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Professor Owen Conlan

Professor in (Computer Science)

I am a Professor in Computer Science in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Head of the Artificial Intelligence Discipline and Co-director of the Trinity Centre for Digital Humanities. I am an active member of the Artificial Intelligence discipline and of the Knowledge and Data Engineering (KDEG) research group, having previously acted as its director. In 2015, I was elected as a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, which represents the highest honour the university can bestow on its academic staff. I am a recognised thought leader in the field of personalisation (220+ publications; h-index of 30; ~3800 citations), promoting new creative approaches to personalisation, specifically the multi-model, metadata driven approach, the cross-site personalisation approach, the four-phase approach for explorative personalisation and approaches to support metacognition and self-regulation. I am also at the forefront of promoting comparative evaluation techniques in the personalisation research field. It is a mark of prestige that I was selected as the general chair of the leading international conference in the field, User Modelling, Adaptation and Personalisation (UMAP), in 2015. I was also general chair of Hypertext 2021 and will be general chair of ACMs Web Conference in 2027. I have secured approximately €10.8m in competitive research and industry funding as principal investigator and I have an extensive network of international multi-disciplinary collaborators through the European Commission projects I have coordinated and in which I performed scientific leadership roles. I am also one of seven founding PIs of ADAPT, a €50 million (co-funded by 25+ industry partners and Science Foundation Ireland) Global Centre of Excellence for Digital Content Technology, led from Trinity College Dublin. I lead a multi-disciplinary team of 10 researchers in the Personalising the User Experience theme of ADAPT. I am a passionate educator, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, with a strong record in developing innovative programmes and modules. I am very much student-centric and am engaged with all facets of developing students, from recruitment (e.g. visiting schools to promote Computer Science) through to supporting students to navigate College policies (e.g. facilitating appeals processes). The goal of my lab is to empower users in understanding and interacting with complex knowledge and media. I have a specific focus on user control over personalised AI-driven systems.
  Applied information systems   Artificial Intelligence   Cognitive science   Computer based training   Databases, database management, data mining   Distance Learning   Educational Psychology   E-Learning   Information management   Information Representations   Information Science/Systems   Information systems development   Information Technology   Information technology in education   Innovation in learning   Internet   Internet technologies   Knowledge Acquisition   Knowledge and data engineering   KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING   Knowledge Management   Knowledge Representation   LEARNING   Lifelong Learning   Neuroscience and Cognition   Virtual learning environments

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Details Date
EvalUMAP Organisation 2016
Jovan Jeromela, Dipto Barma , Hassan Zaal, Alok Debnath, Awais Akbar, Judy Kay, Owen Conlan, 1st Workshop on Context Representation in User Modelling, UMAP '23 Adjunct: Adjunct Proceedings of the 31st ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization, The 31st ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization, Limassol, Cyprus, 26-30 June, 2023, Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 2023, pp174 - 176, Notes: [A workshop summary], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Jovan Jeromela, Owen Conlan, Voicing Suggestions and Enabling Reflection: Results of an Expert Discussion on Proactive Assistants for Time Management, The 5th International Conference on Conversational User Interfaces, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, edited by Minha Lee, Cosmin Munteanu, Martin Porcheron, Johanne Trippas, Sarah Theres Völkel , Association for Computing MachineryNew YorkNYUnited States, 2023, pp1 - 6, Notes: [Poster paper], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Jeromela, Jovan and Conlan, Owen, Onboarding Stages and Scrutable Interaction: How Experts Envisioned Explainability in Proactive Time Management Assistants, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction, The Palgrave Handbook of Digital and Public Humanities, 2023, pp306--315 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Ryan, Leona and Coyne, Rory and Heary, Caroline and Birney, Susie and Crotty, Michael and Dunne, Rosie and Conlan, Owen and Walsh, Jane C, Weight stigma experienced by patients with obesity in healthcare settings: a qualitative evidence synthesis, Obesity Reviews, 24, (10), 2023, pe13606 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Healy, David and Carr, Emma and Conlan, Owen and Browne, Anne C and Walsh, Jane C, Exploring the content of the STAND-VR intervention: A qualitative interview study, PLOS Digital Health, 2, (3), 2023, pe0000210 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Ngo, Vuong M and Duong, Thuy-Van T and Nguyen, Tat-Bao-Thien and Dang, Cach N and Conlan, Owen, A big data smart agricultural system: recommending optimum fertilisers for crops, International Journal of Information Technology, 15, (1), 2023, p249--265 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Walsh, Sam and Fraser, Kieran and Conlan, Owen, Classification and impact of call-to-actions in push-notifications, International conference on advances in mobile computing and multimedia intelligence, The Palgrave Handbook of Digital and Public Humanities, 2022, pp3--17 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Conlan, Owen and Rodr{\i, Extracting and Understanding Call-to-actions of Push-Notifications, Natural Language Processing and Information Systems: 27th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB 2022, Valencia, Spain, June 15--17, 2022, Proceedings, Moving boundaries in translation studies, 13286, 2022, pp147 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Esteves, Beatriz and Fraser, Kieran and Kulkarni, Shridhar and Conlan, Owen and Rodr{\'\i, Extracting and understanding call-to-actions of push-notifications, International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, Moving boundaries in translation studies, 2022, pp147--159 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Conlan, Owen and Herder, Eelco, ACM Hypertext 2021: conference report, ACM SIGWEB Newsletter, 2022, (Winter), 2022, p1--5 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Neil Peirce, The Non-invasive Personalisation of Educational Video Games, Trinity College Dublin, 2013, Thesis, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Best Paper Award at the IEEE 7th Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference. 2016
Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. 2015
Awarded a US and UK patent for 'A Web Based System and Method for Cross Site Personalisation' January 2013
Annual All-Ireland Dissertation Award in ICT for Eleanor O'Neill (former PhD student), Royal Irish Academy 2011
European Award for Language Technology for innovative Game Based Language Learning. 2010
Best Paper award at the Second IEEE International Conference on Digital Games and Intelligent Toys Based Education (DIGITEL 2008). November 2008
Best Student Paper award at the Second ACM International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems (AH2002) May 2002
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