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Personal Information
College Photo Name Bennett, Gareth
Main Department Mechanical & Manuf. Eng
College Title Assistant Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 3878
Fax +353(1)6795554
Dr. Gareth J. Bennett, B.A., B.A.I., M.Sc., Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in Trinity College Dublin and has recently returned from Stanford University where he was a Visiting Scholar in the School of Engineering and the Centre for Design Research. Dr. Bennett obtained his B.A.I. Mechanical Engineering Degree in 1994 and his M.Sc. degree through research in 1996, both from the University of Dublin, T.C.D. In 1994 Dr. Bennett obtained a research fellowship to work in the national Nuclear and Technological Research Institute (I.T.N.) in Lisbon, Portugal to carry out work in fluid elastic instability, vibration analysis and signal processing. After completion of his M.Sc., degree Dr. Bennett worked for a year in a national fluid mechanics research laboratory (L.E.G.I.) in Grenoble, France performing research in the area of Computerised Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as applied to cavitational flows of turbine blades. On returning to Ireland, Dr. Bennett accepted employment in the industrial sector working, initially as a consultant in Vibration analysis, and subsequently as a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer in an American multinational (Thermoking) and subsequently an Irish SME (Odenburg). From 2002-2007 he managed TCD's contribution to a collaborative FP5 EU research project "Silencer" worth €240k and completed his Ph.D. "Noise Source Identification For Ducted Fans" in 2006. Dr. Bennett is currently P.I. on five EU FP7 projects of which he is the Coordinator of three: "TEENI" (€400k):- Broadband Noise Source Identification of Helicopter Engines; "WENEMOR" a Clean Sky JTI project in the area of Open Rotor installation effects (€2,000,000), "ALLEGRA": a second Clean Sky JTI project to reduce noise from the landing gear of Green Rotor-Craft (€2,000,000). "ARTIC": is a third Clean Sky JTI project also on the topic of reducing landing gear noise from Green Rotor-Craft (€1,400,000) and is currently under negotition. Dr. Bennett is also the National Focal Point in Ireland for X-Noise EV an FP7 Coordination and Support Action in Aeroacoustics and is the only Irish member of the Aeroacoustics Specialists' Committee of the Confederation of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS). In addition to his principle research areas: Sound, Vibration & Aeroacoustics he is also research active in the areas of Design (Open, Universal and Medical Device Design) as well as conducting research in Engineering Education. In the Design Community he is responsible for the School of Engineering joining the CDIO organisation for which he is the contact principle for the School and he was recently a Visiting Research Fellow in the Centre for Design Research in Stanford University. Dr. Bennett lectures in the area of Mechanical Engineering Design and has helped to extensively revise the undergraduate curriculum, introducing innovative project based design modules. This lead to Dr. Bennett receiving the Provost's Teaching Award for Academic Excellence, the University's most prestigious teaching award and was recently selected as a nominee for Trinity for a National Award for Teaching Excellence (NAIRTL). Dr. Bennett currently has seven graduate students and two post-doctoral fellows in his research group. See for further information. [email:]
Details Date
Chair. 10th International Conference on Flow-Induced Vibration (& Flow-Induced Noise) 2nd - 6th July 2012, Hosted by Trinity College Dublin 2012
Scientific Committee of 18th CEAS-ASC Workshop & 4th Scientific Workshop of X-NOISE EV "Aircraft Noise Reduction by Flow Control and Active/Adaptive Techniques" 26-28 September, 2014. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania 2014
Scientific Committee of the 26th International Manufacturing Conference IMC26- Energy Efficient and Low Carbon Manufacturing, September 2-4, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 2009
Scientific Committee of 10th CEAS-ASC Workshop & 1st Scientific Workshop of X3 - NOISE "Jet Noise Prediction Methodologies - Recent Developments" 28/29 September. School of Engineering, TCD. 2006
Journal Reviewer for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies
Details Date From Date To
The only Irish member of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS-ASC) 2012
The only Irish member of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Educational Subcommittee of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS-ASC) 2013 -
Senior Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics 2007 -
Member of Engineers Ireland 1996 Present
Member of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration 2005 -
Member of the European Mechanics Society (Euromech) 2009
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Awards and Honours
Award Date
Provost's Award for Teaching Excellence (TCD) 2009
Visiting Research Scholar: Centre for Design Research, Stanford Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University. 2012
National Award for Excellence in Teaching (NAIRTL): Trinity Nominee 2012. 2012
Inter-Trade Ireland best project award for the design of a walking aid for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (Co-PI with Dr. Ciaran Simms PI) 2011
Nominated for Irish Times Innovation Award for the design of a walking aid for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (Co-PI with Dr. Ciaran Simms PI) 2011
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Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Medium Medium
Irish Medium Medium Medium
Description of Research Interests
Acoustics, Vibration, Aeroacoustics and sound source identification techniques. Duct acoustics and Thermoacoustics. Cavity Noise, Beamforming, Turbine and Fan noise. Research active in the areas of Design (Open-, Universal- and Medical Device Design) as well as conducting research in Engineering Education.
Research Interests
Acoustics Aerodynamics Aeroelasticity Aeronautics
Applied thermodynamics and energy Computational Fluid Dynamics Design Engineering Duct Acoustics
Engineering Education Fan Noise Fluid Dynamics Fluids and vibration
Gas Turbines Heat Transfer Industrial Design Machine Design
Mechanical Engineering Noise pollution, technology Signal Processing Turbomachinery
Vibration and Accoustic Engineering
Research Projects
Project title ARTIC
Summary Project Coordinator and P.I.: Dr. Gareth J. Bennett, total budget €1,400,000. The objective of the activity under this CfP is the test of a full-scale Main Landing Gear fuselage-mounted architecture sized for a high-wing regional aircraft configuration in a Wind Tunnel facility. This proposal considers a complete architecture including all necessary features from an aeroacoustic point of view including: gear struts, wheel pack, bay cavity and doors, fairings and portion of fuselage. A low noise technology shall be investigated following a selection process to be completed within GRA activities. The concept of an acoustic mirror shall be developed resulting in a design which will enable accurate far field sound measurements via a sectioned model with an acoustic reflector on the half plane. The consortium will design and manufacture a modular full-scale mock-up of the MLG integrating low-noise devices as indicated from the GRA ITD Member. The model shall be modular in order to test both the baseline and the low-noise MLG architecture with one or both gear legs. Advanced aero-acoustic measures including partial coherence techniques, orthogonal beam forming and deconvolution beam forming will be utilized to fully assess the noise emission of the landing gear. These techniques will quantify the source distribution, mechanisms of noise reduction and provide an innovative tool for use in aeroacoustic problems of this nature. ARTIC has put together a consortium which comprises of one of Europe's most distinguished Universities, a Research Institute in aeronautics of international renown and an SME with specific competence in aerospace design, manufacturing and structural analysis. All partners have participated and delivered in EU projects, in some cases extensively including coordination. In addition, subcontracting will be given to the only aeroacoustic wind tunnel company in Europe capable to perform these tests. Partners: TCD (Coordinator), NLR (The Netherlands), INASCO (Greece), DNW-LLF (German Dutch Windtunnel, Subcontractor)
Funding Agency EU (620188)
Programme CleanSky JTI, 7th Framework (FP7)
Type of Project Research
Date from 1 July 2014
Date to 31 December 2015
Person Months

