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Dr. Nicholas Payne

Assistant Professor (Zoology)

 Shark Island; enhancing sustainable shark ecotourism in Ireland
 Cullen Scholarship: Ecology of Irish tunas
 Thermal scaling: rethinking how temperature drives macro-ecological patterns
 Thermal biology of Ireland's ocean giants

Details Date
Associate Editor of Functional Ecology (international ecology journal) 2019
Reviewer for journals, approximately 3-5 papers each year (e.g. Current Biology, Ecology Letters, Nature Communications) 2018
Reviewer of major international grant applications (e.g. US-NSF, UK-NERC) 2018
School representative as liason for E3 Digital Twin consultation process 2019
Since 2019 I have been external PhD examiner for 4 PhD thesis, internal examiner for 1 TCD PhD and one 1 TCD MSc thesis various since 2019
Details Date From Date To
Member of British Ecological Society
Arnoldi, Jean-Francois and Bortoluzzi, Jenny Rose and Rowland, Hugh and Harrod, Chris and Parnell, Andrew C and Payne, Nicholas and Donohue, Ian and Jackson, Andrew Lloyd, Identifying the limits where variation in consumer stable isotope values reflect variation in diet, bioRxiv, 2023, p2023--04 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Watanabe, Yuuki Y and Payne, Nicholas L, Thermal sensitivity of metabolic rate mirrors biogeographic differences between teleosts and elasmobranchs, Nature Communications, 14, (1), 2023, p2054 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Haley R. Dolton, Andrew L. Jackson, Robert Deaville, Jackie Hall , Graham Hall , Gavin McManus , Matthew W. Perkins , Rebecca A. Rolfe , Edward P. Snelling , Jonathan D. R. Houghton , David W. Sims Nicholas L. Payne, Regionally endothermic traits in planktivorous basking sharks Cetorhinus maximus, ENDANGERED SPECIES RESEARCH, 51, 2023, p227 - 232, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Iosilevskii, Gil and Kong, Jacinta and Meyer, Carl and Watanabe, Yuuki and Papastamatiou, Yannis and Roger, Mark and Nakamura, Itsumi and Sato, Katsufumi and Doyle, Tom and Harman, Luke and others, A general swimming response in exhausted obligate swimming fish, Royal Society Open Science, 9, (9), 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Andrew Lloyd Jackson, Haley R Dolton, Andrew L Jackson, Alan Drumm, Lucy Harding, Niall Ó Maoiléidigh, Hugo Maxwell, Ross O"Neill, Jonathan D R Houghton, Nicholas L Payne, Short-term behavioural responses of Atlantic bluefin tuna to catch-and-release fishing, Conservation Physiology, 10, (1), 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Andrew Lloyd Jackson, Lucy Harding, Austin Gallagher, Andrew Jackson, Jenny Bortoluzzi, Haley R Dolton, Brendan Shea, Luke Harman, David Edwards, Nicholas Payne, Capture heats up sharks, Conservation Physiology, 10, (1), 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Gallagher, Austin J and Brownscombe, Jacob W and Alsudairy, Nourah A and Casagrande, Andrew B and Fu, Chuancheng and Harding, Lucy and Harris, S David and Hammerschlag, Neil and Howe, Wells and Huertas, Antonio Delgado and others, Tiger sharks support the characterization of the world†s largest seagrass ecosystem, Nature communications, 13, (1), 2022, p6328 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Kong, Jacinta D and Arnoldi, Jean-Francois and Jackson, Andrew L and Bates, Amanda E and Morley, Simon A and Smith, James A and Payne, Nicholas L, Heating tolerance of ectotherms is explained by temperature's non-linear influence on biological rates, bioRxiv, 2022, p2022--12 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Udyawer, Vinay and Huveneers, Charlie and Jaine, Fabrice and Babcock, Russell C and Brodie, Stephanie and Buscot, Marie-Jeanne and Campbell, Hamish A and Harcourt, Robert G and Hoenner, Xavier and L{\'e, Scaling of activity space in marine organisms across latitudinal gradients, American Naturalist, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lucy Harding and Andrew Jackson and Adam Barnett and Ian Donohue and Lewis Halsey and Charles Huveneers and Carl Meyer and Yannis Papastamatiou and Jayson M. Semmens and Erin Spencer and Yuuki Watanabe and Nicholas Payne, Endothermy makes fishes faster but does not expand their thermal niche, Functional Ecology, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Award Date
University Medal (top 5% PhD theses), University of Adelaide 2011