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Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha

Associate Professor (Trinity Business School)

Ashish Kumar Jha is an Associate Professor in the field of Business Analytics at Trinity Business School. He is the founding director of M.Sc. Business Analytics (Ranked 1st in Ireland and 24th Globally). He is a co-director of Trinity Centre for Digital Business and Analytics. He is a funded Investigator at SFI Research Centre ADAPT. He is a member of EU Cost Action on Fintech and AI. Ashish holds a PhD in Information Systems and his research revolves around the areas of fake news and social media analysis. Ashish uses statistical and analytical techniques to understand how firms and consumers interact on social platforms and its effects for both firms and their consumers. Ashish teaches courses at all levels from undergrad (Quantitative methods), (Social media Analysis, Data Visualization), MBA (Leading with Big Data) to PhD (Theories on IS Research). He has also conducted executive training sessions in field of digital transformation and data visualization. He was a member of numerous administrative and research committees throughout his career including recruitment committee, doctoral committee, and scientific committee at Rennes School of Business and Doctoral Committee at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research Ashish has lived and worked in multiple countries. He joined Trinity Business School in 2019. He was, earlier employed at Rennes School of Business in France wand in India (S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai). He received his PhD from Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta in India in field of Management Information Systems. Ashish holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Ashish is an internationally recognized researcher in the field of Information Systems Research. He is a distinguished member of Association of Information Systems and is a committee member for AIS early career awards. His work utilizes both secondary data based statistical analysis as well as controlled experiments. His papers have been published in many top journals of the field including Journal of MIS (listed in FT list of preferred journals), Information and Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Communications of AIS among others. He has also presented his work at numerous top conferences of field including International Conference on Information Systems, European Conference on Information Systems, Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting, Informs Annual Meeting among others. Ashish serves as an Associate Editor for Information & Management and Information Systems Frontiers and also serves as ad-hoc reviewer and associate editor for various conferences and journals including International Conference on Information Systems, European Conference on Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Expert System with Applications, Decision Sciences, International Journal of Production Economics etc. Ashish has been a part of research groups working on robotic process automation in IT services industry and jointly holds multiple patents in the field of IT services management and optimization. He has also worked closely with businesses and advised them as well as written teaching cases on firms like Microsoft, Bosch, Wipro etc.
  Business Analytics   Digital Platform   Digital Transformation   Information technology, e-commerce   Online product reviews   sentiment analysis   Social Media   text analytics   User generated Content
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Details Date From Date To
Association of Information Systems 2013
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 2008
Decision Sciences Institute
EurOMA- European Operations Management Association 2019
Jha, A. K., & Verma, N. K., Social Media Platforms and User Engagement: A Multi-Platform Study on One-way Firm Sustainability Communication., Information Systems Frontiers, 26, (1), 2024, p177 - 194, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Verma, N. K., Jha, A. K., Bose, I., & Ngai, E. W., A Market Value Analysis of Buyer"Supplier Relationship Building Awards., IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 71, 2024, p4848 - 4861, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Jha, Ashish Kumar and Nishant, Rohit, Judging a Book by its Cover: Understanding the Phenomenon of Fake News Propagation from an Evolutionary Psychology Perspective, Journal of the Association of Information Systems, 2024, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Wan, X., Jha, A. K., Kazantsev, N., & Boh, W. F., Online-to-Offline Platforms: Examining the Effects of Demand-Side Usage on Supply-Side Decisions., Information & Management, 60, (2), 2023, p103757. , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Adhikari, A., Kundu, T., & Jha, A. K., Collaboration Strategies for Private COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain Under Demand Uncertainty: An Indian Perspective, Global Business Review, 2023, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
R Srinivasan, AK Jha, NK Verma, To talk or not?: An analysis of firm"initiated social media communication's impact on firm value preservation during a massive disruption across multiple firms and industries, Decision Sciences, 54, (4), 2023, p410 - 434, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Measuring and managing digital supply chain performance in, editor(s)Bart L. MacCarthy and Dmitry Ivanov , The Digital Supply Chain, 2022, [Ashish Kumar Jha, Nishant Kumar Verma, Indranil Bose], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Eachempati, P., Muzellec, L., & Jha, A., An Investigation of the Relationship Between Privacy Crisis, Public Discourse on Privacy, and Key Performance Indicators at Facebook (2004-2021), Personal Data Protection and Privacy Law, London, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Eachempati, P., Muzellec, L., & Jha, A. , An Investigation of the Relationship Between Privacy Crisis, Public Discourse on Privacy, and Key Performance Indicators at Facebook (2004-2021). , Central and Eastern European e|Dem and e|Gov Days 2022, 2022, Conference Paper, ACCEPTED  TARA - Full Text
Eachempati, P., Muzellec, L., & Jha, A., The Relationship Between data privacy discourses and company performance at Facebook (2004-2021). , ADAPT Scientific Conference. , Dublin, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text

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Snehal Shah and Ashish Kumar Jha, Team of rivals: Co-opetition as a Framework for Technology Startups, Asian Management Insights, 4, (2), 2017, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Jha, Ashish Kumar, Jain, Varun., Chowdhry, Vridhi., and Bose., Indranil, Transforming the Traditional Indian Retailer, Asian Management Insights, 2016, p3 - 2, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Bose, Indranil., Saranga, Haritha., Santhanam, Ravi., Lahiri, Saikat., Jha, Ashish Kumar, Bosch: platform based product Innovation, 2014, Case Study, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Distinguished Member Association of Information Systems 2021
Satish K Sehgal Doctoral Student Award for excellence in scholarship and Organizational citizenship April 2016
Teaching Excellence Award 2023
Outstanding Reviewer Award 2022
Research Excellence Award 2019
Performance Excellence Award 2021
I am a researcher in the broad field of information systems and business analytics. I like to work on new challenges based on emerging technologies and its impact on businesses. My preferred mode of research is based on statistical analysis of quantitative data, but every now and then I do take up case study based projects. My primary areas of research interest are: . Social Media and Impact on Firms . Web Content Analysis and Consumer Insights . Technology innovation and Digital Transformation . Business Analytics . Big Data and Network Analytics