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Dr. Brett Duane

Associate Professor in Public Dental Hea (Dental Science)


Brett Duane is as an Associate Professor in Public Health, known internationally for being the leader in sustainable dentistry (in terms of publications, speaking events and influence) and increasingly in sustainable healthcare. With a PhD from Turku University and extensive experience across Australia, Scotland, and Ireland, Duane has emerged as a foremost authority in his field. His research and educational collaborations span continents, encompassing partnerships with individuals/organisations from Colombia, Chile, Canada, Australia, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. As the third most prolific academic internationally in Life Cycle Assessments in Healthcare, his pioneering research has reshaped policy and practice, from pioneering carbon footprint mapping to leading a groundbreaking €6 million EU grant initiative aimed at revolutionizing kidney care. In addition to his groundbreaking research, Duane's impact as an educator pushes traditional boundaries. He established Ireland's first Dental Public Health specialist program and introduced the country's inaugural certificate in sustainable healthcare through the Dublin Dental University Hospital. Internationally, he influences dental sustainability education through active involvement with the Irish Dental Association, Australian Dental Association and the British Dental Association, alongside delivering keynote addresses at approximately 30 international conferences on sustainable dentistry and healthcare. Within the dental hospital, Duane has championed curriculum design, initiating a comprehensive school curriculum review in 2016. Working closely with postgraduate students, he conducted critical evaluations of the oral medicine department, the oral cancer network, and the electronic referral systems across Western Europe, ensuring the Dublin Dental University Hospital remains at the forefront of innovation in dental education and healthcare practices. Duane's steadfast commitment to sustainability and his exceptional teaching abilities epitomize his unwavering dedication to advancing both the dental profession and global healthcare standards.
  Carbon footprinting   Dental education   Dentistry   life cycle assessment   SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT
 Sustainable health technology regulation: Mobilizing regulation to improve the environmental performance of health technologies
 Sustainability in Dentistry

Details Date
Membership of the Expert Body on Fluorides and Health 2017
Member Dental Council Working group "Managing Medical Emergencies with the dental setting" 2017-2018
Member working group: Scottish Dental Clinical Effetiveness Programme Prevention and Management of Dental Caries in Children 2006-2018
Centre for Sustainable Health Care 2015
National Dental Sustainability Advisory Group 2015
Consultant Australian Dental Association 2021
Malmo University; Worked with the University to promote sustainable healthcare 2019
Universidad de Javeriana: Worked with the University to promote sustainable healthcare 2019
British Dental Industry Association: Discussed with the BDIA how manufacturers could influence their production process 2019
Consultant British Dental Association: Provided advice on how the BDA could support the development of sustainable dentistry 2019
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
Dutch Fluent Fluent Fluent
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Spanish Medium Basic Medium
Details Date From Date To
British Dental Association 2014 2018
British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry BASCD 2017 2018
Australian Dental Association Sustainability Advisory Group 01/01/2021 01/12/2021
National Dental Sustainability Advisory Group 01/01/2015 2021
Yates C, Duane B, Maternal xylitol and mutans streptococci transmission., Evidence-based dentistry, 16, (2), 2015, p41-2 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Binks C, Duane B, Mother-to-child transmission of Streptococcus mutans., Evidence-based dentistry, 16, (2), 2015, p39-40 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Duane B, Xylitol and caries prevention., Evidence-based dentistry, 16, (2), 2015, p37-8 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Duane B, Further evidence that periodontal bone loss increases with smoking and age., Evidence-based dentistry, 15, (3), 2014, p72-3 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Thillainathan S, Duane B, Non-conventional caries management techniques for children show promise., Evidence-based dentistry, 15, (2), 2014, p43-4 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Duane B, Conservative periodontal surgery for treatment of intrabony defects is associated with improvements in clinical parameters., Evidence-based dentistry, 13, (4), 2012, p115-6 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Duane B, 5,000 ppm F dentifrice for caries prevention in adolescents., Evidence-based dentistry, 13, (2), 2012, p43-4 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Duane B, Home visits or telephone contacts may help prevent early childhood caries., Evidence-based dentistry, 13, (2), 2012, p39-40 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Duane B, Xylitol gum, plaque pH and mutans streptococci., Evidence-based dentistry, 11, (4), 2010, p109-10 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Duane B, Limited evidence of the effect of chlorhexidine varnish (CHX-V) on root caries., Evidence-based dentistry, 12, (2), 2011, p39-40 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Duane, Ingeborg, Stancliffe, Carbon Modelling with Dentistry, Public Health England, July, 2018, Notes: [This comprehensive report provided considerable information on the carbon impact of dental services.], Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
FDS Ad Hominem- Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh 01/05/2024 Pending
NSW Aboriginal Health Award. Projects. Tiddalick Takes on Teeth 2004
Certificate Contribution to Sustainable Healthcare, Trinity College Dublin 1/6/2023
International Leadership: As a leader in sustainable dentistry and sustainable healthcare, I have spearheaded pioneering initiatives and collaborations aimed at transforming the environmental footprint of healthcare practices on a global scale. Through projects like sustainable dentistry and more recently KitNewCare (I am the lead of a 6 million euro Horizon grant) I am driving systemic sustainability change in sustainable healthcare particularly in dentistry but now in kidney healthcare, with a vision to influence broader medical fields towards a greener future. Additionally, I am the third most prolific academic writer in the healthcare life cycle assessment academic publication area. My involvement in international workshops such as the EQUATOR EcoHealth: Health Care LCA Guidelines Workshop reflects my commitment to standardizing guidelines and advancing sustainable practices worldwide. Collaboration: My research interests thrive on collaboration, as seen in my partnerships with esteemed institutions and organizations such as Kitnewcare (Horizon grant 2024) and Toronto University (successful grant 2021). From leading the KitNewCare project to collaborating with University College London and the University of Glasgow on two large UKRI grant submissions (decision expected November 2024) and an additional Horizon grant application (due November 2024), I am actively fostering partnerships to advance sustainable healthcare initiatives. Furthermore, my involvement in curriculum development with organizations like the Australian Dental Association, Irish dental association. and the British Dental Assocation showcases my dedication to integrating sustainability principles into education and practice. Research Outputs (Citations): The citations of my work (H index 22) serve as a testament to the impact of my research in sustainable healthcare and dentistry. My investigations into the carbon footprint of dental services and carbon modelling within dentistry and healthcare can be seen in my Sage policy impact, have been referenced by institutions globally, influencing policy formulation and healthcare practices. Citations from organizations like the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and the World Health Organization underscore the global relevance of my research in shaping policies for environmental sustainability in healthcare. Impact: My research has had a significant impact, reflected in various metrics such as Research Interest Score, reads (88000), citations (1955) The increasing interest and engagement in my work demonstrate its significance and influence within the field of sustainable healthcare. Moreover, comparative statistics e.g. on research gate highlight that my research is highly regarded among peers, indicating its relevance and contribution to advancing knowledge and practices in sustainable healthcare