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Dr. Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sanchez

Assistant Professor (Computer Science)

Assistant Professor (Education)

Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez has lectured in Learning Technologies in Trinity College Dublin since 2002. She is a researcher in the College's Knowledge and Data Engineering Group (KDEG), a member of Committee of the International Association for Mobile Learning (IAmLearn), and of the Steering Committee of the Mobile Learning Special Interest Group of the Kaleidoscope European Network of Excellent. Inmaculada has been involved with the IADIS Mobile Learning conference series since its inauguration and she chairs its 2008 conference. She has organised and chaired the "Beyond Mobile Learning" workshop and serves as a member of the programme committee for numerous conferences such as MLearn 2008, the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning 2008, Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) 2007, and CELDA 2006 among others. Inmaculada is a UNICEF adviser; recently collaborating with UNICEF's Speak Africa initiative, under the 2006 African Development Forum's auspices in Ethiopia. Inmaculada has led numerous research projects and currently leads the mobileDNA (Digital Narrative Approach), ShareTEC (Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community), and Teaching and Research in Ubiquitous Secure Telecommunications Environments (TRUST-E) projects. Inmaculada received the Early Career Provost Teaching Award in 2006 which recognises an outstanding contribution in the pursuit of teaching excellence and in promoting teaching as a scholarly activity. She has coordinated postgraduate academic programs, contributed to the first European Virtual Doctoral School workshop on Mobile Learning and supervises PhD and master students. Inmaculada has published more than 30 papers and book chapters in the last four years. Her latest publication is the co-authored book chapter "Mobile Learning: Small Devises, Big Issues" in the Kaleidoscope Legacy book. Inmaculada is the Guest Editor of the IEEE Distributed System Online Journal Themed Issue on Mobile Learning Vol. 8 (6). Inmaculada completed an M.Sc. in Information Technology in Education in Trinity College in 2002 and is currently completing a PhD in the production of multimedia Digital Narratives with mobile technologies. She graduated from the University of Western Sydney, Australia, in Interpreting & Translation (major simultaneous interpreting) and is fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian. Prior to joining Trinity Inmaculada was a language teacher and a freelance interpreter and translator in Spain, Italy and Turkey.
  Assistive Technology & Learning disability   Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)   Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL)   Human computer interactions   Information technology in education   Innovation in learning   Mobile Learning   Multimedia & Creativity
 MotorSense, Motion Detection Games to Support Early Functional Screening of Gross-motor Skills' Development in Children
 Software Engineering: New Core Undergraduate Strand
 CoVE: A Collaborative Virtual Environment for Children with Autism
 EDUWORKS: Crossing borders in the comprehensive investigation of labour market matching processes: An EU-wide, trans-disciplinary, multilevel and science-practice-bridging training network
 DALDIS: Digital Assessment for Learning informed by Data to motivate and incentivise students

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Details Date
Member of the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL) 2008 to present
Reviewer - Computers & Education (International Journal) 2006 to present
Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (International Journal) 2008 to present
Reviewer- ALT-J Research in Learning Technology (international Journal) 2009 to present
Reviewer International Journal of Human-Computer Studies IJHCS 2014 to present
Reviewer for Computers in Human Behavior (International Journal) 2017 to Present
PhD External Examiner, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain 2016
PhD External Examiner, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain 2016
PhD External Examiner, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain 2013
PhD External Examiner, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain 2013
External Examiner, Massey University, New Zealand 2013
External Examiner - National College of Ireland (NCI) 2008
External Examiner - National College of Ireland (NCI) 2004
Keynote Address at Technology and Multimedia: An International Forum for Museums, Universities and Enterprises, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain 2009
Invited Speaker to the 5th International Workshop on Crossmedia and Collaboration, 12-14th September, Vaxjo, Sweden 2008
Invited Speaker to the eTwinning Professional Development Workshop, 23rd March, Dublin 2006
Adviser/ Invited Participant to UNICEF' s Speak Africa Initiative, under the auspices of the UN Fifth African Development Forum, 12-18th November, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2006
Invited Participant - International Think Tank of the 5th World Summit on Media for Children, 24 - 28th March, Johannesburg, South Africa 2007
Adviser/ Invited Participant to the Sithengi Children's Festival under the auspices of the Broadcasting Foundation for Africa and the Cape Town World Cinema Festival, 12-13th November, Cape Town, South Africa 2005
Invited Speaker to the Computer Education Society of Ireland Conference: "Enhancing Teaching & Learning with Digital Resources in the Classroom" 13th and 14th February, Tallaght, Dublin 2004
Invited Speaker at the Summer School on Methods for studying user experience, 1st-4th July, University of Nantes 2014
Invited Speaker Seminar: From Mobile Technologies to Mobile Learning: Technologies & Learning,14th May, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain 2012
