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Professor Brian Broderick

Professor (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

  1,3-BUTADIENE   AIR QUALITY MONITORING   AIR-POLLUTANTS   AIR-QUALITY   ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION   BEHAVIOUR FACTORS   BOLTED T-STUBS   CAPACITY   Civil Engineering   Civil Engineering, Pavements and Structures   COMPOSITE BEAMS AND COLUMNS   CONNECTIONS   DESIGN METHODS & AIDS   EARTHQUAKE   EARTHQUAKE ACCELEROGRAMS   Earthquake engineering   Earthquake resistant structures   Environmental aspects of transportation   Environmental engineering   Environmental Impacts, Interactions   EUROCODE 8   Fatigue of materials   Fuels alternative fuels in transport   GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (GIS)   Integrated Environmental Assessment   KERBSIDE POLLUTANT CONCENTRATIONS   MODEL   MOTOR VEHICLE EMISSIONS   Renewable energies   ROTATION DUCTILITY   SEISMIC ENGINEERING   SPECTRA   Steel Structures   Structural Analysis   Structural Design   Structural Dynamics   Structural Engineering   Structures   TRANSIENT ANALYSIS   TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT   TRANSPORT PLANNING   Transportation Engineering (Environmental Imp   TRANSPORTATION MODEL   ULTIMATE BEHAVIOR   URBAN AIR QUALITY MODELLING   Vibration and Accoustic Engineering
 Environment and Climate Change
 Environment-Transport Interface
 Global Environmental Modelling
 Activity-Location Model for Personal Exposure to Air Pollution
 Regional air quality and forecast modelling

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Details Date
CEN Sub-Committee TC250/SC8 - Eurocode 8: Design provisions for structures in seismic regions 1995
Irish National Technical Contact for Eurocode 8 1995
National Eurocodes Advisory Committee (NEAC), National Standards Authority of Ireland 1995
Member and external member BSI Committee BS525/8: Eurocode 8 1992
External expert to An Bord Pleanala for four MSW incineration plants (Poolbeg, Dublin; Carrenstown, Co. Meath; N7 Co Kildare and Ringaskiddy Co Cork) 2008
Member of journal Editorial Board: Advances in Civil Engineering 2019
Member of journal Editorial Board: Structures 2016
Scientific Journal Reviewer (including Atmospheric Environment, Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Engineering Structures, Journal of Structural Engineering, Journal of Constructional Engineering Research, Structures, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Transportation Research Part D) 1994
UK Research Councils: Member of selection interview panel for the EPSRC Engineering Grand Challenges research call 2015
UK Research Councils - Reviewer of EPSRC Research Proposals (Centres for Doctoral Training; Individual Research Grants) 2016
Member of the Evaluation Panel: Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund (Proof of Concept) Research Programme 2004
Unitech International: Board Member and Vice-President Academic Partners 2013
CLUSTER - Consortium Linking European Universities of Science and Technology: Member of Steering Committee 2010
Institution of Structural Engineers, Republic of Ireland Branch Committee 1994
Engineers Ireland Accreditation Panel: University College Dublin, Civil Engineering Programmes (Bachelors and Masters) 2014
University of Nottingham: Departmental Review Panel, Civil Engineering 2017
University College Cork: University Programme Approval Panel ME in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering 2019
PhD External Examiner: Imperial College London, City University London, Jadavpur University, India; University of Parma, Italy; University College Dublin; NUI Galway. 2003
Imperial College London: External Examiner, MSc in Earthquake Engineering & MSc Structural Steel Design 2013
City University London: External Examiner, MSc Civil Engineering Structures 2014
UG External Examiner Sligo IT, Civil Engineering Programmes 2009
The Railway Inspectorate: Structural assessment of Cahir Railway Viaduct for 2003
UK Department of the Environment: Evaluation of the implications of the structural Eurocodes for the UK - Eurocode 8 1995
The Coca Cola Company: Floor vibration at Ballina Beverages 2000
The Heathrow Express: Fatigue life assessment of tunnel lining components 1998
Irish Environmental Researchers Association, Committee Member 2012
COST-319: Improving buildings structural quality by new technologies; Management Committee 1998
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
French Medium Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
Member of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland
Institution of Structural Engineers
International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering
Hollie Moore, Brian Broderick and Breiffni Fitzgerald, Experimental and computational evaluation of modal identification techniques for structural damping estimation, International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Breiffni Fitzgerald, Mitigation of Wind Induced Accelerations in Tall Modular Buildings , Structures, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Carthy, P., O'Domhnaill, A., O'Mahony. M., Broderick, B.M., Hennessy, M., Donnelly, A., Naughton, O. and Lyons, S, Local NO2 concentrations and asthma among over-50s in Ireland: a microdata analysis, International Journal of Epidemiology , 49, (6), 2020, p1899 - 1908, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
McCrum, D.P. and Simon, J. and Grimes, M. and Broderick, B.M. and Wrzesien, A. and Lim, J.B.P., Hybrid seismic testing of cold-formed steel moment-resisting frames, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Structures and Buildings, 173, (2), 2020, p88-98 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Brian Broderick, John Hickey and Terence Ryan, A model updating algorithm for hybrid simulation leading to improved OpenSEES modelling accuracy for CBF structures, OpenSEES Days Eurasia 2019 , Hong Kong, 20-21 June 2019, edited by A. Usmani, G. Monti and M. A. Orabi , 2019, pp61 - 68, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
John Hickey and Brian Broderick, Methods for predicting peak inelastic drift and acceleration response of concentrically braced frame structures, OpenSEES Days Eurasia 2019, Hong Kong, 20-21 June 2019, edited by A. Usmani, G. Monti and M. A. Orabi , 2019, pp222 - 229, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
O'Mahony, M., Broderick, B., Hennessy, M. & Gallagher, J., Awareness of health impacts of NO2 and, potential responses to diesel vehicle bans and proposals to cease their production, Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C., Jan, 2019, pp12 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Salawdeh, S. and Ryan, T. and Broderick, B.M. and Goggins, J., DDBD assessment of steel CBFs using full scale shake table tests with realistic connections, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 154, 2019, p14-26 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
McCrum, D.P. and Simon, J. and Grimes, M. and Broderick, B.M. and Lim, J.B.P. and Wrzesien, A.M., Experimental cyclic performance of cold-formed steel bolted moment resisting frames, Engineering Structures, 181, 2019, p1-14 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hickey, J. and Broderick, B., Influence of mean period of ground motion on inelastic drift demands in CBFs designed to Eurocode 8, Engineering Structures, 182, 2019, p172-184 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Philip Carthy, Aonghus Ó Domhnaill, O'Mahony Margaret, Anne Nolan, Frank Moriarty, Brian Broderick, Martina Hennessy, Aoife Donnelly, Owen Naughton and Seán Lyons, Local air pollution and asthma among over-50s in Ireland, ESRI Research Bulletin , (RB202008), 2020, p3 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
R Ganguly, U Budd, BM Broderick and BDR Misstear, Applicability of a screening model at motorway and roundabout sites in Ireland, 9th World Congress on Environmental Health, Dublin, 18-23 June 2006, 2006, pp1 - 15, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
A.W. Reynolds and B.M. Broderick, Evaluating the impact of transport policies on the Dublin urban environment, Alumnus, 1999, p66 - 82, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


