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Personal Information
Name Ghosh, Bidisha
Main Department Civil Struct & Env. Eng.
College Title Assistant Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 3646
Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies
Details Date From Date To
COST Action TU0903: Methods and tools for supporting the use, calibration and validation of traffic simulation models (MULTITUDE) 2009 2013
COST ACTION TU0702: Real-time Monitoring, Surveillance and Control of Road Networks under Adverse Weather Conditions 2011 2012
Irish Transport Research Network 2010
TRB Committee on Statistical Methods, ABJ80 2011
Awards and Honours
Award Date
Postgraduate research funding under the Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions (PRTLI), administered by the HEA
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
Bengali Fluent Fluent Fluent
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Hindi Basic Basic Fluent
Research Interests
Bayesian Inference Econometric and statistical analysis Environmental aspects of transportation Intelligent Vehicles
Simulation and modelling transportation networks Time frequency techniques Traffic Assignment Traffic Engineering
Transport Modelling Transportation Engineering Transportation Engineering (Environmental Imp Transportation Engineering Design
Research Projects
Project title Experimental and Numerical Characterisation of Low-Cost Roadside Barrier Solutions
Summary The NRA is seeking low-cost roadside barrier solutions for National Secondary Roads suitable for implementation following road realignment projects. The current project proposes to use well-established computational modelling techniques to evaluate the potential for proposed new designs that are based on freely available low-cost natural building materials (e.g. stone wall, earth etc.) and which meet cost, aesthetic and engineering requirements. The proposed designs will simultaneously be evaluated for aesthetics and lifecycle cost and a cost/benefit analysis on the proposed designs will be performed by comparison with existing products. A scaled prototype of the final proposed design will be produced and physically crash tested to predict the likely performance of the proposed new design in a full-scale barrier test. If the scaled prototype physical test indicates a high potential for success, a full-scale barrier test will be performed at TRL in the UK.
Funding Agency National Roads Authority (€298,000, Co-PI)
Programme NRA Fellowship Programme
Type of Project
Date from 02-2011
Date to 08-2013
Person Months

Project title Testing, modelling and optimal design of noise barriers for Ireland
Summary Noise barriers must satisfy a number of standards with regards to their acoustic performance in a laboratory environment along with their mechanical performance and general safety requirements. However these test methods are not developed with a view to on-site testing or to determine continued performance of barriers. The proposed project aims to improve current assessment procedures for determining the acoustic performance of road traffic noise reducing devices. This will initially involve an assessment of the current European standard method for determining values for sound reflection and airborne sound insulation for a noise barrier using an in-situ technique. An alternative, relatively cheap and rapid technique for measuring the in-situ performance of noise barriers will then be developed.
Funding Agency National Roads Authority (€142,000, Co-PI)
Programme NRA Fellowship Programme
Type of Project
Date from 10-2010
Date to 10-2012
Person Months

Project title ROTHAR: Route planning and network modelling for cyclists
Summary In a road network, cyclists are the group exposed to the maximum amount of risk. Route choice of a cyclist is often based on level of expertise, perceived or actual road risks, personal decisions, weather conditions and a number of other factors. Consequently, cycling tends to be the only significant travel mode where optimised route choice is not based on least-path or least-time. The project will involve collecting a significant amount of data using Smart Phones from selectively chosen volunteer cyclists in Dublin representing a wide cross-section of the entire gamut of cyclists. A repository will be established for the cycling routes and other variables for anonymous but uniquely identified cyclists. Interrelationships and clustering for targeted sub-groups within cyclists will be explored from this data. The research will eventually develop a cycling network map of the city with all possible routes marked and indexed according to their safety, reliability, travel time, energy requirement and other attributes. This map would provide an invaluable tool to cyclists in terms of journey safety and time efficiency. CLARITY has funded €5000 for development of a smart-phone based app.
Funding Agency
Type of Project PhD
Date from 10-2010
Date to 10-2014
Person Months

Project title Short-term modelling of traffic variable
Summary Short-term Traffic Flow Forecasting (STFF), the process of predicting future traffic conditions based on historical and real-time observations is an essential aspect of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This project aims at developing univariate and multivariate STTF algorithms using time-series and neural network algorithms. VARMA model, Structural time-series models, adaptive MLF & RBF models are used to develop new and efficient prediction algorithms using SCATS and MIDAS data. Along with this, vehicular air-pollution levels are also modelled and predicted.
Funding Agency
Type of Project PhD
Date from 10-2008
Date to 10-2012
Person Months

Project title Automatic Detection of Damage using Image based Techniques in Underwater Marine Structures
Summary This project proposes to automate damage detection in underwater marine structures using image based techniques. Access to underwater structures is usually limited and an automated detection can potentially very significantly improve the condition monitoring, operational complexity and financial implications related to deterioration of the structures. The project will develop image based techniques particularly suited to underwater conditions and automatically detect damage and related features of interest. Advanced image segmentation and texture analysis techniques will be significantly employed in this project. Isolation of diverse surface features like marine growth, dusty regions and presence of marine life will be established. Additionally, this image based Non-Destructive (ND) approach will explore the appropriateness and limitations of resurrecting archived image and video data of underwater inspections.
Funding Agency (€48000IRCSET+€24000CAPACITES SAS)
Programme Enterprise Partnership Scheme
Type of Project PhD
Date from 10-2011
Date to 10-2014
Person Months

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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Dunne, S. & Ghosh, B., A Regime-based Short-term Multivariate Traffic Condition Forecasting Algorithm , Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE, , 2011
Ghosh, B, Pakrashi, V and Schoefs, F, 'High Dynamic Range Image Processing for Non-Destructive-Testing, European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, 2011
Ghosh, B., Basu, B. and O'Mahony, M, Wavelet-Bayesian hierarchical stochastic model for short-term traffic flow at noncritical junctions, Procs of the 87th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C., January, 2008, ppCDROM
TARA - Full Text  URL
B.Ghosh, B. Basu. M. O'Mahony, Bayesian Time-Series Model for Short-term Traffic Flow Forecasting, Journal of Transportation Engineering, 133, (3), 2007, p180 - 189
TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Ghosh, B., Basu, B. and O’Mahony, M. M. , Analysis of Trend in Traffic Flow, Proceedings of Institute of Engineering and Technology: Irish Signals and Systems Conference, 2006
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