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Professor Rhodri Cusack

Thomas Mitchell Professor of Cognitive N (Psychology)

Director of TCIN (Trinity Inst. of Neurosciences (TCIN))

I use neuroimaging to study the emergence of cognition in infants, to understand how our minds develop, and to provide new solutions to a number of pressing clinical needs.
  Cognitive Neuroscience   Functional neuroimaging   INFANT   Neuroimaging   Neuroimaging methods   PRETERM INFANTS
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Hu, H., Cusack, C., Naci, L., Typical and disrupted brain circuitry for conscious awareness in full-term and preterm infants., Neuroscience Ireland Meeting 2021, Virtual, 2021, Poster, PRESENTED
Lorina Naci, Functional diversity of brain networks supports consciousness and intelligence., Oliver Zangwill Lecture., Cambridge UK, February, 2018, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge., Invited Talk, PRESENTED