Invited Speaker to the Summer School on Education and Mobility, 25th-29th July, Universidad de Malaga, Spain 2011
Programme Committee - IEEE International Conference on Digital Games and Intelligent Toys Based Education (DIGITEL 2010) 2010
Programme Committee - European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning EC-TEL 2009
Programme Committee ICCE 2009 Theme-based Sub-conference Classroom, Ubiquitous, and Mobile Technologies Enhanced Learning (CUMTEL) 2009
Programme Committee - MLearn: World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning 2008
Programme Committee - IEEE International Conference on Digital Games and Intelligent Toys Based Education (DIGITEL 2008) 2008
Programme Committee - CNRS Technology Enhanced Learning Summer School On Mobile Learning 2008
Programme Committee - CAL 07 International Conference 2007
Programme Committee - Learning without Boundaries: Understanding the User-Experience in Pervasive Learning Systems 2007
Programme Committee - IRMA2007 International conference 2007
Programme Committee - Cognition and Exploratory Learning (CELDA 2006) International Conference 2006
Programme Committee Symposium on Pervasive Computing and Applications 2006
Programme Committee - CHI 2006 Workshop on Investigating New User Experience Challenges in iTV: Mobility & Sociability 2006
Programme Committee - IEEE International Conference on Digital Games and Intelligent Toys Based Education (DIGITEL 2012) 2012
Programme Committee - IEEE 6th International Workshop on Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technology in Education (WMUTE 2010) 2010
Programme Committee - IEEE 6th International Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technology in Education (WMUTE 2012) 2012
Programme Committee - Sixth International Conference on E-Learning and Games (Edutainment 2011) 2011
Programme Committee - Workshop on Context and Technology Enhanced Learning (ConTEL): Theory, methodology and design (EC-TEL 2011) 2011
Programme Committee - International Conference on E-Learning and Distant Education (ELDE 2011) 2011
Programme Committee - MLearn: World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning 2012
Programme Committee - International Symposium on Mobile Learning for Visually Impaired People 2012
Evaluator for the FONDECYT Research Program of the Chilean National Science and Technology Commission (CONICYT), Department of Education, Government of Chile 2014
Evaluator for the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Open Call OC-2015-1 2015
Evaluator for the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Open Call OC-2016-1 2016
Digital Narrative Workshop for GE's Management in the context of GE's European Training & Facilitation Network, 15th May, Munich 2008
Programme Committee CSEDU: International Conference on Computer Supported Education 2014
Invited Speaker to the Autism Summit Ireland, 10th February, Tralee, Ireland 2017
Invited Speaker Panel on Emerging Research in EdTech, Learnovation: Learning Innovation Summit, 3rd October, Dublin 2018
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Italian Fluent Fluent Fluent
Spanish Fluent Fluent Fluent
Turkish Medium Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
International Association for Mobile Learning 2008 Present
International Association for Development of the Information Society 2005 Present
Steering Committee of the Mobile Learning Special Interest Group, FP6 Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence 2006 2008
COST Action FP1104: New Possibilities For Print Media And Packaging - Combining Print With Digital (Management Committee member) 2012 2016
COST Action IS1404: E-READ: Evolution of REading in the Age of Digitisation 2014 2018
COST Action FP1405: Active and intelligent packaging - innovation and market introduction [ActInPak] ( Management Committee member) 2014 2018
COST Action CA17114 - Transdisciplinary Solutions to Cross Sectoral Disadvantage in Youth (Management Committee member) 2018 2022
Designing Digital Activities to Screen Locomotor Skills in Developing Children in, editor(s)Alario-Hoyos C., Rodríguez-Triana M., Scheffel M., Arnedillo-Sánchez I., Dennerlein S. , Addressing Global Challenges and Quality Education. EC-TEL 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12315, Springer, Cham, 2020, pp416 - 420 , [Bossavit B., Arnedillo-Sánchez I.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  DOI
Iván Ruiz-Rube; Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez; Antonio Balderas, MISTRuST: accoMmodatIon Short Term Rental Scanning Tool, 16th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, Online Streaming, 3 - 5 November , edited by Massimo Marchiori; Francisco Domínguez Mayo; Joaquim Filipe , 1, WEBIST, 2020, pp170-177 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Iván Ruiz-Rube; Rubén Baena Pérez; José Miguel Mota; Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez2, Model-driven development of augmented reality-based editors for domain specific languages, Interaction Design and Architecture(s) Journal - IxD&A, (45), 2020, p246 - 263 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Carlos Alario-Hoyos María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana Maren Scheffel Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez Sebastian Maximilian Dennerlein(ed.), Addressing Global Challenges and Quality Education. 15th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2020, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Heidelberg, Germany, 12315, September 14-18, Springer , 2020, 1- 486 p, Proceedings of a Conference, PUBLISHED  DOI
Inmaculada Arnedillo Sánchez Pedro Isaías Boyan Bontchev(ed.), Mobile Learning 2020 , Sofia, Bulgaria, 2 - 4 April , ternational Association for Development of the Information Society Press, 2020, 3- 135 p, Proceedings of a Conference, PUBLISHED  Other
