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Personal Information
Name Weber, Stefan
Main Department Computer Science
College Title Assistant Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 8423
Description of Research Interests
Stefan Weber's research interests include the various aspects of distributed systems such as wireless communication, data sharing and synchronisation and mobility issues. His aim is to improve the communication between mobile and static network nodes through understanding common communication patterns and providing adequate support them in middleware, transport and network layer implementations. His current work focuses on the investigation of ad hoc networks, their combination with infrastructure networks and the provision of end-to-end communication between mobile nodes. He's also interested in technologies that facilitate research in this area such as testbeds and simulators for the evaluation of ad hoc networks.
Research Interests
Communication Sciences Communication engineering, technology Data protection, storage technology, cryptography Distributed systems
Internet technologies Mobile Communications Network technology, Security Networks and telecommunications research
Wireless systems, Radio technology
Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Pierpaolo Dondio, Stephen Barrett and Stefan Weber , Calculating the Trustworthiness of Wikipedia Articles using the DANTE Methodology, IADIS International Conference on e-Society, Dublin, Ireland, 14-16 July, 2006, pp354 - 359
Pierpaolo Dondio, Stephen Barrett and Stefan Weber , Trust Solutions for Distributed Learning Environments, IADIS International Conference on Mobile Learning, Dublin, Ireland, 14-16 July, 2006, pp157 - 168
Pierpaolo Dondio, Stephen Barrett, Stefan Weber, Jean-Marc Seigneur, Extracting Trust from Domain Analysis: A Case Study on the Wikipedia Project, LNCS, 3rd International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing (ATC 06) , Wuhan and Three Gorges, China, 3-6 September, 4158/2006, Springer , 2006, pp362 - 373
Jean-Marc Seigneur, Pierpaolo Dondio, Stephen Barrett, and Stefan Weber, Computational Trust to Further Reduce the Complexity of the Higher Education Common Space, International Conference on Engineering and Computer Education, Madrid, Spain, 13-16 November, 2005
Distributed Shared Memory in, editor(s)Rajkumar Buyya , High Performance Cluster Computing, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, Prentice Hall PTR, 1999, pp409 - 438, [Alan Judge, Paddy Nixon, Brendan Tangey, Stefan Weber and Vinny Cahill]
Non Peer Reviewed
Stefan Weber, A Flexible Framework for Distributed Shared Objects, Trinity College Dublin, 2001
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