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Personal Information
College Photo Name Drew, Eileen Patricia
Main Department Statistics
College Title Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 1322
Fax +35316770711
Professor Eileen Drew is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the University of Bradford. She was elected to Fellowship of Trinity College Dublin in 1999 and is Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics. Her research has involved the analysis of labour market and demographic statistics at national and EU level with particular reference to gender issues such as low pay, segregation and flexible working practices. She collaborated with a group of international experts on a Comparative Leadership Survey of women and men in 27 industrialised countries. Dr. Drew was a founder member of the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies and contributes to the M. Phil. Programme in Women’s Studies. Her career has included research, training and consultancy for EU NOW and Leonardo da Vinci Projects. She undertook two research projects for the Dept. of Education and Science: 'Danger Men at Work: A Study of the Under-representation of Women in Engineering’ and ‘Facing Extinction: Men in Primary School Teaching’. Recent projects include: a study, commissioned by the Council of Europe, on 'Parental Leave' in 45 member states; and the formulatiion of a strategy to promote Gender Mainstreaming in the Social Security System of China, supported by the European Commission.
Details Date
Gender Expert for EUCSS Social Security Reform Project in China
Chair of Joint Equality Council for ESB 2007
Rapporteur for launch in Dublin of Babies and Bosses Reconciling Work and Family, OECD, Paris. 2003
Advisor to ‘Tipping the Scales’ EQUAL Project on Work Life Balance in the Workplace, North Western Health Board, Sligo 2003
Project Manager for Study on Work/Life Balance for Framework Committee, Dublin 2002
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Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies
Details Date From Date To
Irish representative on the International Network for Leave Policies and Research June 2004 Present
Editorial Advisory Board, Measuring Business Excellence, 2001 2001 Present
Scientific Committee, Multinational Alliance for the Advancement of Organisational Excellence(MAAOE) 2000 Present
Awards and Honours
Award Date
One of 21 Voices for the 21st Century, Quality Progress 2000
Partner in LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme ‘Diffusion’ 2000-2001
National expert on ZAROF ‘Women and Employment’ Network, Leipzig 1999-2000
Elected to Fellowship of Trinity College, Dublin. 1999
Associate Professor/ Visiting Fellow, Centre for Management Quality Research, RMIT 1999
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
French Medium Medium Medium
Description of Research Interests
Key research interests • Gender equality in the professions • Work/Life Balance • Parental and other forms of leave • Gender and Social Security • Women and leadership in political and business life • Total Quality and 'E'Quality • Women, work and families • IS/IT • Disability
Research Interests
Demographic and Labour Market Statistics Demography Disability EU developments
Equality rights Feminist Research Methodolgies Gender Equality in Employment Gender and family, household structures
Gender and leadership Gender related policy issues in Ireland INFORMATION-SYSTEMS Labour market statistics and female participation
Leadership in Political and Business Life Leave Policies and Research Parental and Other Leave STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
Social security policy Surveys & Survey Research Total Quality Management Total Quality Management and 'E' Quality
Women and Caring Women's studies Work Life Balance Work-life balance
Research Projects
Project title Men’s Under-Representation in Primary School Teaching
Summary This study was the Department of Education and Science to address an urgent policy issue in education where women dominate in primary teaching and fewer men are entering the profession. It involved a review of available literature to identify the key factors to be explored in the empirical data collection, followed by a survey men and women who entered the profession in the last 10 years. The study was completed in April 2005. The study has been used in the formulation of policies at Government level.
Funding Agency Dept. of Education and Science
Programme Gender Equality
Type of Project Research
Date from 2004
Date to 2005
Person Months 5

