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Personal Information
Name Rakovich, Yury
Main Department School Office - Physics
College Title Visiting Academic
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Yury P. Rakovich received his Master of Science in Physics (1984) from Belarussian State University, Minsk, Belarus, whereupon he spent 6 years working in microelectronics industry (Cvetotron, Belarus). In 1991 he resumed his post-graduate training entering the aspiranture of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for PhD program in the field of optics of semiconductors. He received his Doctor of Philosophy degree (1995) in Physics from Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus. His Ph.D. thesis work was on “Effect of electric field on the excitonic luminescence of bulk- and quantum-size CdS crystals”, which focused mainly on spectral properties of excitonic states. This included the design of experimental setup, performance, spectral analysis, and modelling of the optical spectra taking into account quantum confinement effect. His Ph.D. work attracted the attention of the optics community and was published by Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. At this time 10 papers were published in national and international journals based on his Ph.D. thesis work. His dedication to this field has resulted in patent applications being filed in 1991 for development of non-destructive method for estimation of parameters of semiconductor crystals. In 1995 Yury Rakovich was appointed as a Lecturer in Physics at the Brest State Technical University, Belarus. He concentrated his research on semiconductor structures such as heteroepitaxial ZnSe/GaAs layers and quantum wells, colloidal nanocrystals and quantum dots. In 1996, he received the title of Docent from the Supreme Interuniversity Board of Belarus and was promoted to the position of Senior Lecturer at the same university. This position involved mentoring students, delivering lectures in various fields of Physics, and teaching special courses, as well as research activity. In 1998, Yury Rakovich joined Department of Physics of the University of Minho (Portugal) as a Research Associate, where he performed the experiments on nonlinear laser spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum dots. In 2001, he joined Semiconductor Photonics Group at Department of Physics, Trinity College Dublin as a Research Fellow, with research concentrated on development of quantum-dot microlasers with a spherical dielectric microcavity for fibre-optic communications. Since then Yury Rakovich is continuing his research on the photonic and bio-photonic applications of semiconductor quantum dots as well as optical processes in three-dimentional microcavities. He is involved in number of scientific projects in wide collaboration with researches from School of Chemistry, School of Medicine, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and CRANN. Yury P. Rakovich has contributed to the linear and nonlinear laser spectroscopy of semiconductor nanocrystals and high quality factor dielectric microcavities. He was also involved in pioneering works on photon energy up-conversion in colloidal semiconductor quantum dots and on coupling of optical modes in “photonic molecules”. Such coupled microcavities are being investigated as microemittes and optical delay elements in photonic integrated circuits. He has now shifted much of his research effort into the field of FLIM and application of semiconductor nanocrystals for intracellular imaging and biosensing applications. Yury Rakovich's scholarly output includes more than 70 papers published in refereed international journals and refereed international conference proceedings, edited book chapter and 4 patent applications. He is co-author of a book (in Russian). Yury Rakovich is a member of Microscopical Society of Ireland and in 2004, was involved in organizing committee of 28th Annual M.S.I. Meeting. He is a regular referee for several journals including Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, Journal of Optics A, Nanotechnology. Currently he is acting as assistant editor of Nanoscale Research Letters.
Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Y.P. Rakovich, J.F. Donegan, M. Gerlach, A.L. Bradley, T.M. Connolly, J.J. Boland, N. Gaponik, A. Rogach, Fine structure of coupled optical modes in photonic molecules, Physical Review A, 70, (5), 2004, p051801(R) - 1/4
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Yu.P. Rakovich, S.A. Filonovich, M.J.M. Gomes, J. F. Donegan, D.V. Talapin, A.L. Rogach, A. Eychmüller, Anti-Stokes photoluminescence in II-VI colloidal nanocrystals, Physica Status Solidi B, 229, (1), 2002, p449 - 452
Yury P. Rakovich, Effect of electric field on the excitonic luminescence of bulk- and quantum-size CdS crystals, Academic Board of Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus, 1995
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