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Professor Louis Brennan

Professor in Business Studies (Trinity Business School)

An award winning international researcher and inspirational teacher, Dr Louis Brennan has made a unique and enduring contribution to the fields of Operations and International Business. He is especially recognised for his exceptional international research leadership in the area of emerging economy multinationals and their outward investment. In recognition of his outstanding record of research publication, he received the Trinity Business School inaugural Research Excellence Award in 2016. Dr Brennan has been awarded over 1.6 million euro in research funding and has led research teams within Trinity College as well as at national, European and Global levels attracting the participation of some of the leading scholars in the world. He has published scores of articles in leading international journals including 40 in ABS ranked journals alone and six books with leading international publishers including the seminal work on the Business of Space which has been featured on prime-time coast-to-coast US TV. Dr Brennan is one of the leading scholars engaged in transdisciplinary research that involves integration across several disciplines beyond the business discipline with a unique record of high impact outputs. In addition to publishing in his core areas of expertise, he has published in the fields of Economics, Engineering, Geography, International Relations, Law and Political Science. He is a leader in curriculum design having developed and taught seven new courses at undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. Dr Brennan has supervised 13 PhD students and 10 Masters Research students to completion. Dr Brennan has delivered exceptional service to the College serving in leadership roles at School, Faculty and College levels including serving for many years as an elected member of University Council, as well as Director of the Institute for International Integration Studies and a number of School level Directorships. Dr Brennan has led a number of high level global initiatives related to the SKA project, Emerging Multinationals and the development of a global accreditation standard for programmes in Purchasing and Supply Management. He has organised and chaired dozens of international conferences and delivered invited keynote addresses at high level events around the world. He serves on the boards of a number of international journals and has acted as PhD extern examiner in Ireland, the UK, Italy and Spain. His passion is around mediating and shaping the future and he is a frequent contributor to the global discourse.
  Asia   FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT   Global Supply Networks   GLOBALIZATION   Hong Kong & Mainland China: economic development strategies   International Business   JAPAN   MANUFACTURING-INDUSTRIES   OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT   Strategic Management/ Strategy   TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT
Details Date
Proposer/Chair of COST Action IS0905, 26 nation research network on "Emergence of Southern Multinationals and their Impact on Europe". 2010-2014
Member of IFPSM China/Global Standard Advisory Group. 2011-present
Member of UNCTAD World Investment Network. 2010- present
Member of the Council of Institute of International Trade of Ireland. 2006-2009
Member of the Board of Transparency International Ireland. 2008-2014
Member of the Council of Association for Chinese Studies in Ireland. 2013- present
Member of the Executive Council of Asia Studies Ireland Association. 2008-present
National Co-ordinator International Manufacturing Strategy Survey. 1999-present
Member editorial board of International Journal of Technology Marketing. 2005-present
Book reviewer for several publishers including Oxford University Press, McGraw-Hill, Palgrave Macmillan, Prentice Hall and Routledge and reviewer for international journals. 1999-present
Chair of the Global Steering Committee on the non-Science Impacts of Large Scale Science Infrastructures. 2009-2010
Chair of the Workshop on the non-Science Impacts of Large Scale Science Infrastructures - the case of the Global SKA project. 2010
Member of the Council of the Irish Association of Contemporary European Studies 2014-present
Member of the editorial board of the Irish Journal of Management 2008-2009
Member of the editorial board of World Economy and International Relations 2016-present
Member of the editorial board of Social Sciences 2017- present
Reviewer for numerous leading scholarly journals 1999-present
Member of UK Manufacturing Professors Forum 2008-present
Acted as extern examiner (PhD, Masters and U/G) at national and leading international institutions including the University of Cambridge, Warwick University and Politechnico di Milano.
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Fluent Medium Medium
Irish Fluent Medium Medium
Details Date From Date To
Academy of International Business
European Operations Management Association
Production and Operations Management Society
Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors - registered member
Academy of Management
Decision Sciences Institute
American Institute of Industrial Engineers - Senior Member to 2002.
American Production and Inventory Control Society to 2002
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences to 2002
Managing Globalisation to National Advantage: The Case of Ireland in, editor(s)Amitendu Palit , Globalisation Impacts: Countries, Institutions and COVID19, Springer Nature, 2022, pp127 - 144, [Louis Brennan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Emerging Market (Southern) Corporations, D. Richardson, N. Castree, M. Goodchild, A. Kobayashi, W. Liu and R. Marston, The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology, 2nd, London, Wiley Blackwell, 2022, pp11 , [Padraig Carmody and Louis Brennan], Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, ACCEPTED
投资激励的整体分析 in, editor(s)Anna Teresa Tavares-Lyman, Feng Jun and Wu Suilong , 重新思考投资激励:趋势和政策选择, 中国上海, 上海人民出版社, 2021, pp159 - 177, [Louis Brennan and Frances Ruane], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Kadek A. Sawitri and Louis Brennan, The Investment Development Path Literature: A Review and Research Agenda, 48th Academy of International Business UK & Ireland Chapter Conference, Greenwich, London, April, 2021, edited by Spiros Batas , 2021, pp60 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Kadek Sawitri and Louis Brennan , Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in the Indonesian Manufacturing Sector, 47th EIBA Annual Conference, Madrid, December 2021, edited by Isabel Álvarez , 2021, pp54 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Farhad Ahmed and Louis Brennan, A review of methodological diversity within the domain of international entrepreneurship, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 19, (2), 2021, p256 - 299, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Louis Brennan and Alessandra Vecchi, The European Response to Chinese Outbound Foreign Direct Investment - Introducing a Dynamic Analytical Framework, Development and Change, 52, (5), 2021, p1066 - 1089, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Tanusree Jain and Louis Brennan, What Space Missions Can Teach Us About Remote Work, Sloan Management Review, (November), 2021, p5 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Breinbauer, Andreas, Brennan, Louis, Jager, Johannes, Nachbagauer, Andreas. and Andreas Nolke, Emerging Market Multinationals and Europe: Challenges and Strategies, Springer, 2020, 279pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Leveraging Business Model Innovation in the International Space Industry in, editor(s)Mehdi Khosrow-Pou , Disruptive Technology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications , Hershey PA, IGI Global, 2020, pp625 - 643, [Louis Brennan and Alessandra Vecchi], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED

