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Personal Information
Name Bradby, Barbara M
Main Department Sociology
College Title Associate Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 1296
Details Date
Editorial Committee of Capital and Class 1976-77
Popular Music [International Advisory Board] 1985-90
Popular Music [Editorial Group] 1990-2002
Advisory Editor of Popular Music and Society 1996-Present
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
French Fluent Medium Basic
Quechua Medium Basic Medium
Spanish Fluent Fluent Fluent
Research Projects
Project title Reducing Maternal Mortality and Morbidity in Bolivia: Appropriate Childbirth Practices in the Formal and Informal Systems of Perinatal Care
Summary Project Director. Budget: 247,000 Ecus
Funding Agency
Programme STD programme (Life Sciences and Technologies for Developing Countries) CEC, DG XII
Type of Project
Date from 1993
Date to 1996
Person Months

Project title Reform of the Health System in Cuba
Summary Partner [TCD Budget: 68,200 Ecus]
Funding Agency
Programme CEC INCO-DC programme, DG Research
Type of Project
Date from 1998
Date to 2002
Person Months

Project title Global Music Networks
Summary Partner project in the IIIS programme, ‘Global Networks’, TCD
Funding Agency
Programme Global Networks
Type of Project
Date from 2005
Date to 2006
Person Months

Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
BRADBY, B, Will I return ot not?: Migrant women in Bolivia negotiate hospital birth, Women's Studies International Forum, 22, (3), 1999, p287 - 301
BRADBY, B, _Native Lords of Quito in the age of the Incas: the political economy of Northern Andean chiefdoms_- Salomon, F. CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGY-A JOURNAL OF REVIEWS 17 (2): 167-168 MAR 1988 , 1988, -
BRADBY, B, Symmetry around a Centre: Music of an Andean Community, Popular Music, 6, (2), 1987, p197 - 218
BRADBY, B, To Whom Do U2 Appeal?, Crane Bag, 8, 1985, p73 - 78
Notes: [reprinted in OneTwoThreeFour, No. 4 (Los Angeles, 1987) pp. 34-41 ]
BRADBY, B, Brian Torode, Pity Peggy Sue, Popular Music, 4, 1984, p183 - 206
Notes: [reprinted in Reading Pop: Approaches to Textual Analysis in Popular Music, ed. R. Middleton (Oxford University Press, 2000) pp. 203-28 ]
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