A Novel Approach to Monitor Loco-Motor Skills in Children: A Pilot Study in, Scheffel M., Broisin J., Pammer-Schindler V., Ioannou A., Schneider J. , Transforming Learning with Meaningful Technologies. EC-TEL 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11722, Cham, Springer , 2019, pp773-776 , [Bossavit B., Arnedillo-Sánchez I.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  DOI
Arnedillo-Sánchez, I., Isaías, P., Ravesteijn, P., Onega, G.(ed.), Mobile Learning, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 11th - 13th April 20, ternational Association for Development of the Information Society Press, 2019, 3-180 p, Proceedings of a Conference, PUBLISHED
Learning Analytics in Mobile Applications Based on Multimodal Interactionsed on multimodal interaction in, editor(s)Santi Caballe Jordi Conesa , Software Data Engineering for Network eLearning Environments. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies , vol 11, Cham, Springer, 2018, pp67 - 92, [Juan Manuel Dodero, Jose Miguel Mota, Iván Ruiz-Rube, Tatiana Person, Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez ], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  DOI
International Journal of Manpower- Special Issue: Labour market matching processes: skills, learning and measurement in the mobile age, 39, 8, (2018), Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez, Martin Kahanec, Gabor Kismihok, [Editor], Journal, PUBLISHED  URL
Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez, Carlos De Aldama and Chrysanthi Tseloudi, rESSuME: Employability Skills Social Media SurvEy, International Journal of Manpower, 39, (8), 2018, p1 - 18, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Arnedillo-Sánchez, I., Training Teachers to build Digital Narrative, in Dettori G., teacher Training in Narrative and Learning Environments Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence Deliverable13-2-6, 2007, Case Study, PUBLISHED
Ryan, S., & Arnedillo-Sánchez, I. , More Question Marks than Answers: The Potential of Computer Based Assessment in Higher Education, EdTech 2004, Tralee: The Irish Learning Technology Association , 2004, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Arnedillo-Sánchez, I., Benson, L., Brophy, C., Holmes, B., & Tangney, B., Reflections on the KIA Initiative , Dublin, Department of Computer Science, University of Dublin, 2001, Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Provost's Teaching Award 2006
My research concerns the study of learning technologies to understand if, when and how, they can support, enhance, and trigger actions which influence learning. It is human-centred and strives to understand behaviour and cognition to in turn, identify and harness the value technology can bring to them. I investigate theories and practices of teaching and learning to design, implement and evaluate innovative technology enhanced learning experiences and environments. Learning technologies are controversial. They're 'parachuted' in education with unfulfilled promises to revolutionise it. For instance, podcast came and went. VLEs are used as mere repositories and administration tools. Research on MOOCs concludes only 5% of registrants complete them. Despite this, there is evidence to demonstrate the right use of technologies can and do support learning. Since 2002 I have focused on mobile learning, a specialised area within learning technologies. I have worked collaboratively alongside the international authorities in the field to articulate a definition of mobile which is widely accepted (710 citations since 2009). With colleagues I have: articulated the first mobile learning classification model, encompassing educational and functional analysis, which is referential in the area (428 citations since 2006); and published one of the first studies illustrating the in-classroom use of mobile phones to support student-lecturer-student interactivity (361 citations since 2006). I have co-authored 18 peer-reviewed publications in the field and completed my Ph.D . on the use of mobile phones to support collaboration and creativity. My work on mobile learning has international visibility and recognition and I'm a leading research in the field. Since 2011, I have developed a strand of research in learning disabilities focusing on technlogies to support autistic children. This has yield well received and cited publications, EU research funding and generated media interest. My research contributes two approaches and technologies: a) A dual-adaptive learning system which supports Carers teaching social skills to children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: STAK b) Whole body gestural control games which allow children to move within a 3D Virtual Space to do collaborative tasks with other children. Building on my work on learning disabilities and whole body gestural control games I'm currently investigating the use of motion detection and tracking technology to assist in the early detection of delays in gross-motor skills development in children. I have secured three year's funding from Enterprise Ireland to develop the system and the games that require children to perform graded gross-motor tasks matched with their chronological and developmental ages. This research shifts the purpose of the technology from 'remedial intervention' to 'early detection' in order to provide children better opportunities to learn. Since I joined Trinity, and even as a research assistant, I have been very proactive in terms obtaining research funding. To date I have secured €1.5 million as a PI. This is significant because: a) while much funding is available for computer science research focusing on technical development, funds for human-centred learning technology research are scarce; b) this funding was competitively raised mainly internationally and in collaboration with colleagues from the international research community. While funding is always welcome and enables my research to progress and developed, the 'time cost' associated with writing and submitting proposals and managing the funding, researches and students associated with is not an insignificant undertaking.