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Personal Information
Name Farrar, Gwyneth Jane
Main Department Genetics
College Title Research Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 3695
Details Date
Member, DMMC Vascular Biology Principal Investigators, DMMC Principal Investigator leading research on Vascular Biology related projects
Member, Core Technology PI's, DMMC Principal Investigators leading the development of core technology platforms.
Research Interests
Brittle bone disease Inherited retinal diseases Knockout & Transgenic animal models simulating human disease Neuronal survival mechanisms
Novel approaches to gene therapy
Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
A. Kennan, A. Aherne, S. J. Bowne, S. P. Daiger, G. J. Farrar, P. F. Kenna and P. Humphries, On the role of IMPDH1 in retinal degeneration, RETINAL DEGENERATIONS: MECHANISMS AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPY ADVANCES IN EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 533, 2003, p13 - 18
F. C. Mansergh, S. Millington-Ward, A. Kennan, A. S. Kiang, M. Humphries, G. J. Farrar, P. Humphries and P. F. Kenna, Retinitis pigmentosa and progressive sensorineural hearing loss caused by a C12258A mutation in the mitochondrial MTTS2 gene, American journal of human genetics, 64, (4), 1999, p971-85
M. M. Humphries, D. Rancourt, G. J. Farrar, P. Kenna, M. Hazel, R. A. Bush, P. A. Sieving, D. M. Sheils, N. McNally, P. Creighton, A. Erven, A. Boros, K. Gulya, M. R. Capecchi and P. Humphries, Retinopathy induced in mice by targeted disruption of the rhodopsin gene, Nature genetics, 15, (2), 1997, p216-9
S. A. Jordan, G. J. Farrar, R. Kumar-Singh, P. Kenna, M. M. Humphries, V. Allamand, E. M. Sharp and P. Humphries, Autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (adRP; RP6): cosegregation of RP6 and the peripherin-RDS locus in a late-onset family of Irish origin, American journal of human genetics, 50, (3), 1992, p634-9
G. J. Farrar, P. Kenna, S. A. Jordan, R. Kumar-Singh, M. M. Humphries, E. M. Sharp, D. M. Sheils and P. Humphries, A three-base-pair deletion in the peripherin-RDS gene in one form of retinitis pigmentosa, Nature, 354, (6353), 1991, p478-80
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