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Personal Information
College Photo Name Share, Michelle
Main Department Social Studies
College Title Senior Researcher
College Tel  
Research Projects
Project title Early School Leavers and Nutrition
Summary This is a mixed methods interdisciplinary research study that will examine the nutrition education needs of young people in early school leaver (ESL) settings on the island of Ireland. The study objectives are to: 1) provide an overview of the key structures/networks for accessing early school leavers in NI and ROI 2) identify relevant key existing health promotion activities and gaps in health promoting activities that focus on healthy eating and active lifestyles that target early school-leavers 3) to identify potential healthy eating and physical activity related programmes that are appropriate and acceptable to early school leavers in NI and ROI that could be implemented by safefood in the out of school setting. These objectives will be addressed using secondary documentary sources, quantitative surveys, and qualitative interviews and focus groups. The study will involve participants from ROI and NI that represent early school leaver education providers and young people in a range of early school leaver settings. The project results will inform safefood’s future work in Early School Leaver settings.
Funding Agency Safefood the Food Safety Promotion Board
Type of Project Research
Date from 01/03/2010
Date to 14/03/2012
Person Months

Project title Evaluation of the COPE Foundation Early Intervention Service
Summary The evaluation of the COPE Foundation Early Intervention Service (EIS) is a mixed methods research study that examines: 1) To what extent does COPE Foundation's EIS meet international and national best practice standards 2) How does COPE Foundations's EIS impact on children and families
Funding Agency COPE Foundation
Type of Project research and evaluation
Date from 9 September 2013
Date to 31 May 2014
Person Months

Project title Baseline Research for the Early Learning Initiative
Funding Agency National College of Ireland
Type of Project
Date from March 2009
Date to June 2011
Person Months

Project title Baseline Research for the Rialto Learning Community
Funding Agency Fatima Regeneration Board
Type of Project
Date from August 2008
Date to July 2009
Person Months

Project title Intergenerational Impact of the Trinity Access Programmes
Funding Agency Nissan
Type of Project
Date from June 2012
Date to March 2013
Person Months

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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
McNally, S. Share, M. Murray, A., Prevalence and predictors of grandparent childcare in Ireland: Findings from a nationally representative sample of infants and their families, Child Care In Practice, 2014
TARA - Full Text
Share, M. & Kerrins, L., Supporting parental involvement in children's early learning: lessons from community childcare centres in Dublin's Docklands', Child Care In Practice, 19, (4), 2013, p355 - 374
Capacity Building and Urban Regeneration in Dublin, Ireland in, editor(s)S. Kenny & M. Clarke , Challenging Capacity Building: Comparative Perspectives, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010, pp185-210 , [Michelle Share]
Share, M.; Kerrins, L., The Role of Grandparents in Childcare in Ireland: Towards a Research Agenda, Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies, 9, (1), 2009, p33 - 47
TARA - Full Text  URL
Share, M. & Strain, M. , Making schools and young people responsible: a critical analysis of Ireland's obesity strategy, Health and Social Care in the Community, 16, (3), 2008, p234 - 243
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