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Professor Trevor Spratt

AIB Professor in Childhood Research (Social Studies)


Director of Children's Research Centre (Children's Research Centre)

Having worked for some 10 years in social work practice with children and families my research interests are in this area. These include, decision making by professionals, how policy objectives are translated into professional practises, the development of child protection systems internationally, and the impact of early adversities in childhood as realised across the life-course. My first academic position was with the University of Ulster in 1997, moving thereafter to Queen's University Belfast in 2000. I took up the position as Director of the Children's Research Centre at TCD in 2014.
 Decision Making in Child Welfare
 The effectiveness of service provided by the Daughters of Charity

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Registered Social Worker with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council 2004 2014
Spratt, T., Swords, L. and Vilda, D., Outcomes for Families Referred to Family Centres: Using Validated Instruments to Chart Changes in Psychological Functioning, Relationships and Children's Coping Strategies over Time, British Journal of Social Work, 2020, p1-22 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Devaney, J., Frederick, J. and Spratt, T., Opening the Time Capsule of ACEs: Reflections of how we Conceptualise Children's Experience of Adversity and the Issue of Temporality, British Journal of Social Work, 2020, p1-17 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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1. Professional decision making. I have research experience in professional decision making with respect to children's protection and their welfare. Much of this has been concerned with national and comparative international investigations into knowledge and contextual determinants of decision making. 2. The translation of social policy into professional practices. I have undertaken research into patterns of practice in response to social policy initiatives pertaining to children and families. This work has been particularly concerned to investigate the relationship between official system output measures and child wellbeing indicators. 3. The life-course influences of multiple adversities experienced in childhood. This interdisciplinary research has been concerned with investigating associations between early childhood adversities and later health, economic and social outcomes in adulthood and drawing out implications for policy makers and practitioners concerned with evidence informed interventions.