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Personal Information
Name Spillane, Cathy
Main Department Histopathology
College Title Research Fellow
College Tel  
Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Gallagher MF, Heffron CC, Laios A, O'Toole SA, Ffrench B, Smyth PC, Flavin RJ, Elbaruni SA, Spillane CD, Martin CM, Sheils OM, O'Leary JJ, Suppression of cancer stemness p21-regulating mRNA and microRNA signatures in recurrent ovarian cancer patient samples., Journal of ovarian research, 5, (1), 2012, p2
Karl Egan., Darragh Crowley., Paul Smyth, Sharon O’Toole, Cathy Spillane, Cara Martin, Michael Gallagher, Aoife Canney, Lucy Norris, Niamh Conlon, Lynda McEvoy2, Brendan Ffrench2, Britta Stordal, Helen Keegan, Stephen Finn, Victoria McEneaney, Alex Laios, Jens Ducre, Eimear Dunne, Leila Smith, Michael Berndt, Orla Sheils, Dermot Kenny, John O’Leary, Platelet Adhesion and Degranulation Induce Pro-Survival and Pro-Angiogenic Signalling in Ovarian Cancer Cells, PLoS ONE, 6, (10, e26125), 2011
TARA - Full Text
Martin CM, Kehoe L, Spillane CO, O'Leary JJ, Gene discovery in cervical cancer : towards diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers., Molecular diagnosis & therapy, 11, (5), 2007, p277-90

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