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College Photo Name Mc Cabe, Thomas
Main Department Retired Staff Member
College Title Retired Staff Member
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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Ali, H.D.P., Quinn, S.J., McCabe, T., Kruger, P.E., Gunnlaugsson, T., Crystallographic, 1H NMR and CD studies of sterically strained thiourea anion receptors possessing two stereogenic centres, New Journal of Chemistry, 33, (4), 2009, p793-800
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Sheridan H, Walsh JJ, Cogan C, Jordan M, McCabe T, Passante E, Frankish NH, Diastereoisomers of 2-Benzyl-2, 3-dihydro-2-(1H-inden-2-yl)-1H-inden-1-ol: Potent anti-inflammatory agents, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 19, 2009, p5927 - 5930
Notes: [ PubMed ID: 19740655]
Fleming, E.M., McCabe, T., Connon, S.J. , Novel axially chiral bis-arylthiourea-based organocatalysts for asymmetric Friedel-Crafts type reactions , Tetrahedron Letters , 47, (39), 2006, p7037-7042
McCooey, S.H. , McCabe, T. , Connon, S.J. , Stereoselective synthesis of highly functionalized nitrocyclopropanes via organocatalyic conjugate addition to nitroalkenes, Journal of Organic Chemistry , 71, (19), 2006, p7494-7497
Ciarán Ó. Dálaigh, Stephen J. Hynes, John E. O'Brien, Thomas McCabe, Declan J. Maher, Graeme W. Watson and Stephen J. Connon, Asymmetric acyl-transfer promoted by readily assembled chiral 4-N,N-dialkylaminopyridine derivatives , Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry , 4, (14), 2006, p2785-2793
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