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Personal Information
College Photo Name Chan, Ho-Kei
Main Department Physics
College Title Visiting Research Assistant
College Tel  
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I am currently a Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin, working on the physics of foams and granular matter. I am a condensed matter physicist by training, with publications in the fields of soft matter physics, granular packing, conduction problems and growth phenomena. A description of my recent work on granular packing can be found in the following ScienceNow article of SCIENCE Magazine:
Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies
Details Date From Date To
Associate member, Institute of Physics (U. K.) April 2005 Current
Awards and Honours
Award Date
IRCSET's Government of Ireland EMPOWER Post-doctoral Research Fellowship Apr 2010
Universities UK's Overseas Research Students (ORS) Award Apr 2004
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
Chinese Fluent Fluent Fluent
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Description of Research Interests
  • Granular packing of hard spheres
    - theoretical & computational
  • Soft matter physics (foams; liquid crystals)
    - experimental & theoretical
  • Heat transfer in low-dimensional systems
    - theoretical & computational
  • Electrical conduction in solid dielectrics
    - theoretical & computational
  • Growth phenomena (diffusion-limited growth; fractal growth)
    - theoretical & computational
Research Interests
electrical conduction in solid dielectrics granular packing of hard spheres growth phenomena (diffusion-limited growth, fractal growth) heat transfer in low-dimensional systems
soft matter physics (foams, liquid crystals)
Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Adil Mughal, Ho-Kei Chan, Denis Weaire & Stefan Hutzler, Dense packings of spheres in cylinders: Simulations, Physical Review E, 85, (5), 2012, p051305-1 - 051305-17
Notes: [This paper presents additional simulation results regarding the densest packings of identical hard spheres inside a cylinder. For cases with a cylinder-to-sphere diameter ratio between 2.7013 and 2.873, a rich variety of structures, most of which consist of "internal" spheres that are not in contact with the cylinder, have been observed and identified. ]
TARA - Full Text  URL
Adil Mughal, Ho-Kei Chan & Denis Weaire, Phyllotactic Description of Hard Sphere Packing in Cylindrical Channels, Physical Review Letters, 106, (11), 2011, p115704-1 - 115704-4
Notes: [For the densest packings of identical hard spheres inside a cylinder, all the spheres will be in contact with the cylindrical surface if the cylinder-to-sphere diameter ratio is below the critical value 2.7013. This paper shows that such structures can be understood in terms of a distorted triangular lattice that describes the spheres' positions on the unrolled cylindrical surface.]
TARA - Full Text  URL
Ho-Kei Chan, Densest Columnar Structures of Hard Spheres from Sequential Deposition, Physical Review E - Rapid Communication, 84, (5), 2011, p050302-1 - 050302-4
Notes: [This paper shows that the densest packings of identical hard spheres inside a cylinder can be constructed from a surprisingly simple algorithm of sequential deposition if the cylinder-to-sphere diameter ratio is below the critical value 2.7013. The findings will have a broad range of applications in physics, from the macro- to the nano-scale, and also in commercial packaging. Media coverage in SCIENCE Magazine:]
TARA - Full Text  URL
Ho-Kei Chan & Ingo Dierking, Growth Models of Pure Supercooled Materials, Physical Review E, 77, (3), 2008, p031610-1 - 031610-6
Notes: [This paper presents an analytic derivation of two droplet growth laws which have been observed experimentally for a variety of condensed matter systems. The introduction of an additional length scale in the theoretical derivation solves the apparent contradiction between two conventional models for crystal growth.]
TARA - Full Text  URL
Ho-Kei Chan, Chi-Hang Lam and Franklin G. Shin, Time-dependent Space-charge-limited Conduction as a Possible Origin of the Polarization Offsets Observed in Compositionally Graded Ferroelectric Films, Journal of Applied Physics, 95, (5), 2004, p2665 - 2671
Notes: [This paper provides an explanation to the important experimental observation of polarization offsets in compositionally graded ferroelectric films. It presents a newly derived conductivity expression that could generally be applied for electrical space-charge-limited conduction in ferroelectrics and other solid dielectrics. For greater details please also refer to my book chapter]
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