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Professor Brian Broderick

Professor (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

  1,3-BUTADIENE   AIR QUALITY MONITORING   AIR-POLLUTANTS   AIR-QUALITY   ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION   BEHAVIOUR FACTORS   BOLTED T-STUBS   CAPACITY   Civil Engineering   Civil Engineering, Pavements and Structures   COMPOSITE BEAMS AND COLUMNS   CONNECTIONS   DESIGN METHODS & AIDS   EARTHQUAKE   EARTHQUAKE ACCELEROGRAMS   Earthquake engineering   Earthquake resistant structures   Environmental aspects of transportation   Environmental engineering   Environmental Impacts, Interactions   EUROCODE 8   Fatigue of materials   Fuels alternative fuels in transport   GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (GIS)   Integrated Environmental Assessment   KERBSIDE POLLUTANT CONCENTRATIONS   MODEL   MOTOR VEHICLE EMISSIONS   Renewable energies   ROTATION DUCTILITY   SEISMIC ENGINEERING   SPECTRA   Steel Structures   Structural Analysis   Structural Design   Structural Dynamics   Structural Engineering   Structures   TRANSIENT ANALYSIS   TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT   TRANSPORT PLANNING   Transportation Engineering (Environmental Imp   TRANSPORTATION MODEL   ULTIMATE BEHAVIOR   URBAN AIR QUALITY MODELLING   Vibration and Accoustic Engineering
 Environment and Climate Change
 Environment-Transport Interface
 Global Environmental Modelling
 Activity-Location Model for Personal Exposure to Air Pollution
 Regional air quality and forecast modelling

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French Medium Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
Member of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland 1994
Institution of Structural Engineers
International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering
McCrum, D.P. and Simon, J. and Grimes, M. and Broderick, B.M. and Wrzesien, A. and Lim, J.B.P., Hybrid seismic testing of cold-formed steel moment-resisting frames, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Structures and Buildings, 173, (2), 2020, p88-98 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Salawdeh, S. and Ryan, T. and Broderick, B.M. and Goggins, J., DDBD assessment of steel CBFs using full scale shake table tests with realistic connections, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 154, 2019, p14-26 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
McCrum, D.P. and Simon, J. and Grimes, M. and Broderick, B.M. and Lim, J.B.P. and Wrzesien, A.M., Experimental cyclic performance of cold-formed steel bolted moment resisting frames, Engineering Structures, 181, 2019, p1-14 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hickey, J. and Broderick, B., Influence of mean period of ground motion on inelastic drift demands in CBFs designed to Eurocode 8, Engineering Structures, 182, 2019, p172-184 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hickey, J. and Broderick, B., Loss impact factors for lifetime seismic loss assessment of steel concentrically braced frames designed to EC8, Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance, 4, (3), 2019, p110-122 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Colm Byrne, Kathleen Bennett, Anne Hickey, Paul Kavanagh, Brian Broderick, Margaret O'Mahony, David Williams, Acute Incidence of Disease at Elevated Levels of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in Dublin, Ireland, Age and Ageing, 48, (Supplment 3), 2019, piii17-iii65 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Naughton O., Donnelly A., Nolan P., Pilla F., Misstear B.D.R. and Broderick B., A land use regression model for explaining spatial variation in air pollution levels using a wind sector based approach, Science of the Total Environment, 630, 2018, p1324 - 1334, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hassan, M.S. and Salawdeh, S. and Hunt, A. and Broderick, B.M. and Goggins, J., A study on detailing gusset plate and bracing members in concentrically braced frame structures, Advances in Computational Design, 3, (3), 2018, p233-267 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Goggins, J. and Broderick, B.M. and Elghazouli, A.Y. and Salawdeh, S. and Hunt, A. and Mongabure, P. and English, J., Shake Table Testing of Concentrically Braced Steel Structures With Realistic Connection Details Subjected to Earthquakes, Structures, 13, 2018, p102-118 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Ryan T., Broderick B.M., Hunt A., Goggins, J. and Salawdeh S., Recommendations for numerical modelling of concentrically braced steel frames with gusset plate connections subjected to earthquake ground motion, Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance, 2, (3), 2017, p168 - 180, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Reynolds, AW and Broderick BM, On-road motor vehicle emission inventory model, Proceedings of the International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment for the 21st Century , 1998, 1998, pp387 - 396, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Oscar Faber Medal, The Institution of Structural Engineers, London 1995
Unwin Prize in Engineering, Imperial College London 1994
National University of Ireland Bursary in Civil Engineering 1989
. Interactions between the engineered and natural environments . Earthquake engineering, especially the testing and design of earthquake resistant steel and composite structures. . Air quality, especially methods of assessing the impact of road traffic . Urban resilience, especially the impact of environmental conditions on infrastructure and buildings.