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Personal Information
College Photo Name Caffrey, Martin
Main Department Biochemistry
College Title Personal Chair
College Tel +353 1 896 4253
Research Projects
Project title Structure-Function Studies of Membrane Proteins Involved in Quorum Sensing and the Pathogenicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Summary SFI: Investigatorship Award. PI, M. Caffrey. Direct costs €2,521,216.
The major goal of this project is to crystallize and to solve the X-ray structure of a select group of membrane proteins involved in quorum sensing and the pathogenicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. There is no overlap with the current proposal.
Funding Agency SFI
Programme SFI: Investigatorship Award.
Type of Project
Date from 01/06/08
Date to 31/05/13
Person Months

Project title Membrane Proteins. Crystallogenesis and X-ray Structure
Summary PI, M. Caffrey. Direct costs $187,500/year.
Total costs $202,500/year. Instrumentation Supplement awarded 2008, €15,000
The purpose of this project is to develop and to implement the lipidic mesophase method for membrane protein crystallogenesis.
Funding Agency NIH
Programme NIH: GM075915.
Type of Project
Date from 01/09/05
Date to 31/08/10.
Person Months

Project title Robotic Dispensing of Cubic Phase for Crystallizing Membrane Proteins
Summary Co-PI with Y. Zheng, Electrical Engineering, OSU.
Funding Agency NSF
Programme NSF: IIS 0308078.
Type of Project
Date from 7/2003
Date to 7/2007
Person Months

Project title The Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins
Summary PI, M. Caffrey. . Total Award, €2.45m.
The purpose of this award was to enable the PI to establish a research program in the area of membrane structural and functional biology at The University of Limerick, Ireland. The bulk of the funding for this project was directed to equipping the lab at UL with X-ray and other biochemical/biophysical instrumentation, and to support a limited number of personnel. The University of Limerick does not have a strong tradition in fundamental research in the biosciences. The PI's charge is to contribute to getting such activity underway. His appointment at UL is strictly a research position and does not require teaching.
Funding Agency SFI
Programme SFI: Investigatorship Award.
Type of Project
Date from 11/2003
Date to 05/2008
Person Months

Project title Marie Curie. Intra European Fellowship.
Summary €133,440.77. Postdoc funding for Dr. D. Aragao. Commission Des Communautes
Funding Agency Marie Curie
Programme PIEF-GA-2009-235612.
Type of Project
Date from 01/05/09
Date to 30/04/11
Person Months

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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Rosenbaum DM, Zhang C, Lyons JA, Holl R, Aragao D, Arlow DH, Rasmussen SG, Choi HJ, Devree BT, Sunahara RK, Chae PS, Gellman SH, Dror RO, Shaw DE, Weis WI, Caffrey M, Gmeiner P, Kobilka BK, Structure and function of an irreversible agonist-฿(2) adrenoceptor complex., Nature, 469, (7329), 2011, p236-40
Caffrey M, Crystallizing membrane proteins for structure determination: use of lipidic mesophases., Annual Review of Biophysics, 38, 2009, p29-51
Cherezov V, Liu W, Derrick JP, Luan B, Aksimentiev A, Katritch V, Caffrey M, In meso crystal structure and docking simulations suggest an alternative proteoglycan binding site in the OpcA outer membrane adhesin., Proteins, 71, (1), 2008, p24-34
Cherezov V, H๖fer N, Szebenyi DM, Kolaj O, Wall JG, Gillilan R, Srinivasan V, Jaroniec CP, Caffrey M, Insights into the mode of action of a putative zinc transporter CzrB in Thermus thermophilus., Structure (London, England : 1993), 16, (9), 2008, p1378-88
TARA - Full Text  DOI
Martin Caffrey, On the Mechanism of Membrane Protein Crystallization in Lipidic Mesophases, Crystal Growth and Design, 8, (12), 2008, p4244–4254
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