Project title Parental Leave in the Council of Europe Member States
Summary Following nomination, by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, as a National Expert on Work/Life Balance and Parental Leave I was invited by the Council of Europe to prepare a research report on Parental Leave in the 45 member states. The research involved an examination of policies, availability and uptake of parental leave in 45 member states, and identification of better practice models. I presented Interim and Final Reports at meetings of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg in June and November 2004 and submitted my report, now published on the Council of Europe's web site in December 2004. The research report was a major contribution of the Council of Europe's input to the Beijing Platform discussions in the US in March 2005. While undertaking this research I was invited to become the Irish representative on the International Network for Leave Policies and Research. I presented the findings of my Council of Europe study at the annual meeting of this Network in London in November 2005
Funding Agency Council of Europe
Programme Directorate General for Human Rights
Type of Project Research
Date from June 2004
Date to December 2004
Person Months 6

Project title Career Advancement of Women in Academe
Summary The Equality Committee, Trinity College Dublin, sponsored research to identify best practice models for the advancement of women in academic posts. This involved desk research and study visits to institutions in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) and Australia. A report was submitted to College in October 2002. This report has been used in the WISER-T research project conducted in Trinity College in 2005. I was a member of the WISER-T Steering Committee and supervised the design and implementation of a survey of Trinity College staff across the Faculties of Science and Engineering. Funding is being sought from the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) in 2006 to support further initiatives in the area of Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET).
Funding Agency Trinity College Dublin/Science Foundation Ireland
Type of Project Research
Date from 2002
Date to 2005
Person Months 6

Project title Factors Militating Against Female Participation in the Study of Engineering at Third Level
Summary While the intake of female students to science courses in the Irish third level institutions is almost equal to, if not greater than, that of male students, this is not the case for engineering. This study was sponsored by the Dept. of Education and Science. It involved a review of the literature and a national survey of Careers Guidance Teachers. This was followed by a national survey (conducted in c. 90 schools) of c. 3,500 male and female pupils in sixth class who are taking their Leaving Certificate exams. The objective of the school survey, and interviews/focus groups conducted in 2004, was to ascertain the real or perceived obstacles to girls taking up engineering at university level. To date, the evidence from most countries, including Ireland, is that female representation among engineering students is c. 1 in 5. The report to the Department of Education and Science identified practical measures that could lead to an increase in female entrants of engineering at third level with a view to ensuring a better gender balance.
Funding Agency Dept of Education and Science
Programme Gender Equality
Type of Project Research
Date from 2002
Date to 2004
Person Months 30

Project title Gender and the Legal Professions in Ireland
Summary This project was undertaken jointly by the Law School, Trinity College, (Ivana Bacik and Cathryn Costello) and Department of Statistics to examine gendered careers within the legal profession and in legal training/education. A major national survey was completed providing quantitative and qualitative data on women’s representation and participation, career progression and segregation in the law. This survey was supplemented by interviews and focus groups. In addition, the study contains a wealth of both historical and comparative data about women lawyers in other countries.
Funding Agency Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform
Programme National Development Plan - Measures for Women
Type of Project Research
Date from 2002
Date to 2003
Person Months 18

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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Eileen Drew Anne Laure Humbert, Men have careers, women have babies': unequal parental care among Irish entrepreneurs, Community, Work & Family, 15, (1), 2012, p49-67
Combining Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Strategies, Conflict and Costs in, Louise Kelly , Entrepreneurial Women New Management and Leadership Models, Volume 1,, Santa Barbara, California, Praeger, 2014, pp155 - 182, [Eileen Drew and Anne Laure Humbert]
Who's Minding the Kids? Work and Family Issues among Owners of Small Business Enterprises in Ireland in, editor(s)Cary Cooper and Ron Burke , Human Resource Management in Small Businesses: Achieving Peak Performance, Cheltenham, UK. Northampton, MA, USA, Edward Elgar, 2011, pp236 - 258, [Eileen Drew and Anne Laure Humbert]
Notes: [Series: New Horizons in Management]
TARA - Full Text
Eileen Drew and Anne Laure Humbert, Gender, Entrepreneurship and Motivational Factors in an Irish Context, International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, 2, (2), 2010, p173 - 196
Eileen Drew and Anne Laure Humbert, The Celtic Tigress: Strategies, Conflict and Costs of Combining Motherhood and Entrepreneurship in Ireland , Critical Management Studies, Naples, 11-13 July, 2011, pp1 - 22
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