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Dr. Ciara O'Hagan

Assistant Professor (Hispanic Studies)

O'Hagan, Ciara, A Menippean Defense of Spain's American Conquest: Linguistic Imperialism in Juan Pablo Forner's 'Exequias de la lengua castellana', Revista Hispanica Moderna, 72, (2), 2020, p189-206-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
O'Hagan, Ciara, Rhapsodic Defence or Enlightened Critique? A Re-reading of Hernán Cortés's Conquest of Mexico in 'Carta IX' of Cadalso's Cartas marruecas, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 94, (1), 2017, p63 - 76, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
O'HAGAN, CIARA, 'Ocios de mi juventud', Review of 'Ocios de mi juventud', by Miguel Angel Lama , Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 91, (4), 2015, p619-620 , Review, PUBLISHED
O'Hagan, Ciara, 'Sanitizing Colonial Infection and Redefining Spanish Imperialism in Manuel Jose Quintana's 'Poesias patrioticas' , Dieciocho, 37, (2), 2014, p249 - 279, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Rewriting Spanish Epic Poetry in the Enlightenment Period: Two Competing Interpretations of 'Las naves de Cortes destruidas' in, editor(s)Ann L. Mackenzie, Jeremy Robbins , Hesitancy and Experimentation in Enlightenment Spain and Spanish America, Abingdon & New York, 2011, pp83 - 105, [O'Hagan, Ciara], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
O'Hagan, Ciara, 'Pedro Montengón's Eusebio: Atoning for Spain's Colonial Abuses in the Eighteenth Century', Dieciocho, 33.1, 2010, p81 - 101, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
O'Hagan, Ciara, 'Rewriting Spanish Epic Poetry in the Enlightenment Period: Two Competing Interpretations of Las naves de Cortés destruidas' , Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 86, 2009, p83 - 105, Journal Article, PUBLISHED