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Dr. Sinead Cristin Corr

Associate Professor (Microbiology)

Dr Sinéad Corr qualified with a BSc Microbiology in 2002 and in 2007 with a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from the Dept. of Microbiology and Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC), University College Cork (UCC). This was followed by postdoctorate work as part of a collaboration between GlaxoSmithKline and APC (2006-2008), and subsequently with Prof. Luke O'Neill's Inflammation Research Group, at the School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) (2008-2015). In 2015, Sinéad obtained an academic position in the Dept. of Microbiology, TCD, where she established the Microbiome & Mucosal Immunity research group. Dr Corr is also Faculty member and Funded Investigator with APC Microbiome Ireland, Cork.
     BACTERIAL INFECTION   BIOACTIVE PEPTIDES   EPITHELIAL PERMEABILITY   Functional Food   GUT BARRIER FUNCTION   IBD   Infection and immunity   INFLAMMATION   Intestinal Barrier Function   INTESTINAL EPITHELIAL-CELLS   INTESTINAL INFECTIONS   INTESTINAL INFLAMMATION   microbiome   MICROBIOTA   miRNA   Molecular basis to inflammation and innate immunity   MOUSE MODELS   Prebiotic   Probiotic
Details Date From Date To
Committee member of the Prokaryotic Division, Microbiology Society UK & Ireland 2020 Present
Member of Core Knowledge Creating Team (Life & Health: Food) CharmEU Initiative 2020 Present
Faculty, APC Microbiome Ireland, Cork 2017 Present
Scientific Advisor on the Animal Welfare Body, Trinity College Dublin 2015 Present
Microbiology Society UK & Ireland 2002 Present
Irish Society of Immunology 2008 Present
Irish Epithelial Physiology Group 2015 Present
Irish Society of Gastroenterology 2006 Present
Dublin Academy of Pathogenomics and Infection Biology 2015 Present
American Gastroenterological Association 2002 Present
Horneck Johnston, C.J.H. and Ledwith, A.E. and Lundahl, M.L.E. and Charles-Messance, H. and Hackett, E.E. and O'Shaughnessy, S.D. and Clegg, J. and Prendeville, H. and McGrath, J.P. and Walsh, A.M. and Case, S. and Austen Byrne, H. and Gautam, P. and Dempsey, E. and Corr, S.C. and Sheedy, F.J., Recognition of yeast β-glucan particles triggers immunometabolic signaling required for trained immunity, iScience, 27, (3), 2024, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O'Sullivan, M. and Dempsey, E. and Case, S. and Hackett, E.E. and Ledwith, A.E. and Prendeville, H. and O'Brien, T. and Lewis, F. and Murphy, D.M. and Yadav, S. and Wilson, J. and Corr, S.C. and Sheedy, F.J., Negative Regulation of Innate Immune Signaling by Components of the Button Mushroom Agaricus bisporus, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 67, (14), 2023, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Corr, S.C. and Aviello, G., Editorial: Advances in inflammatory bowel disease: Mucosal defense mechanisms against gut inflammation, Frontiers in Pharmacology, 14, (1147936), 2023, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Iyer N, Williams MA, O'Callaghan AA, Dempsey E, Cabrera-Rubio R, Raverdeau M, Crispie F, Cotter PD, Corr SC. , Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118" Dampens Inflammation and Promotes Microbiota Recovery to Provide Therapeutic Benefit in a DSS-Induced Colitis Model. Microorganisms. , Microorganisms, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Wang J, Dempsey E, Corr SC, Kukula-Koch W, Sasse A, Sheridan H., The Traditional Chinese Medicine Houttuynia cordata Thunb decoction alters intestinal barrier function via an EGFR dependent MAPK (ERK1/2) signalling pathway, Phytomedicine , 105, 2022, p154353-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Dempsey E, Corr SC. , Lactobacillus spp. for Gastrointestinal Health: Current and Future Perspectives, Frontiers in Immunology, 13, (840245), 2022, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
John R. Kelly, Gerard Clarke, Andrew Harkin, Sinead C. Corr, Stephen Galvin, Vishnu Pradeep, John F. Cryan, Veronica O'Keane, Timothy G. Dinan, Seeking the Psilocybiome: Psychedelics meet the microbiota-gut-brain axis, International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Iyer, N. and Williams, M.A. and O†Callaghan, A.A. and Dempsey, E. and Cabrera-Rubio, R. and Raverdeau, M. and Crispie, F. and Cotter, P.D. and Corr, S.C., Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118â"¢ Dampens Inflammation and Promotes Microbiota Recovery to Provide Therapeutic Benefit in a DSS-Induced Colitis Model, Microorganisms, 10, (7), 2022, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Stiegeler. S., Corr S.C., , miR-21 negatively impacts the mucus barrier, gut microbiome and subsequent inflammation, Microbiology Society UK, Focussed Meeting Microbiome and Mucosa-associated infectious disease: Mining for antimicrobial and postbiotics with therapeutic potential, Trinity College Dublin, 27-28 Oct , 2022, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Sheehan, K., Sheridan, H., Corr, S.C. , Characterising the Potential Therapeutic Effects of Indane Dimers against Chronic Gut Inflammation", Microbiology Society UK, Focussed Meeting Microbiome and Mucosa-associated infectious disease: Mining for antimicrobial and postbiotics with therapeutic potential, Trinity College Dublin, 27-28 Oct , 2022, Poster, PUBLISHED

