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Professor Brendan Tangney

Professor (Computer Science)

Registrar (Registrar)

  Computer Education/Literacy   Computer-Aided Instruction   Computers & Education   Creative music education   Educational/Instructional Technology   E-Learning   Information technology in education   Innovation in learning   Technology & Learning
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Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Board for the Implementation of the National Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020 2017
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B. Holmes, T. Savage, B. Tangney, Comparative International Research on Best Practice and Innovation in Learning, Dublin, The Lifelong Learning Group, The Information Society Commission, 2000, Notes: [], Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Provost's Teaching Award 2003
FTCD 2006
Current research addresses the use of technology to mediate learning at different levels of abstraction. Over the years a number of graphical software educational tools, based on a social constructivist pedagogy, have been developed and evaluated in the areas such as mathematics, academic writing, music composition and animation. (Some of these have been based on adaptive technology and some on mobile devices.) This work on tools has lead on to an interest in the learning context in which such tools are used. A model for team based, collaborative, project based, technology mediated learning has been developed which encapsulates in a pragmatic fashion many of the attributes of 21st Century Learning. Since 2007, under the banner of Bridge2College or B2C, this model has been used in a social outreach programme with over 10,000 students. (The B2C program was the recipient of the 2009 Irish Learning Technology Association award for Innovation in Learning.) Current research ( is focusing on how the model can be used in mainstream classrooms to help bring about systemic change in the Irish secondary school education system so that the power of technology can be used to help unleash the potential of all students.