Award Date
1st Place in Graduating Class, Civil Engineering, University College Dublin 1989
National University of Ireland Bursary in Civil Engineering 1989
Unwin Prize in Engineering, Imperial College London 1994
Oscar Faber Medal, The Institution of Structural Engineers, London 1995
Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin 2006
Trinity Global Engagement Award, TCD 2020
My research field is centred on hybrid mathematical-information modelling of the interaction between engineered and natural systems. My research has made a unique and substantive contribution to the development of this field and has had a high impact on policies and practices supporting societal protection, sustainable development, and economic efficiency. The pathway for these contributions has been through the development of modelling tools that support engineering innovation. For example, I have developed advanced air quality forecasting models to protect human health, promoted renewable energy by creating methods for the simulation of the dynamic response of wind turbines, and extended urban resilience by improving the efficiency of earthquake-resistant building structures. My approach is more generalist than specialist, and I have sought to shape my field by exchanging ideas and methods between conventional research fields. Hence the application of my research has spanned from atmospheric science to solid mechanics, and the research methods I employ include computational modelling and simulation, and experimental investigation and characterisation. This wide methodology has allowed me to transform conventional approaches to globally important activities by integrating information about real world processes with mathematical models based on physical theory. For example, the true mechanical behaviour of building structures during earthquakes is extremely complex and successful performance is highly sensitive to parametric variations. I have led a multi-annual, multi-partner research programme that has achieved enduring practice-related impacts by (i) experimentally investigating the true seismic response behaviour of braced steel frames, (ii) embedding this behaviour in computational response simulation models, and (iii) using these to widen the range of structural properties known to guarantee satisfactory response. Urban communities worldwide are exposed to poor air quality that impacts on population health. The study of this field has conventionally employed: (i) scientific measurement of ambient air pollutant concentrations, (ii) mathematical modelling of the transport and dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere, and (iii) emissions reduction policies and technologies. My research contribution to this topic has been in integrating all three of these approaches to create modelling tools that can identify the optimum mitigation strategies to minimise individual and population exposure. I have a sustained track-record of research achievement, having been awarded major research grants from several national (e.g. IRC, EPA) and international programmes (e.g. H2020) and maintained research teams (PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and PIs) of significant and critical mass over two decades. My research leadership has attracted excellent academics and postgraduate students to join me in creative and innovative research that aims to develop alternative methods for challenging engineering design and analysis activities. I have published widely in fora that are appropriate for both scientific and professional engineering communities.