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Dr. Charles Travis

Visiting Research Fellow (History)


Dr. Charles Travis was conferred a PhD in Geography from Trinity College Dublin in 2006. He is currently a Research Fellow with Trinity Center for Environmental Humanities in the School of Histories and Humanities and Associate Professor of Geography & GIS at the University of Texas, Arlington. He was awarded an MA in Geography & Planning (University of Toledo, 1999), an MA in Mass Communication (Bowling Green State University, 1991) and a BA in Psychology (University of Toledo, 1989). He was the recipient of a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Digital Humanities (TCD, 2008-2010) a Broad Curriculum Scholarship (TCD, 2005-2006) and an MA Tuitionship in Geography (Toledo, 1997-1998).
 NRT-HDR: Changing towards Overarching Convergence in Training, Apprenticeship and Workforce Development through Data-enabled Field Research in Native American Soils
 Twilight of the Cowboy God
 Covid-19 Working Group for Public Health and Social Sciences
 Faculty Fellowship on Sustainability in the Curriculum

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Details Date From Date To
Association of American Geographers 1997 Present
American Conference of Irish Studies 2012 Present
American Historical Association 2016 Present
Charles Travis, Environment as a Weapon: Histories, Geographies, Literature, Switzerland, Springer Nature, 2024, 230pp, Book, IN_PRESS
Maps and Epistemologies in, editor(s)John Corrigan and Andrew Gardner , Oxford Handbook of the Spatial Humanities, Oxford, 2024, [Charles Travis], Book Chapter, SUBMITTED
Powerful Geography through Historical Geography: A Case Study of Social Studies Teacher Preparation in, editor(s)Michael Solem, Richard G. Boehm and Joann Zadrozny , Powerful Geography: International Perspectives and Applications, Switzerland, Springer, 2024, [Charles Travis, Andrew Milson], Book Chapter, ACCEPTED
Charles Travis, Blood Meridian's Chronotopic Gates: Reading Cormac McCarthy through the Lens of a Literary-Historical GIS, 1st, London, Routledge, 2023, Book, ACCEPTED
Translating Topographies: The salience of Brian Friel's linguistic approach to landscape and toponymy regarding Ireland in, editor(s)Gerry O'Reilly , Place Naming, Identities and Geography: Critical Perspectives in a Globalizing and Standardizing World , Switzerland, Springer, 2023, pp30 , [Charles Travis ], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Environmental Hazards as Weapons: Histories, Geographies, Representations in, editor(s)Orlando De Pietro and Francesco De Pascale , Disaster Resilience and Human Settlements: Emerging Perspectives in the Anthropocene, Switzerland, Springer Nature, 2023, pp30 , [Charles Travis], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
Charles Travis, Translating Topographies: Brian Friel's approach to language, landscape, and toponymy in Ireland, American Association of Geographers, Denver, Colorado, March 2023, edited by Derek Alderman and Seth Kannarr , 2023, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Charles Travis, Deborah Dixon, Luke Bergmann, Robert Legg, Arlene Crampsie, Routledge Handbook of the Digital Environmental Humanities, 1st, London, Routledge, 2022, 586pp, Book, PUBLISHED  URL
New Machines in the Garden: The Digital Environmental Humanities in, editor(s)Charles Travis, Deborah Dixon, Luke Bergmann, Robert Legg, Arlene Crampsie , Routledge Handbook of the Digital Environmental Humanities, London, Routledge, 2022, pp25 , [Charles Travis], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
Cowboys, Cod, Climate and Conflict: Navigations in the Digital Environmental Humanities in, editor(s)Charles Travis, Deborah Dixon, Luke Bergmann, Robert Legg, Arlene Crampsie , Routledge Handbook of the Digital Environmental Humanities, , London, Routledge, 2022, pp30 , [Charles Travis, Poul Holm, Francis Ludlow, Conor Kostick, Rhonda McGovern, John Nicholls], Notes: [Concerns of the DEH include, firstly, how we come to know " with masses of information becoming increasingly available in diverse forms and platform " and secondly, how we work " in collaborative, "glocally" scaled endeavours that integrate physical and virtual environments which are changing techniques, workflows, and the ontology of research and teaching practices " and thirdly, how we understand " as cybernetic tools and methodologies provide radically new insights into and integrations of "old analogue," "new digital," and "natural archival" types of data. These concerns inform the three DEH case studies featured in this chapter. The first offers a geo-literary eco-digital geo-hermeneutic on 19th-century US expansion and environmental degradation in the American West; the second offers a "data canon" precis on the North Atlantic "Fish Revolution" between 1500 and 1800; and the third features computer-automated readings of ancient astronomical diaries to analyse ancient relations between climate and conflict in the Fertile Crescent kingdoms of Babylon and Assyria.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL

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Charles Travis, The Digital Literary Atlas of Ireland, 1922-1948, Literary Dublin in the Digital Archive Symposium, Royal Irish Academy, 13 October 2022, 2022, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Charles Travis, Big Tex: The Literary, Historical, Cultural & Natural Geographies of the Lone Star State., 2022 Virginia Garrett Lectures A Joint Meeting with International Map Collectors Society and Texas Map Society , University of Texas, Arlington, 6 October 2022, edited by Ben Huseman , 2022, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Charles Travis, A Critical History of Texas, Book Review: Unsettled Land: From Revolution to Republic, The Struggle for Texas -cinematic prose, 1826, 2022, -, Notes: [], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Charles Travis, Grid-Space Myths: The U.S. Census, 1850-1900, 52 Annual Conference of Irish Geographers, TCD-Virtual, 19 May 2021, 2021, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Charles Travis, 'Twilight of the Cowboy God: Larry McMurtry's Literary Geography', 2021, -, Notes: [], Digital research resource production, PUBLISHED
Charles Travis, Digital Humanities and GIS, First Year Seminar , University of Texas, Arlington, 1 October, 2019, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas Arlington, 1 - 8pp, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Master's Level Student Paper Award: Literature, Identity and Sense of Place in 1930s 'Free-State' Ireland, Association of American Geographers, Cultural Geography Specialty Group 2002
The digital and environmental humanities, the development of Humanities Geographical Information Systems (GIS) methodologies and applications, and the literary, historical, cultural and environmental geographies of early twentieth century Ireland.