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Dr. Cordula Scherer

Research Fellow (History)


Twitter Handle: @CordulaTCEH I'm the researcher in charge of the IRC funded project Food Smart Dublin. I investigate how the seafood consumption of Dublin people can be encouraged by reconnecting with our coastal cultural heritage through the discovery of historical seafood recipes that are cooked in an innovate way and adjusted to the modern taste. The health of the marine environment and human's relationship with it are central to my work as a trained applied marine ecologist and close to my heart. I joined Trinity College in Dec 2015 first in the Dept. of Zoology where I completed an EPA funded research project. Since May 2017 I am a member of the TCEH in the Dept. of History and its post-doc representative. During my first two years in this unique and inspiring environment I worked as the marine ecology expert on the ERC advanced grant project NorFish. I developed a great interest and appreciation for marine history and coastal cultural heritage during this time which inspired me to co-develop the idea that Food Smart Dublin was born out of. With my passion for the marine environment I encourage colleagues, friends and family to connect with our coasts by organising annual surveys since 2016. In 2017 I became a member of Eco-Unesco, Ireland's environment and youth organisation and since the beginning of 2018 I'm part of the Think Tank An Urgent Enquiry - Artists and Scientists community.
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