002
Henry Hutchinson Prize (2nd place) in Public Health Medicine and Epidemiology 2002
O'Ferrall Gold Medicine in Surgery (St. Vincent's University Hospital) 2003
1941 Medal (UCD) 2003
Reuben Harvey Memorial Prize (RCPI) 2003
Henry Hutchinson Prize (1st place) in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2003
Harold Millar Prize (Irish Neurological Association) 2009
Uschi Tschabitscher Prize for Young Neurologists (European Federation of Neurological Science) 2009
David Mardsen Award (European Dystonia Federation) 2011
Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience Publications Prize 2011
Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Doctor Award 2012
Stroke Conference Award (Irish Heart Foundation) 2012
Dr Richard Steevens Award (HSE) 2012
Medical Teacher of the Year Award (TCD) 2016