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Dr. Graham Cross

Associate Professor (Physics)

Associate Professor (CRANN)

Dr Graham Cross received his PhD degree in condensed matter physics from McGill University in Montréal, Canada in 2000, where he performed research in nanomechanics via scanned probe and field ion microscopy methods in ultra-high vacuum. From 1999 to 2001 he was FCAR postdoctoral fellow at IBM Research in Zürich, Switzerland. There he investigated polymer deformation and relaxation at the nanoscale and helped characterise the operational window of the atomic-force-microscopy-based data storage project Millipede. After a brief stay at the University of Zürich working on single atom field emission, he joined the nanomechanics group at the SFI Nanoscience Laboratory in Trinity College Dublin in 2002. At Trinity College Dublin, Dr. Cross has pursued a programme of understanding the rheological and tribological issues underlying massively parallel nanostructure fabrication by mechanical forming of soft condensed matter systems. His research interests include confined and large strain deformation behaviour of materials at the nanoscale, the production of nanodevices by mechanical forming, contact and transport at single asperities and structured interfaces, and point probe methods and instrumentation including nanoindentation and atomic force and field ion microscopy.

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External examiner, ICUF fellow, Queen Mary, Cambridge, McGill Jan 2017
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American Society for Precision Engineering Jan. 1, 2021 Dec. 31, 2021
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Aaron D. Sinnott, Adam Kelly, Cian Gabbett, Matthias Mobius, Jonathan Coleman, Graham L.W. Cross, Pressure Dependent Mechanical Properties of Thin Films under Uniaxial Strain via the Layer Compression Test, 2023, Notes: [This is a preprint pending peer review], Working Paper, IN_PRESS


Award Date
Winner Founders Category - 2021 Trinity Innovation Award Feb 22, 2022
Irish-Canadian University Foundation ICUF Flaherty Scholar July-August 2018 at UBC, Vancouver
Trinity College Dublin Fellowship 2013
Govt Quebec Postdoctoral Fellowship Award ($52,000) 2000-2001
Dr Cross's research interests include: multiscale mechanics - including tribology and plastic deformation at surfaces, interfaces and in confined volumes, production of shape and function in nanostructures, nanorheology of complex fluids and soft condensed matter systems including polymers, mechanics of transfer, placement, orientation, and sorting of nano-objects and the development of local and integrated nanoscale scanned probes and manipulators.