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Personal Information
College Photo Name Mitchell, Fraser John Gray
Main Department Botany
College Title Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 1811
2008: Associate Professor of Quaternary Ecology, Trinity College Dublin 2000: Promoted to Senior Lecturer in Quaternary Ecology in the Botany Department, Trinity College Dublin. 1990: Appointed as a College Lecturer in Quaternary Ecology in the Botany Department, Trinity College Dublin. 1985-1990: Postdoctoral Research: Higher Scientific Officer in the Grazing Research Division of The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Edinburgh. 1982-1985: Postgraduate research in the Botany Department, Trinity College Dublin. 1982: BSc (hons) first class University College Galway.
Awards and Honours
Award Date
Charles Bullard Fellow at Harvard University 2000
Fellow Trinity College Dublin (F.T.C.D) 2001
Description of Research Interests
Dr Fraser Mitchell joined the Botany department in 1990. He is a member of both the Palaeoecology and Woodland Ecology research groups. His primary research activity is the investigation of long-term vegetation change. This encompasses palaeoecological research (primarily pollen analysis) to reconstruct the change coupled with research into contemporary ecosystems to gain a greater understanding of the mechanisms of vegetation change. Climate change and large herbivore grazing in woodland are actively researched in this respect. He currently collaborates on research projects with Drs. Daniel Kelly, Paul Dowding and Trevor Hodkinson within the Botany Department and with researchers in UCC, Coillte and Teagasc. In 2000 Dr Mitchell was a Charles Bullard Fellow at Harvard University where he investigated the impact of disturbance regimes on the stand dynamics of the Pisgah Old Growth Forest in New Hampshire.
Research Interests
Research Projects
Project title WOODUSE
Summary Quantifying woodland resource usage in the Irish midlands using archaeological and palaeoecological techniques
Funding Agency NRA (National Roads Authority)
Type of Project
Date from 2008
Date to 2011
Person Months

Project title PLANFORBIO
Summary Planning and Management Tools for Biodiversity in a Range of Irish Forests
Funding Agency COFORD (National Council for Forest Research and Development)
Type of Project
Date from 2007
Date to 2012
Person Months

Project title Irish Pine Project
Summary Modern and palaeoecology of Pinus sylvestris in Ireland
Funding Agency IRCSET (Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering & Technology)
Type of Project
Date from 2005
Date to 2009
Person Months

Project title ACCROTELM
Summary project will generate continuous records of proxy-climate data from mire sites in transects across Europe, and compare with complementary data on lake-level changes, to focus on episodes of past abrupt climate change. The project will generate a pan-European perspective on climate changes of the past 4500 years, and through study of mire carbon-balance an asssessment of the 'Global Warming Potential' over that period. The benefits include a much clearer perspective on the magnitude, rate, frequency, causes and effects of past climate change in Europe.
Funding Agency EU
Programme 5
Type of Project
Date from 2003
Date to 2006
Person Months

Project title BIOFOREST
Summary Biodiversity of Irish plantation forests
Funding Agency EPA and COFORD
Type of Project
Date from 2000
Date to 2006
Person Months

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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Newman, M., Mitchell, F. J. G., Kelly, D. L., Exclusion of large herbivores: Long-term changes within the plant community, Forest Ecology and Management, 321, 2014, p136 - 144
Charman, D. J., Beilman, D. W., Blaauw, M., Booth, R. K., Brewer, S., Chambers, F. M., Christen, J. A., Gallego-Sala, A., Harrison, S. P., Hughes, P. D. M., Jackson, S. T., Korhola, A., Mauquoy, D., Mitchell, F. J. G., Prentice, I. C., van der Linden, M., De Vleeschouwer, F., Yu, Z. C., Alm, J., Bauer, I. E., Corish, Y. M. C., Garneau, M., Hohl, V., Huang, Y., Karofeld, E., Le Roux, G., Loisel, J., Moschen, R., Nichols, J. E., Nieminen, T. M., MacDonald, G. M., Phadtare, N. R., Rausch, N., Sillasoo, ‹., Swindles, G. T., Tuittila, E. S., Ukonmaanaho, L., Všliranta, M., van Bellen, S., van Geel, B., Vitt, D. H. & Zhao, Y. , Climate-related changes in peatland carbon accumulation during the last millennium, Biogeosciences , 10, 2013, p929 - 944
Mitchell, F.J.G., Exploring vegetation in the fourth dimension, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 26, 2011, p45 - 52
Mitchell, F.J.G., How open were European primeval forests? Hypothesis testing using palaeoecological data, Journal of Ecology, 93, 2005, p168 - 177
Cole, E. E. and Mitchell, F.J.G., Human impact on the Irish landscape during the late Holocene inferred from palynological studies at three peatland sites, The Holocene, 13, 2003, p507 - 515
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