Project title ALLEGRA
Summary (Project Coordinator and P.I.: Dr. Gareth J. Bennett, total budget €2,000,000) Advanced Low Noise Landing (Main and Nose) Gear for Regional Aircraft. During landing approach, when engines are operating at low thrust, the noise of the airframe contributes strongly to the overall noise signature of modern aircraft. Airframe noise is generated by airflow around components of the aircraft. The main sources of airframe noise are therefore the high drag elements such as landing gears and also the high lift devices on the wings. For larger aircraft, it is the landing gear noise that dominates. This project will therefore focus on the design and test of Main and Nose Landing Gear noise reduction concepts. ALLEGRA has put together a consortium which comprises of a well known aeroacoustic wind tunnel company and some SME’s from around Europe with specific competence on landing gear design, manufacturing and structural analysis. In addition two of the EU’s most distinguished universities will take the lead in computational aeroacoustics, noise measurements and data analysis. All partners have participated and delivered in EU projects, in some cases extensively including coordination. The outputs of ALLEGRA will result in pragmatic, validated solutions which will reduce noise, emissions and improve fuel consumption. These solutions will be developed in conjunction with an EU aircraft manufacturer to ensure feasibility and to reduce time to implementation. Partners: TCD (Coordinator), KTH (Sweden), Pininfarina (Italy), Eurotech (Italy), TeknoSud (Italy), Magnaghi (Italy),
Funding Agency EU (308225)
Programme CleanSky JTI, 7th Framework (FP7)
Type of Project Collaborative Research
Date from 1 Jan 2013
Date to 31 December 2014
Person Months

