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Dr. Rachel Handley

Teaching Fellow (Philosophy)


I am a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin. I primarily teach metaethics and ethics from first year undergraduate level to postgraduate level. Previously I was a Visiting Lecturer in Philosophy at Code University, Berlin (2020), an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Liverpool (2020 - 2021), and a University Teacher at The University of Liverpool (2015 - 2020). I'm also a poet and an author. My debut collection of philosophical short stories, Possible Worlds and Other Stories, was published in 2022.
  ethics   Evolutionary Theory and Ethics   Metaethical Moral Neutrality   Metaethics   Moral Relativism   Quasi-Realism
Rachel Handley, Stevenson on Emotivism, Philosophers In Depth, Palgrave Macmillan, 2023, Book, APPROVED
Transformative Metaethics in, editor(s)Ed. G. Anthony Bruno and Justin Vlasits , Transformation and The History of Philosophy, Routledge, 2023, [Rachel Handley], Book Chapter, ACCEPTED

Rachel Handley, 'Possible Worlds and Other Stories', Durham, England, Ellipsis Imprints, 2022, -, Fiction and creative prose, PUBLISHED


Metaethics, moral psychology, moral epistemology, philosophy of disability, history of analytic philosophy, business ethics. For more information about my research please see my website.