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Industrial policy, B. Joyce, Encyclopaedia of Ireland, Gill and Macmillan, 2003, pp517 - 517, [Frances Ruane], Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, PUBLISHED
Louis Brennan, P. Coughlan and D. Coghlan, Researchers Transcending Boundaries: Developing Researcher Networks through Action Learning, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Denver, 2-Aug, 2002, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Louis Brennan, P. Coughlan et al, Collaboration and Improvement in the Extended Manufacturing Enterprise, Production and Operations Management Society Annual Conference, San Francisco, 2-Apr, 2002, Notes: [Abstract published], Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Louis Brennan and G. MacKechnie, A Contingency Theory of Global Supply Chain Management, Production and Operations Management Society Annual Conference, Orlando, March/April 2001, 2001, Notes: [Abstract published], Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Louis Brennan, Artificial Intelligence-Based Scheduling for Dual-Resource Constrained Assembly Systems, EUOR/INFORMS Barcelona Conference, Barcelona, Jul-97, 1997, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Grimson, J. et al., Quality manual, EU Telematics Applications for Health programme, HC1046, 1996, Report, PUBLISHED
Louis Brennan and S. M. Gupta, Research and Development in the Area of Disassembly Scheduling, TIMS XXXII Conference, Alaska, Jun-94, 1994, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Louis Brennan, Impact of Producer/Customer Integration on the Performance of Multi-Stage Production Systems, TIMS/ORSA Joint National Meeting , Boston, April 1994, 1994, Notes: [Abstract Published], Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Louis Brennan and S. M. Gupta, Production System Performance in an Interactive Customer Environment, Production and Operations Management Society Conference, Boston, October 1993, 1993, Notes: [Abstract Published], Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Louis Brennan, Information Technology and the Materials Management Process, 1992 EURO XII/TIMS XXXI Conference, Helsinki, June/July 1992, 1992, Notes: [Abstract Published], Conference Paper, PRESENTED


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MAjo University of Dublin 2010