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Sinead Corr, "Unravelling interactions between the gut microbiome & the immune system to decipher mechanisms of disease, APC Microbiome Ireland Research Symposium, University College Cork, 2020, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Corr, S.C., Novel regulators of barrier function, the gut microbiota and intestinal health, Microbes in Medicine, Microbiology Society, Trinity College Dublin, 24-25 Oct 2019, 2019, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Corr, S.C., Decoding the dialogue between the microbiota and gut immunity in health & disease, Irish College of Opthamologists, Annual Conference, Galway, 15-17 May 2019 , 2019, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Sinead Corr, The contribution of the microbiome to IBD susceptibility, AMNCH, Tallaght University Hospital, 2018, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Corr, S.C., Gut Microbiome-Immune system crosstalk in health & disease, PharmTox Society Public Symposium Microbiome-Management and Manipulation, University College Dublin, 2018, 2018, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Corr, S.C., Ireland at the cutting edge of gut health research, "Beneficial Bacteria: Positioning Ireland as a centre for excellence and innovation in gut health nutrition", Public Forum hosted by Purefiber Ltd, Science Gallery, Dublin, 2018, 2018, Invited Talk, PRESENTED


Using in vitro and in vivo based models and analysis of clinical samples combined with Next-Generation Sequencing my research explores specific hypotheses about the host-microbiome relationship, assessing the impact of the gut microbiome on health and deciphering the mechanisms underlying disease associations. Of interest, gastroenteritis, including bacterial infectious diseases, are a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, while inflammatory bowel diseases affect over 2 million people in Europe. Our research has a key focus on IBD and we target Microbiome, Metabolome, cytokine and microRNA networks to understand how healthy immune responses are maintained at the intestinal mucosal barrier and what processes over-ride this during disease or infection. This research has a strong translational focus maintained by active collaboration with clinician colleagues and industrial biopharma partners, with the aim of identifying therapeutic strategies including novel dietary interventions, postbiotics and naturally-sourced bio-actives to manipulate intestinal immunity and enhance the beneficial aspects of the gut microbiome, with the ultimate goal of boosting health. Core Research Strands: Regulation of the intestinal epithelial barrier & immunity: Implications for infectious disease and inflammation Novel regulators of innate immunity and the Microbiome: MicroRNAs Exploring the functional attributes of the microbiome (including pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria) and its metabolites Pathogenesis of bacterial infection and identification of novel antimicrobials Therapeutic Manipulation of the Microbiome, Intestinal Immunity and Health: Dietary Interventions and functional foods; microbiome-based strategies including probiotics and postbiotic; Naturally-sourced bio-actives; novel antimicrobials;