Project title WENEMOR
Summary (Project Coordinator and P.I.: Dr. Gareth J. Bennett, total budget €2,000,000). Wind Tunnel Tests for the Evaluation of the Installation Effects of Noise Emissions of an Open Rotor Advanced Regional Aircraft. WENEMOR has been developed in response to the requirements described in the Clean Sky-ITD-GRA call for proposals referenced under SP1-JTI-CLEAN SKY-2010-4 and named “Aero-acoustic noise emissions measure for advanced Regional Open Rotor A/C configuration”. WENEMOR will address the topic by conducting aeroacoustic measurements in an open test section of a large low speed wind tunnel, on a complete reduced scale modular model of different configurations of an aircraft with installed open rotor systems, operating in both “pusher” and “tractor” modes. The aim of these tests will be the creation of an aeroacoustic database that will have two main applications: to characterize the emitted noise and evaluate the installation effects of these different configurations and to allow the validation of GRA ITD aeroacoustic simulation codes. Partners: TCD (Coordinator), UNIVPM (Italy), Eurotech (Italy), TeknoSud (Italy), Paragon (Greece), MicrodB (France), Pininfarina (Italy) (Project Coordinator and P.I.: Dr. Gareth J. Bennett, total budget €2,000,000)
Funding Agency EU (278419)
Programme CleanSky JTI, 7th Framework (FP7),
Type of Project Research
Date from 1 September 2011
Date to 31 October 2013
Person Months

Project title TEENI
Summary (P.I.: Dr. Gareth J. Bennett, TCD Budget €400,000) Turboshaft Exhaust Engine Noise Identification: broadband noise source identification in helicopter engines. The TEENI project is an FP7 level 1 (Theme 7 – Transport) 1st Call EU- funded project. It focuses on Helicopter Engine Exhaust Broadband Noise, and tries to identify the origin of this noise from external measurements only.Unlike Turbojet engines, Turboshaft engine gases are ejected at low speeds, leading to almost no jet noise. Although the turbines generate high amplitude tonal nose, their high RPM and blade count result in the frequencies being above the audible threshold. However, a previous European project: Friendcopter has demonstrated through flight tests the significance of medium-frequency exhaust engine noise for the Take-Off flight certification condition. The origin and generation mechanisms of this exhaust broadband noise “Corenoise”, have not yet been fully defined: low frequency content is generally related to combustion phenomena in the literature, but the sources above 1kHz are not understood. Understanding the origin (location and physical mechanisms) of this broadband noise range is the main objective of the TEENI project, with the final industrial goal being to better attenuate this exhaust noise.
Funding Agency EU (212367)
Programme Strep 7th Framework
Type of Project Research
Date from 1 April 2008
Date to 31 March 2013
Person Months

Project title X-Noise EV. EU Network in Aeroacoustics
Summary Dr. Gareth J. Bennett P.I. and National Focal Point NFP. X-Noise is a European network of industrial, SMEs, university and research organizations working in the field of aircraft noise research. The current X-Noise EV project is led by SNECMA, and its primary objective is the coordination of European research activities related to aircraft noise. X-Noise EV is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Commission through the seventh Framework Programme. Through its network structure and comprehensive workplan involving expert groups, scientific workshops, stakeholder seminars and a common information system, this consortium address the aircraft noise challenges set by the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) 2020 vision. Within the framework of X-Noise a network of National Focal Points (NFP) has been established aimed at improving the integration of the research community.
Funding Agency EU FP7 (265943)
Programme Coordination and Support Action
Type of Project
Date from 1 December 2010
Date to 30 November December 2014
Person Months

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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Sanders, Laurent, Daniel C. Mincu, Williams Denis, Pier Luigi Vitagliano, Mauro Minervino, John Kennedy, Petr Eret, Gareth J. Bennett., A coupling of computational methods for CROR installation effects, AIAA Aviation, 20th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA, 16-20 June, AIAA, 2014, ppCD ROM
Notes: [DOI: 10.2514/6.2014-3190]
Benjamin Pardowitz, Ulf Tapken, Karsten Knobloch, Friedrich Bake, Eric Bouty, Ian Davis, Gareth J. Bennett, Core Noise - Identification of Broadband Noise Sources of a Turbo-Shaft Engine. (AIAA 2014-3321), AIAA Aviation, 20th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA, 16-20 June, 2014, ppCD ROM
Notes: [DOI: 10.2514/6.2014-3321]
David B Stephens, Francisco Rodriguez Verdugo, Gareth J. Bennett, Shear Layer Driven Acoustic Modes in a Cylindrical Cavity, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology (ASME), 136, (5), 2014, p051307 - 8 pages
Donal Holland, Evelyn Park, Panagiotis Polygerinos, Gareth J. Bennett, Conor J. Walsh, The Soft Robotics Toolkit: Shared Resources for Research and Design, Soft Robotics, 1, (3), 2014, p224 - 230
Notes: [doi:10.1089/soro.2014.0010]
Gareth J. Bennett, John Kennedy, Craig Meskell, Michael Carley, Peter Jordan, Henry Rice, Aeroacoustics research in Europe: The CEAS-ASC report on 2013 highlights, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2014
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